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  1. I'm Really Slamming it!

    Now, I've been ecstatic for a while about Shulk's inclusion in the new Smash Bros. games. He's the Xenoblade representative and Xenoblade is one of my favorites games ever, so my reaction was basically this when I saw the reveal trailer:

    But that's not why I've gathered you all here today. We're here today to see a truly unexpected, but incredibly welcome, piece of awesomeness that has spawned from Shulk's exposure to a wider ...
  2. Not Too Alien - A Bad Civilization: Beyond Earth Review

    For years, the Civilization series has allowed players to play as various leaders guiding their civilizations from the dawn of man to just through ages. Players had to manage construction, culture, diplomacy, economics, military, and technology. Most of the games allowed players to progress technologically to just a little beyond modern day. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is the newest entry into the series and is centered towards the era most Civilization games missed: The Future. ...
  3. TaKe Reassemble?

    Hi guys. Yes, it's me. It's been quite a while...
    Okay, so, let me put it like this. I know, that I haven't been anything good to the community lately (I even got banned from the chat, because of being an ironic... well you know. Oh hai Jhera btw.), but if someone who ever knew me before I became this and they're reading this, I'd be really surprised. Like REALLY. Anyways, this way (thank you for not banning me from the website, I'd regret it just like deleting my old channel PendulumSK) ...
  4. StreetPass Games Part 2 - Paid For Games

    Click here to read Part 1

    StreetPass Games - Part Two

    The next four examples are all paid for products from a special little shop within the Mii StreetPass Plaza itself. Each one would cost me just under £5 (or about $8, or roughly €6.30 (prices may vary outside of the UK)) but there's a special deal where you can buy all four at under £14. But the offer is only ...

    Updated 28th Oct 2014 at 01:45 AM by Tyro The Fox

    Non-Pony , Gaming , Media , Video Games
  5. StreetPass Games

    StreetPass Games

    I know, I know...I've spent a lot of time barking on about my new, shiny red box but I'm enjoying this one. It's worming into my little heart, like it's granddad the Game Boy did when I was but a wee cub. While it's game library is actually giving me some pretty interesting surprises, I'm actually pretty surprised by one tiny thing: how much I like StreetPass. ...

    Updated 28th Oct 2014 at 01:42 AM by Tyro The Fox

    Non-Pony , Gaming , Media , Video Games
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