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Blogging Inside the Chimney

Heya, I'm Caberea, I think lots of stuff. Therefore I post stuff, but I'm not exactly good at keeping track of it. Cause track can be misspelt trach, and trach sounds like a shortening of trachea, and trachea is some sort of biology thingy i think. So because of that I'm doing a blog. Much hoof clapping should be ensuing at this point for no reason other than that I'm doing something, which is in itself an achievement. Hope you enjoys my randomness and leaves the commenty stuffs. Also be checking out my Youtube for more Caberea at

  1. Fuuuuuuu

    So you remember about how I was supposed to have that hour today to finish my Nightmare Night cover? I'm not sure if i posted that or not but i think i did. Well i just lost it because the year 12's were all late doing their last assignment for the year so instead I'm going to be posting up a massively Work-In-Progress version later. Until then, I shall be screaming in rage.

    Le edit: Due to this I haven't even been able to have a WIP ready for Halloween, so it's going to be a late, ...

    Updated 31st Oct 2012 at 07:42 AM by Caberea

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  2. I've done nothing productive all week

    In fact, perhaps all month. I've hardly posted up on the site, I don't recall doing any of my homework (though i must have considering how all of my assignment are done...but when did that happen?), I haven't managed to get any work done on any of my fanfics...I haven't even been playing games?

    Come to think of it, What the heck have i been doing this past month? Why can't i remember anything? The only thing i do know that I've done is that I've started working on a cover of Nightmare ...
  3. Working on my next song (Yet another mini-rant)

    Okay, so today I had music, and I started on a new song, which I'm really looking forward to working on. You can find the current work I've done on it here: But that work was done in only 20 minutes, so it isn't going to be REALLY good yet.

    The reason why i was only able to spend 20 minutes on it? Today we had school photos. Now that wouldn't have been a problem, had i not also had to have sibling photoes with my younger brother. ...
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  4. I have a cloud that has sound

    That's right, I've finally gone and made a Soundcloud account. What better place to put my overwhelmingly mediocre pieces of music that I shakily put together in an hour.

    So if you're interested in hearing the sort of Gametrack-rock (Or whatever the heck it is I make), please check it out:

    Oh and by the way. That song I'm making isn't among them, these are all just instrumental tracks at the moment.
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