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Community Post #118 - From Me to You

21st Oct 2014 - 1:20 AM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Post #118

If there's anything about me and Eight that we have in common it's that we're definitely 'game' guys. We also seem to be highly creative individuals, if we are to tootle horns for just one moment, that seem to like busying ourselves with our little pet projects. If you haven't checked out ol' Trevor's (a.k.a our very own Eight Star) RPG tabletop system TimewarpVortex, then I guess shame on you because the Kickstarter let's us finally see what Eight really looks like. And it turns out, he's rocking a well-suiting goatee and wears some smart glasses that you can just about make out in wherever he's hosting this... [Read More]
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Umm...I've been kinda busy.

15th Oct 2014 - 2:09 AM - by Tyro The Fox
If you've been wondering where the Community Post was this week, well...I've been kinda busy lately. I've been sorting out University stuff and trying to do some work on a little treat for you guys for next week.

There's a few things I want to have ready for next week and unfortunately, they aren't done yet. And life has pushed this back further and further so...

Sorry, but I'll make it up to you lot, I'll make sure of it.
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Community Post #117 - Spooky Scary Costume Making

6th Oct 2014 - 3:14 PM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Post #1-Ow! These pins are sharp!

It's October, guys and ghouls! You know what time it is?

Annual Cosplay Excuse Day!

You can walk about in your favourite costume without feeling weird and no one will stop you! In fact, they will give you sweets! Or you can partake of the incredible amounts of booze. Or even of all the food that was one colour but has now been made orange just to coincide with the holiday season. Because extraneous E Numbers are what it's all about.

So, while the munchkins are out of their minds on orange and black Smarties and the adults are slowly getting way too slow in their mental faculties to put one face in front of the other or wipe the excess mascara from their feet,... [Read More]
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Community Post #116 - Sony does what Nintendon't but no one cares!

28th Sep 2014 - 1:07 AM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Post #116

I do find it rather interesting that I seem to have decided that my personal, bloggy stuff comes out here. I talk about my personal life on a big ol' platform the whole site can see.

The actual part of the site made for that sort of content that I have personal control over? Dedicated almost entirely to reviews.

Ah whatever! It means I have stuff to impart every time I write these things and this week is no different: I finally gave in and bought a 3DS. Because I don't believe I have owned a handheld from any other company. First game console? Game Boy. And they've been a habitual choice all the way up to the Nintendo DS when they dropped the 'Game Boy' thing from their name.

And then I killed by DS trying to charge it.

You see, I... [Read More]
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Community Post #115 - <insert closest to a joke possible here>

22nd Sep 2014 - 12:25 AM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Post #115

That's it! It's got to be about 60 or 70 posts written by me. I cannot think of anything else. The good ideas have been used. Yes, those were the good ones. I can't think! It's baffling! I'm normally pretty decent at this.

No...No, there must be something else I can try. Umm...Come oooon!

How about if apples bucked Applejacks from trees? No. Umm...I could write the Post in haiku form. With Iambic Pentametre!, that could take weeks. How about pretending to be Eight Star pretending to be me?

No, he hates that when I do it around him too loud in the office, let alone in a public address like this. Hmm...Baby talk? No. Depressed? No. Gothic? No. Crazy Twilight? Too jittery and requires more coffee than I have access to. Mad Scientist? Not enough... [Read More]
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