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So a while back in a blog post of mine I hinted at some serious change to be made around the entire site. I realize I was absolutely vague, but being extremely convoluted in that post was completely necessary.

However, because of recent debate and discussion among the staff, we've come to go against this change and head in a different direction than what we had planned. Since this immense change is officially in the bin as of today, it should be fine to inform the lot of you what we were planning.

Simply put, we were planning on making the site a lot more family friendly. The idea sprouted when we realized that the site was slowly dying, another thing I've put in the spotlight with my previous blog post. To fix this, we decided to try something rather radical, that of course being to be something that stands out from the rest of the crowd: a site that caters to fans of My Little Pony, not bronies. This of course would mean the site would have more restrictions on what could and could not be posted, this may explain why some of us have been so strict as of recently as we were trying to get into the mindset of maintaining that atmosphere. Some of you understand what I'm talking about firsthand.

Anyway, it took a few weeks of discussion and thought to realize, "Hey, this is a bad idea." It may have taken us a while, although some of us were against it from the start, but in making this change we'd be doing the one thing we absolutely do not want to do, and that is alienate all of our old users.

And so the plan to do so was officially thrown in the bin as of today.

On to more recent things, as I've said a million times in the past by this point, the site rules are currently undergoing heavy maintenance. To give a little bit of perspective on the progress of this, it's officially not against the rules to necro-post anymore so long as the post remains relevant and constructive to the topic at hand.

As for something else, the topic of the lack of users has been brought up countless times in the past, heck, the staff's been obsessing over the solution to this problem forever. The solution we have in mind as of now is to not attract more people to the site, doing so would be pointless as we already attract hundreds of new users every month. Take a look at the bottom of the page right now, there should be more guests online than users, and that's a bit of a problem. So to fix this, we've been brainstorming ways to not just attract new users, but to make the site more memorable and appealing so that the new users we get decide to stay and the guests that lurk to a seemingly endless amount decide to sign up.

The idea we've come up with so far is EPTV.

With the fact that we now have two radios, one on Shoutcast, and one on Livestream, we're thinking of ways to make the Livestream function more as a TV channel to make use of the visual aesthetics that is has over SC. This of course leaves a couple of problems:

>Finding a way to make SC better
>Ideas for things to put on EPTV.

We're already looking into ways to improve shoutcast, but brainstorming ideas for what will essentially be a TV station is incredibly difficult, and so I ask you guys, what would you like to see? Please post your ideas in the comments or shoot me a PM if you have any, and keep in mind, we cannot play episodes due to copyright issues.

So far among the staff we've come up with:
>Live drawing
>Live music making(?)
>Fanfic Readings
>Gaming nights

On to something else, as you may find out later today, we have ourselves a few new staff members. Stay tuned later to find out who's been selected.

That's all this time, later.


  1. Rarit E's Avatar
    I'll be sure to try and come up with ideas for the EPTV. I hope we can get it to lift off properly.
  2. Zephyr Wind's Avatar
    Eh, I'm not a fan of the scrapped idea....good thing it didn't go further.

    Necroposting is legal now? Arise, zombies, ARISE!!

    EPTV? It has a nice sound to it! Podcasts sound nice, and so do gaming nights. Don't let go of this idea.
  3. Tech Tea's Avatar
    Sounds very interesting.
    If I come up with any ideas, I'll tell you.
    Maybe, a skype kareoke?
  4. Tyro The Fox's Avatar
    So EPTV...

    What if I did a few Leather Bound Book Reviews for it?

    Yay! Something to watch.

    But it'll be me, struggling to complete sentences in one go. And my voice. And probably my horrible, horrible bedroom. And my hair but that can be washed.
  5. Zephyr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tyro The Fox
    So EPTV...

    What if I did a few Leather Bound Book Reviews for it?

    Yay! Something to watch.

    But it'll be me, struggling to complete sentences in one go. And my voice. And probably my horrible, horrible bedroom. And my hair but that can be washed.
    Yes, definitely. This is a great idea. Game reviews are always interesting to watch.
    Just try to keep the games vague, it's not so interesting to watch reviews on games EVERYONE has reviewed already
  6. Legion's Avatar
    What about "advertisements"? No, not real advertisements; just read, okay?

    I suppose that this could be put into podcasts too, but I was thinking we could promote some of the free projects that are going on. For example, Fighting Is Magic. I'm sure if we put pony-related projects on EPTV as "commercials", nopony would mind.

    No, scrap that. Putting it into a podcast is a far better idea.

    So, that was my idea. Perhaps not something to create a whole new "genre" to put on there, but of course it's an idea for podcasts. If it wasn't obvious before I mentioned it, anyways. Sometimes I don't know how useful my suggestions really are. xD
  7. Virgilpony's Avatar
    Feel free to sign me up for Fic-Reading. I got this...
  8. Frost's Avatar
    It's good that you guys decided to keep this a brony site, especially seeing as how prolly 90% or more of the users here are bronies.

    As far as making this place more appealing goes, I vote for changing the spring theme. Bam .Simple.