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Fan-Fiction: Desert Warriors

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    Desert Warriors

    0 Comments by Rashall Published on 15th Jun 2012 10:13 PM
    Whelp here is a short fic of mine written up in a short amount of time.

    Note this fanfic introduces Dust Wind and his warriors and how they met and became friends with Rashall


    Desert Warriors

    Dust Wind looked out over the vast desert that he called home. Arrayed around him were his warriors, or as the civilians called them the Dusk Runners. The name had intrigued Dust Wind at the time and he quickly adopted it as the name of his band of warriors. His warriors were famed lancers, but they were also outcasts from many aspects of life. There was Red Sand who was an outcast of a very famous military family and thus served as the group's champion. Valliant Sun was another, a devout follower of the will of the Pantheon he served as their chaplain tending to the others souls and preparing them for battle. Storm Caller was a unicorn who understood the eddies of the warp and how to control them along with his magic and served as the librarian of the group. The new recruit was Mirage she had joined as the group met up with a Nomad group whom Mirage had been traveling with for some time. The mare had been chosen as the group's primary healer. The others came from all walks of life, but none as surprising as Dust Wind himself. He had once been a prince of Dune, but had chosen the path of the nomad seeing that city life did not suite him well. He had left the palace at night none trying to stop him.

    Dust Wind and his group had stopped patrolling for the night in a small depression. This would ensure they weren't seen by others. Dust set a guard rotation taking the first shift himself his small band of fifteen ponies was smaller than most, but that meant they were more maneuverable than larger bands. The cool night air finally rolled in chilling him to the bone, but he was used to it after spending years out in the desert. Movement caught his eyes for a moment, maybe it was nothing, no there it was again just to his left. Dust kept it in the corner of his eye not wanting to give away that it had been seen as it moved closer. Then it disappeared all together with no trace that it was even there to begin with. He looked in the direction that he had seen the shimmering form, but could not see it at all.

    "Is it me that you are looking for wanderer?" Asks a voice in front of Dust, he jumps at the voice then turns to face the pony in front of him. A pegasus pony, with spectral blue eyes, looks him back in the eyes as though studying him closely.

    "You where over there though how can you be over here now?" Says Dust pointing to the side of the depression that he thought he had last seen the pony.

    "Yes that was me, camoline cloaks come in handy when one does not wish to be seen. My names Rashall Firemane by the way," says the pegasus.

    "Mines Dust Wind, the others are my warriors as you can see," says Dust Wind pointing to his small company sleeping in the depression below him.

    "Yes I thought as much, I was wondering if you could help me with something. There is a group of raiders that have turned their lances on innocent civilians a few miles to the west. I need a small group of warriors to aid me in getting rid of them. Their camp is in one of the Oasis' that they claim for themselves," says Rashall looking out to the west.

    "I will be there, if any dare to harm innocents then I will be sure that they are punished. I doubt that my band will be the only one there though," says Dust eyeing Rashall.

    "No you won't, you will be with me but there will also be a contingent of Blood Ravens and Knights of the Golden Sun. Both of them however do not know this region of the desert like you and your band so you will be with me in the main assault," says Rashall. Dust can't believe he is being asked to merge his small band with one of the most renowned chapters in Dune and a knightly order.

    "I would be honored to be in a fight with one of the great chapters and a renowned knightly order," says Dust.

    "Good then get your warriors up we move out now," says Rashall. Dust nods his head and goes among his warriors and starts to wake them up. They don't question their leader instead they look forward to the battle to come.

    By the time they reached the main encampment dawn was starting to peek over the horizon turning the sky a light pink. The war camp wasn't very large, but this was meant to be a lightning raid intended to catch the enemy off guard. The knights were already getting their gear ready so to were the Blood Ravens, both of the other companies captains were awaiting Rashall and Dust.

    "Rashall, my company is ready and willing as well as captain Bright Sun," says the Blood Ravens captain.

    "Good to hear Black Dawn, both of you this is Dust Wind his unit will be with me in the center. The Golden Knights will take the left while the Blood Ravens take the right, both of you will have your outer units meet up behind the enemies encampment to ensure they do not escape. All of you get your troops ready we charge as soon as the sun is behind us. Oh and be careful the enemy does have some prisoners down there," says Rashall nodding his head to them all. Dust heads off to prepare his warriors thrilling at the chance to charge with such great ponies.

    Two hours later and the companies were assembled on the dune top. The camp below was just starting to wake up, but still had not noticed the three companies atop the dune. Dust Wind looked his warriors up and down nodding in satisfaction they had all waited for this moment.

    "Dusk Runners today you charge into battle alongside two great companies! The Blood Ravens and the Knights of the Rising Sun shall be your battle brothers and sisters this day! Show them that you are not lacking, but better than that show them the might of the deep desert!" Says Rashall standing in front of Dust Wind and his company who let out a cry at his words. The enemy had now seen them and were hastily trying to organize a defensive line. Soon there was a wall of ponies opposing them, Dust say that the middle area was weakly defended and smiled.

    "Stand to all units," says Rashall, the other companies come to readying themselves, "Forward walk," he says again Dust notices that Rashall is continually picking up speed until they are running with him. Dust then glances around and notices that the other companies are running as well. The distance continues to close, twenty yard, fifteen lances locked down, ten shouts of "For the Great Father and For the Emperor!" come from the Blood Ravens as the Knights yell "For the New Dawn!" but the voice that breaks all of them is Rashall's as he screams up to the heavens "In the name of the Living and for Them above!" Dust and his company take up the call. With only five yards to go the line in front of them the defensive line falters and then breaks altogether. The enemy is in full retreat by the time Dust and his company reach the encampment. Rashall comes to a complete stop and tells Dust to take his squad and round up all enemy forces and to see to the prisoners.

    The fight lasted only twenty minutes, the enemy force had completely given up seeing the numbers and who their attackers consisted of. Dust walked around looking over his warriors each of them nodding as he passed by, they may not have killed a single enemy but a victory was a victory. The civilians were being fed and given water by many of the company showing them that they cared. Those enemy that had surrendered had thrown their weapons down all at once and were sitting around under a tree. Dust had told his warriors to give them food and water as well, but after the civilians were done.

    "Dust Wind good job out there today," says Black Dawn walking up to him, "I look forward to fighting by your side in the future," he adds shaking his hoof before walking off. Dust learned that the Blood Ravens were leaving immediately having been recalled by their chapter master. Bright Sun nods in his direction, Dust had also learned that Bright Sun had taken a vow of silence for something that he had done in the past and that he and his knights were also leaving.

    After the others had left Dust saw Rashall sitting on the edge of the oasis looking to the north west.

    "Rashall is there anything wrong?" Asks Dust wondering what is on the ponies mind.

    "No nothing is wrong Dust Wind, thank you for helping us with this task," says Rashall turning around.

    "We're glad to help, if ever you need some desert power just let us know. Don't worry about the civilians we know of a small trading post not far from here where they can get a ride to one of the major cities," says Dust.

    "Good because I know that sometime in the future I might need your help again in a different country. It has been nice meeting you Dust Wind, may your path wonder ever longer," says Rashall before taking off and leaving. Dust notes he is heading to the east and wonders what is there that is so important.
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