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  1. Are Sirens and Windigoes Related?

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    Ok so I got to thinking after watching Hearth's Warming Eve yesterday that except for the fact that the Windigoes don't sing both of them feed off anger and negative emotions so do you think that Sirens might be related to Windigoes somehow?
  2. Find me on

    well everypony i'm on as Lunar_Shield
  3. Things Are Looking Up?

    Hey guys, long time no speak, at least when it comes to my life. As many of you may know, I have a new job and it's going pretty well. I enjoy the overnight aspect because our department has no manager looming over us at night, but at 6:00 AM, the department manager comes in and she's a total *****. The good news there is I only have to deal with her for an hour before I go home. Aside from that, I can work at my own pace, drowning out the awful Christmas music with my own much more awesome Xenoblade ...

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  4. The Tailless Whipscorpion

    Hey guys! I promised you bugs a few days ago...I BRING YOU BUGS!

    Today's bug entry is on a little nippy piece of nightmare fuel called the tailless whip scorpion, or sometimes called the whip spider. Now I know what you are thinking. "Did you just name something that gets called a spider AND a scorpion?????" I bet you can't even begin to imagine the sheer evilness of this creatures existence! Does it have the tail of a scorpion and the fangs and silk of a spider??? It couldn't! ...
  5. Just as Promised: A Sneak Peak

    Hey there, guys. Some of you have asked me about the book that I'm writing, and have seemed relatively interested whenever I've brought it up, so I promised you a summation and look at what it's all about once I finished the first draft. Since that day is now here, I thought I'd give you some insight into what it is I've been doing.

    It all started almost three years ago (more precisely, three years ago in two weeks), during my Senior year of High School. I sort of had this inkling that ...

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