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  1. Building Better Worlds?...

    So I was on Twitter looking at whatever Aviators is saying right now, and I found out he was releasing singles for his new album. Now, since I only knew about a certain number of his albums in progress, I thought it was one of those certain ones he was doing. But a started conversation led me to discover that it was actually going to be another album called Building Better Worlds, and I was like, "WHAT?" 'cuz obviously there was a memo I missed when i could still access Tumblr. But ...
  2. What are the chances?

    Quote Originally Posted by RarityFan365 View Post
    What are the chances again that we'll see Trixie in the show again outside of both Equestria Girls and the upcoming Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks, I mean I like that she is in both movies but i'm still curious about this regardless let me know your thoughts?
  3. Pop'n Twinbee

    The 16-bit era brought about some pretty rad Shoot-Em-Ups. You'll have heard of the likes of R-Type III, Axelay and Gradius III, I'm sure, each of which were pretty great games. However, for me, it's one often-overlooked game which had me, and still has me coming back over and over.

    I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this in the past, but one of my favourite ever games is Pop'n Twinbee ...

    Updated 30th Aug 2014 at 12:29 AM by DoDo1234

  4. What to do?

    Well today my dad suddenly screamed at me about my not doing anything, but I don't quite see what I'm supposed to do. My mother washes the dishes and does laundry, my employment is entirely up to her getting me applications and driving me to whatever job I choose to do. I'm 16 and not in drivers ed, so even If I drove 30 hours in the next week it'll still be two years until I can drive on my own. I have no interest in sports. Not even mowing the lawn would be a daily thing. And he doesn't realize ...
  5. My, How Queer! Dilly Talks Gender.

    Hey there everybody, this blog post is going to have a lot of complicated feelings in it, so just be warned of that. If you want something less heavy and more whimsical, I might post one of those soon, but this has been on my mind a while so I thought I'd get it off. I've tried to keep it as PG as possible, but if you're not familiar with some of the concepts and feelings that I'm talking about here, that's okay.

    For starters, you ought to know some background information about me. ...
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