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  1. Reasons as to why I left (For those interested)

    I'll keep it short, simple, and drama free.

    I stepped down from being an admin because:
    -It was a difficult job
    -I felt I wasn't the best at doing it
    -It was interfering severely with my personal life
    -It was interfering with my health (Old staff can attest to me mentioning stress-puking during some discussions)
    -I didn't know what else to do for the site at the time

    I left the site because
    -The site felt virtually dead to me ...
  2. Wisdom teeth... my first surgery

    A week or so ago, I opted to lose all 4 of my wisdom teeth as soon as possible to get it over with. I'd probably have been more at ease about it if I had previous experience with surgery, but this was a little nerveracking being my first time. Nevertheless, I decided to just go with the "get it over with" approach, and today I'd say it paid off. While the nerves returned as they were putting me to sleep, I felt like I was as ready as possible. I woke up a little later and that was it! ...
  3. Bordepressed

    I get depressed when I'm bored now. It started last year when I was more prone to it, given I had a lot more anxiety last year than I do now, but I feel powerless all the same. My default thought is to go to bed right now - force myself to sleep if need be. Regardless, I've been finding myself counting the hours until it's a sane time to sleep almost every day. The really bad thing about depression and boredom is that they feed off of and fuel one another: Depression makes things less fun and kills ...
  4. Land of Equestria: Tales of a Broken sky

    Quote Originally Posted by 7orin View Post
    In the days of old, a rift tore the heavens apart above the one blessed land and summoned horrifying beasts that for years terrorized all the beings. but when the hope of survival was short, one single pony turned to the oldest of them all, the Orin Lords.

    When the pony finally begged for help from them to save the last of their world, 7 Knights in Hell-made armor fell from the broken sky, tasked to close the portal at any cost. with 7 that entered, only 6 were to leave.. The one who
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  5. Adventures in Bike Shopping

    My old bike, being a total piece of crap, would not have gotten me out of Oregon, much less across the United States.
    So I decided to get a new bike.
    After a bit of shopping around, I settled on a Schwinn mountain bike from Walmart.
    Not a great bike, but sturdy enough to hold my fat ass.
    I was all set to buy the Schwinn when I was advised to visit the local bike shop, and see if maybe I could find a good used bike.
    At the bike shop, I found a 1996 Cannondale M500, ...

    Updated 21st Jul 2014 at 01:14 AM by Ridley Wolf

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