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  1. "Wubba Lubba English-Dub" and "How to Dress for Success"

    I'm gonna cover a lot of ground in this blog post. Ready? Let's go!

    First, I'd like to touch on the two shows I've been watching recently. The first one is a little something called "Rick and Morty." It's an American cartoon airing on Adult Swim, and you can watch all of the season one episodes for free on their website. It's genuinely one of the funnier shows I've ever watched. Ever.

    Watch it. Now.

    The other show is something my friend had on during ...
  2. Sunset Shimmer in Equestria Story Two A Walk Around Ponyville

    A Walk Around Ponyville

    Sunset Shimmer told her friend "Hey Princess Twilight I bet you're wondering why i'm here, well back in Canterlot City it's vacation time and I decided to spend vacation time in Equestria more particularly here in Ponyville where I can hang out and have fun with you and your friends."

    Princess Twilight told Sunset Shimmer "I'm so glad that you're here Sunset Shimmer."

    Pinkie Pie said in her high pitch high energy ...
  3. Top Ten Characters

    Quote Originally Posted by RarityFan365 View Post
    Who are your top ten characters you are allowed to include both My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and characters from both Equestria Girls movies i'll start

    1. Rarity
    2. Princess Luna
    3. Fluttershy
    4. Pinkie Pie
    5. Sonata Dusk
    6. Sunset Shimmer
    7. Sweetie Belle
    8. Princess Cadence
    9. Princess Twilight Sparkle
    10. Rainbow Dash
  4. The Brony Fandom: Happiness on Loan

    This is something I've been pondering for over a year. And something that has reached it's apex today, with the announcement of the MLP Non-EqG movie. I'm really not happy about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic anymore. And really...I don't want to be that way, there are times I stare out the window and wonder where it all went wrong.

    In 2012, I discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and subsequently, the Brony community. Those things gave me happiness I could not ...
  5. Are you kidding me???!!!

    Please tell me you're kidding me. There is NO way this is POSSIBLY happening.


    I mean, I've always loved her and her music, but SERIOUSLY???!!!!


    (I don't wanna hear it. She's like right next to Aviators IMO.)
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