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Jan 25, 1998 (Age: 25)

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    Jan 25, 1998 (Age: 25)
    Brony (m)
    Hi there, wonderful person/pony/changeling who is reading this!

    I'm 18 years old and will be a college freshman studying psychology with the intent to get into either counseling or clinical psychology. I love to read, write, play video games, hike, fish, cycle, and watch a show about colorful talking ponies (obviously). I also make random pony pixel art in Minecraft, though not on a set schedule because I'm still very new to it. I'm also beginning to work on my first PMV and will post the link to my YouTube channel once there is actual content to watch. Stay tuned!

    Feel free to say hi if you like; I'm quite shy in real life because I struggle with anxiety, but that's not so on the internet so I promise I won't bite. :)

    Here's a random Q&A of MLP-related stuff:
    Q: Do you have an OC?
    A: No, I don't have an OC... yet. I promise I'll get around to making one eventually.

    Q: When did you become a brony?
    A: May of 2014

    Q: What was the first episode you watched?
    A: Castle Mane-ia

    Q: Who is best pony?
    A: Twilight Sparkle :twi:

    Q: Who is best background pony?
    A: Derpy :derp:

    Q: Who is the best of all other ponies?
    A: The great and powerful Trixie! :trixieftw:

    Q: Who is best princess besides Twilight?
    A: Luna

    Q: What is your favorite episode?
    A: That's tough... probably a tie between Twilight's Kingdom, A Canterlot Wedding, and Hurricane Fluttershy.

    Q: What is your least favorite episode?
    A: Applejack's "Day" Off

    Here's a random Q&A of other stuff:
    Q: What is your favorite book?
    A: The Lord Of The Rings

    Q: What is your favorite movie?
    A: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

    Q: What is your favorite video game?
    A: Super Mario Galaxy. A true platforming masterpiece!

    Q: What is your favorite animated show (other than MLP)?
    A: SpongeBob Squarepants. Though that's only counting the first 3 seasons. The rest are nowhere near as good. Invader Zim is a close second.

    Q: What is your favorite live-action show?
    A: The X Files. Like MLP, it has a nice cult following.

    Q: What is your favorite color?
    A: Blue

    Q: What is your favorite sport?
    A: Well, I don't play any sports anymore, but my favorite to watch is hockey, followed by baseball and American football. I love soccer/football as well!

    Q: Favorite song and band?
    A: Fave song - Politik by Coldplay. Fave band - Radiohead.

    Q: Enough favorites... what do you look like?
    A: Somewhat dark blonde hair, green eyes, glasses, 5'6.

    Q: What is your sexual orientation?
    A: Straight, but I support the acceptance, love, and tolerance of all people regardless of who they are attracted to.

    Q: Finally... what's up with that strangely spelled username?
    A: Lol, I chose the name Prospekt because 1. I think it looks cool 2. it's fairly unique and 3. another of my favorite songs is Prospekt's March by Coldplay.


    "Here I lie, on my own in a separate sky
    I don't wanna die on my own here tonight."