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Blogging Inside the Chimney

Heya, I'm Caberea, I think lots of stuff. Therefore I post stuff, but I'm not exactly good at keeping track of it. Cause track can be misspelt trach, and trach sounds like a shortening of trachea, and trachea is some sort of biology thingy i think. So because of that I'm doing a blog. Much hoof clapping should be ensuing at this point for no reason other than that I'm doing something, which is in itself an achievement. Hope you enjoys my randomness and leaves the commenty stuffs. Also be checking out my Youtube for more Caberea at

  1. Another one of these quickly thrown together PMV's I do

    So yeah, that Nightmare PMV that I did ages ago i finally got around to uploading, and then forgot to write about it on here. So here it is. Any feedback would be much appreciated. This one is of Nightmare Moon, with the song Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold.