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Aug 13, 2011
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New In Town, from In a magical land of science and sleep deprivation

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Jan 6, 2012
    1. Dwynter
      Hey FeynManyFilly - you still checking out these pages every once in a while? If so, then - "HI!"
    2. Twinkledust
      Hey there! Wow, I had kind of given up on seeing you around here again.
      Good to see you, welcome back :3

      So you've been hitting the books... And you did quite good, aside from falling asleep during one test? Well, good for you :D
      Myself, I'm in my first test week right now (I have four a year). Trying hard to concentrate, but... darn ponies.
    3. Twinkledust
      You've kind of disappeared from the forums. Where have you gone? :p
    4. Twinkledust
      Sorry it took a while to respond :)
      And what have you been studying? Language?
      Got any future plans yet?
    5. Twinkledust
      Ha, I do not at all know yet what direction I'll be following after secondary school! :p
      I have chosen a profile with mostly subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Science. These I find the most interesting subjects, and I'm horrible at languages, except English. I'm not really a Studious one. I have major concentration issues, and I just work hard to keep up and make it to the next year.
      What are these gradeschool exams you're preparing for? I thought gradeschool was the primary school in the US?
      Well, anyway good luck! Having to study words was always a great demotivator for me... I hope you're better at it!
    6. Twinkledust
      At the end on primary school students do a certain test, and the score helps deciding what secondary school you'll enter. I'm doing Gymnasium (with quite some effort :P), which is the highest level of secondary school. It has six years (the lowest level has four years I believe), and after third class you choose to follow a certain 'profile' of subjects, depending on what direction you're planning to take after secondary school. We don't really have special classes that only the most gifted people can join, I believe. And the only exam is at the end of secondary school. (Though you might have to take an entrance-test aswell, if you're score is too low.) And then you either get a job or go to college.
    7. Dwynter
      So am I, in fact, it is a way of life for me. However, I seem to speed up slightly when it comes to ponies. Tsk. I got it bad.
    8. Dwynter
      Very well, New Friend FeynManyFilly, very well. After all, I got new friends now!
    9. Dwynter
      Likes prosthetic *and* potatoes?! How can I *not* friend some one like that?! Habba habba zoot zoot.
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    In a magical land of science and sleep deprivation
    Unicorn (f)
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    I like mangos, and potatoes, and sometimes tomatoes, but I esspecially enjoy the color green, because it is delicious. :3

    Latin, waves, shiny things that glow, prosthetics and potatoes.


    Partying hard makes my head hurt and I've employed sleep deprivation for that gig already, so... let's party soft. :3