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  1. Update on "TaKe Reassemble"

    Hello guys. Yeah, it's me again. I'm just letting those, who are still interested in bringing my old channel "TaKe" back know, that I've officially started working on it. I even have a new song for you.

    Give it a listen, if you want to. I'd be glad :)
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  2. Sonic Boom

    Admit it: in the little jukebox inside your mind, it's playing that song. It's been doing that with me every time I hear about this thing...

    Sonic Boom

    If you enjoy keeping up with computer games and that sphere of things, especially new Sonic games, then you'll have heard about some new thing being done with the IP. Yeah, Sonic Team are still ...

    Updated 19th Nov 2014 at 11:58 PM by Tyro The Fox

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  3. Lunar Shield Character Sheet (Revised)

    (so i have upon many complaints decided to revise my main ocs character sheet)
    Name: Lunar Shield
    Nickname: Lunar/Shieldy
    Race: Unicorn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Coloring: Black body with midnight blue ragged man and tail and blue eyes
    Cutie Mark: Blue shield with 2 light blue stars above it and a crescent moon inside it
    Bio: Lunar and his twin brother Golden Dust were found by Princess Celestia on the streets of Canterlot when they were only 5 years old. ...
  4. fan fiction ideas

    fan-fiction - something I wanted to do but never got around doing it. But it's not just fan-fiction that's a problem ,it's writting in general. I a always have trouble getting my idea in written form. I think fan-fiction may be some good practice.
    But I'm having trouble tring to decide what to write. So I'll let you guys and gals decide.
    • Twilight have to stop three warlocks from fusing a reality of a sorrowful fate with her own all while being trapped between dimensions
  5. Upcoming Comic Based on LoZ!!!

    I don't usually do W.I.P. stuff but what the hay? This story will be done with action figures and camera shots... kinda like Robot Chicken. I've finally got one set finished and have found a more suitable Link figure than the OoT one I already had. Also, I should be getting my Zelda figure sometime soon! As with my Rockout story arcs, these will ...
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