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  1. Are you kidding me???!!!

    Please tell me you're kidding me. There is NO way this is POSSIBLY happening.


    I mean, I've always loved her and her music, but SERIOUSLY???!!!!


    (I don't wanna hear it. She's like right next to Aviators IMO.)
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  2. Sunset Shimmer's Vacation in Equestria Story One Vacation


    The students at Canterlot High are eagerly counting down the clock, for soon school will end and the first day of summer vacation will begin.

    All of the students start counting down the final moments of today's school day and the start of their summer vacation "Five, four, three, two, one."

    Everybody from the teachers, to the students and even Vice Prinicipal Celestia and Vice Prinicipal Luna rush out of the school building.
  3. Hero Mode Story Three On Hiatus

    Just so you know I have not completly cancelled my Hero Mode Story series i'm just currently on hiatus until I come up with a idea for the third story.
  4. Hub has gone down?

    Great freaking Celestia! The Hub is Freaking Gone! Has it changed channel? Or What? This makes me angry! Did Hub shows move back to Cartoon Network?
    Anypony with more info plz let me know.
  5. Funko

    so i was planning on ordering an Octavia vinyl figure on amazon its shipped by funko but ive noticed some bad reviews... so if anypony here has ever gotten a funko figure through amazon here tell me what you think
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