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  1. Rarity in Xenoverse

    I bought Dragon Ball Xenoverse today, I created a female Saiyan and named her Rarity, LOL.
  2. The Character Traits of Shamrock Hoofover

    I'll spare you the majority of the background, so I'll try to keep it brief.

    Born in Ponyville in a blizzard to Pegasus parents in a 13-generation-long purebred pegasus family, but fraternal twin is born a unicorn. Family is... not welcoming to the unicorn, named Honeydew.

    Fast forward ~8 years (human age, don't know of a proper conversion to MLP years), family lives on Ponyville outskirts within spitting distance of the Everfree.

    8 years of family hazing has ...
    Pony , Writing , Roleplaying
  3. New apartment! WOOHOO!!!

    I just got a call that my rental application was accepted, and I can move in within the week.
    It's a great little apartment. 400 square feet, nice and clean with no roaches, and about two hundred yards from the beach.

    It's right in this area here.

    So, yeah. Things are finally looking up.
  4. The truth

    Its not spooder, Till I say its spooder....(now you know I'm just gonna make random blogs about stuffs that might, or might not be about ponies...)
  5. That weird blah mood.

    Hey everypony,
    So after giving blood yesterday I've been pretty laid back. I'm in English class writing poetry about 1984 by George Orwell. I have to go to the library cause my card snapped in half. I've been watching a lot of CannedCream videos lately. I wanna get to know a lot of you guys! I feel like all I've written on this post so far is boring. I apologize. Today I'm in one of those weird moods where I'm just okay. I feel very indifferent. Oh well. I hope every one has a happy Friday. ...
    Tags: blah, radio
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