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  1. The ridculousness that is the Jan. 2015 Legends of Equestria OSW

    Instead of posting in my thread about this on the forum, I'll just post about this here so I can continue to post on said thread.

    For those that don't already know, I was going to try to livestream/post videos for the Open Server Weekend for the Legends of Equestria MLP:FiM MMO game. If you want more details, click here:

    Basically, my plans have been thoroughly ...
  2. Sunsarity The Fusion of Rarity and Sunset Shimmer Story One The Birth of Sunsarity

    The Birth of Sunsarity

    One day a pair of Potara earrings appeared in the human world, one of them appeared in Sunset Shimmer's room at her house and the other appeared in Rarity's room at her house.

    Rarity put one of the ear rings on her left ear while Sunset Shimmer put the other ear ring on her right ear.

    Mere moments after doing this they were pulled together out of their houses towards each other, when the bodies of Rarity and Sunset Shimmer collided ...
  3. I need some OCs drawn

    I have a ton of pony creator ocs, but I don't want them in the pony creator ocs form. Does anyone draw ocs?

    It's only a couple, and I'll send you the pictures if you are able to! Thank you agian!
  4. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal

    Uuhhh...Oh man, oh man, oh maaaann...

    This is not a baaaad game. It just has a heck of a lot to live up to. Even so, when one of my first thoughts is "Even I can build a better Smash Bros. clone!", you have issues.

    For those that have never heard of this: this is what happened when Sony Interactive tried to steal a little of ...

    Updated 22nd Jan 2015 at 03:25 AM by Tyro The Fox

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  5. my brain did some philosophy thing DERP

    Oh geez, it feels like nothing ever changes and time just freeze and it's all the same thing-- all until you blink, then it feels like everything changed. Maybe everything is always changing and it's just missing that split-second is it enough to notice that big difference between now and then.
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