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  1. Curtis Wildcat
    Curtis Wildcat
    Aside from updating the SotW, I'm staying off the site for now. I'm in a bit of a foul mood, and I don't want to pass it on to anyone else.
  2. 4SNK
    Merry christmas everypony!
  3. 4SNK
    It's finally december. Almost half month in. I'm on my winter break too. Yay!
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  4. Curtis Wildcat
    Curtis Wildcat
    Currently out of action due to a persistent cold.
  5. Minterwute
    Minterwute Swift_
    damn, missed your return. hope you're doing well
  6. Minterwute
    Minterwute Celli
    y'all doing okay there?
    1. Celli
      Hi, I'm just going through Celli's accounts for him, he actually ended up losing his head.
      Dec 9, 2022
    2. Minterwute
      that sounds rather inconvenient
      Dec 17, 2022
    3. Celli
      Yeah, it was actually pretty scary to see the look of terror on your brother's face as his head slowly slides off of his neck. And a wire cuts through his neck.
      Dec 18, 2022
  7. 4SNK
    Still kickin'. What's up guys?
    1. Curtis Wildcat
      Curtis Wildcat
      Just taking things a day at a time.
      Nov 13, 2022
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    2. Minterwute
      the world is much the same as ever
      Nov 16, 2022
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  8. Curtis Wildcat
    Curtis Wildcat
    Been playing Zelda: Link To the Past recently. Beating it on my own ability appeals to me.
  9. Ninixia
    Living hell doesn't begin to describe the many things.
  10. PassionateAboutPonies
    I'm not perfect, but I'm doing my best.
    1. Minterwute
      that's a start!
      Nov 16, 2022
  11. Water Wings
    Water Wings Dragonbait
    You seem to be one of the only mods that is still active. I'd like this ancient account of mine to be deleted, but it seems that I cannot do this myself. Could you do it, or could you pass my request along to someone who can? Thanks in advance!
  12. Swift_
    Swift_ Saikyo
    Re: your message,

    I'm so glad to hear from you, congrats on your success! I hope you like teaching. I'm doing okay as well, thank you! I ended up becoming an avionics technician and I've been doing aircraft maintenance for the past 3 years. My life's been a wild ride but it's turning better.
    We may have drifted away due to reasons, but I'll always love hearing from old friends. <3
    I wish you the best,
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  13. Red Cedar
  14. Saikyo
    Saikyo Swift_
    I'm really late to reply, but I'm surviving and doing well. I'm a teacher now. I hope you're doing well, too. It's been ages, but thanks for checking in.
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  15. Blondie
  16. 4SNK
    Had been a bit busy these last 2 months. But is good to be back. I see this place is as quiet as usual, lol
  17. Curtis Wildcat
    Curtis Wildcat
    Today I had Fairy Leviathan defeat a dragon by giving it brain freeze. I only wish I was making that up.
  18. Eight Star
    Eight Star
    I want to like MLP again. Halp.
    1. Swift_
      Start over from Season 1 and look for fan music from the 2010-2013 era, always helps me feel the same hype again ;D
      Jul 3, 2022
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    2. 4SNK
      Try to make your own fancontent. That helps me even if I give up midway, kek.
      Read some fan comics and early days fanfics. I always recommend The Empty Room by WandererD. Nowadays it might seem a bit too cringy, I guess. But back then it was super cool for me, lol. It really feels very pre-season 2. The universe could be expanded in pretty much any way we wanted. Man, I miss those days.
      Jul 6, 2022
  19. Curtis Wildcat
  20. Celli
    Celli 4SNK
    Help me, I've actually been beheaded!