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Community Post #111 - AABBA

17th Aug 2014 - 2:00 PM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Poetry #111

Quite frankly, you saw this coming
A post of entirely rhyming
It's just an idea
To play out here
To some, this is probably frightening

It came to me as I walked the dog
We shouldn't let this become a slog
We'll have a good day
If we let silliness stay
And take over this weekly blog

So allow me to get this started
Them poems are not for the faint-hearted
While they're neat
You must complete
Every line just as you started

This honestly could be worse
Thank Celestia, I rehearse
Or I'd use words like
'Orange', 'Breadth' or 'Psych'
Awkward words are just perverse

Well, first we have our Site News
So please all... [Read More]
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Community Post #110 - Welcome to just a small part of growing up in England

10th Aug 2014 - 11:28 PM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Post #110

I was sifting through some images for the Community Post this evening and I sat down and thought as I looked at the thing I settled on, which is sitting above...

I haven't given a damn about mainstream music in over five years. The last 'mainstream', 'Top 40' act I've listened to at any length is Gotye, up there.

Wow! How did that happen? I remember it being this massive thing when I was growing up. The charts were everywhere! I'd hear about some tune somewhere or that something was climbing the charts. Heck, I'd always hear a selection of the most popular songs over and over and over. Because as soon as phones could play music, then you couldn't move for this stuff.

And that's not counting whenever we managed to fill a jar with pasta in school... [Read More]
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Community Post #109 - He'll have it in for the rabbits next...

3rd Aug 2014 - 12:26 AM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Post #109 (and Pet Based Unrelated Rant #2)

You do not know irritation with an attempt at affection until you clear up after feathers from your cats' latest ''''''''''present''''''''''. I cannot put enough quotation marks around that word so I will not try.

And I just know they're out right now to try and find another one!

Oh! I shouldn't be too hard on them. They usually offer their hunts to you, with a meow supposedly saying "Looook! Loooook! I got you a this!". It does fit the whole 'present' thing, sure. It's just that old explanation of the behaviour: that they believe that you are peculiar as far as a cat can fathom as you don't hunt.

Granted, the little blighter doesn't hunt for food much either but whatever.

But, because you go to this... [Read More]
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Community Post #108 - Corgis in Coats? Collies in Cardigans?

28th Jul 2014 - 1:11 AM - by Tyro The Fox
Why? Just why?

(Rant that's Unrelated to) Community (Affairs) Post #108

I don't get why people have to dress up their pet.

My mum is a dab hand at knitting and has been working for a few weeks now making jumpers. Because she likes to, I assume. And who can blame her, those jumpers are pretty sweet. Plus, who else could make a kick-ass woolly Dumbledore?

This isn't it but it's almost as cool

It's the books she has sitting around here. I mean...I, just...

They're on how to make knitted items for your dogs. You know, the four-legged creatures covered in fur that keeps them warm, protected and... [Read More]
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Community Post #107 - Don't laugh! Pikmin are deadlier than you know!

21st Jul 2014 - 12:42 AM - by Tyro The Fox


OK, I got bored.

But it's it fun to try and do this to OC's sometimes. Redraw them but in a slightly different way but trying to make it recognisable as that character.

All right! Who's that giggling? It's not Kirby because Kirby is recognised as pretty powerful. It's because I'm Olimar, isn't it? Olimar is awesome! A character that can cause damage in any direction with ease and is able to damage without needing to be close to the target? Sign me up! The dude is powerful but everyone writes him off. He's not the most agile but he's hardly a slouch. An a smash with a Yellow Pikmin is so, so handy. A seriously powerful attack at the right time.

And I know what somepony will post. That god-damn 'Fight Like a Man' video were Olimar is considered 'Unmanly'.

... [Read More]
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