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  1. I Finally Have a New Job!

    After interviewing for Walmart for a week for overnight stocker and hearing nothing back, I got a call from a different Walmart wanting to interview me for overnight produce. This Walmart offered me a job on the spot after the interview, and I'm now one drug test away from once more being employed! It's been a year and 3 weeks coming, but my unemployment is at an end, and it feels good.

    Now, this all sounds like sugar and rainbows, right? Well, there's a couple downsides:
  2. Faces galore!

    So we all know how I love masks. I found these two websites that I love. You should definitely check them out, they are very, very neat.

  3. Got suspended on YouTube for no good reason

    So I've had a YouTube account for 5 years with over 3,000 subs and a few videos with almost a million views and it just got suspended. I assumed it was for copyright, being that I've uploaded "YouTube Poops" that have gathered attention from copyright companies in the past (most instances went successful though thanks to the fair use law). But, out of all the 150+ videos I've uploaded, only one got me suspended. So this must have been realllly bad, right? Well... no. It was a video I uploaded ...
  4. Battle of the TV: UK vs. The US: The Big Bang Theory Vs. The IT Crowd

    I've had this idea rattling in my head for a while. I thought I'd actually write down my thoughts on this.

    The Battle of TV : The UK vs. The US
    Big Bang Theory vs. The IT Crowd

    This is kind of a big thing. Sort of. While The IT Crowd has long since ended ...
  5. Fossil Roo....

    by , 16th Aug 2014 at 03:48 AM (The Fancy & Fabulous Rarit E Blog!)
    So after finishing FFX, i decided to give IX another run as well. I'm currently going through Fossil Roo... *shudders*. For those of you who don't remember what i'm talking about, maybe this will ring a bell:

    I'm currently considering wether or not i should let my characters consume Quina for nourishment to get through this place... S/he's not relevant to the plot and ...

    Updated 16th Aug 2014 at 06:41 AM by Rarit E

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