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  1. Community Post #24 - Zeph Edition (Aww yeah)

    Man, where do I begin on this thing? I honestly don't really know, I guess, it's a lot to take in when you think about it.

    I mean, let's take a look back at what's gone on recently, shall we?

    First you have Foxy and Flash's resignation. Now, we all know about this, but I feel the need to go a little bit more in depth with this sort of thing because it implies a bit of change among the staff ranks, in a more structural sense, not the more obvious "people have left" ...

    Updated 9th Nov 2012 at 05:52 PM by Yetione

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  2. It's been a bit

    Alrighty so it's been a while I suppose since I decided to make a blog post.

    From an informative standpoint this is rather unacceptable considering the complaints we've received not only recently, but in the past regarding the secrecy between the staff and users, and this is made further worse when you take into account that I started this blog for the sole priority to keep this from being a problem. I apologize for this lengthly intermission due to the fact that since I've stepped ...
  3. The recent what's what.

    So a while back in a blog post of mine I hinted at some serious change to be made around the entire site. I realize I was absolutely vague, but being extremely convoluted in that post was completely necessary.

    However, because of recent debate and discussion among the staff, we've come to go against this change and head in a different direction than what we had planned. Since this immense change is officially in the bin as of today, it should be fine to inform the lot of you what ...
  4. Bronies and Change.

    There are lots of sparks flying around in the staff room as I speak.
    There are plenty of ideas going left and right, all of them being ways as to how we can improve the site.

    In recent months, our activity on the site has dropped like a rock, especially from a perspective like mine. Last year on Brony day, we were able to easily accumulate 300 users for a simple marathon of about 26 episodes. Now let's skip ahead a year and compare it to this year's Brony day. We're streaming ...
  5. Just a Quickie

    So I've been on a bit of a hiatus; bit of a bummer really. It's due to some problems at home, which I don't feel like going into because it's unrelated, however it's been keeping me from a lot of my work here on the site. This would explain my recent absence if any of you have even noticed this, but whatever.

    Anyway, I'll post a quick update on some minor going-ons among the staff just so you guys can remain informed even if I am not informed myself as much as I would enjoy.
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