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    1. iSmartMan
      Let's see...other advice...
      -Life is the closest thing I've seen on this site to an "open" RP. Usually you're supposed to sign up for an RP before it starts, so keep an eye on the OOC Chat forum or the Character Sheets forum for sign-ups, and the Interest Check sub-forum in OOC Chat for potential upcoming RPs.
      -Most RPs don't reach the massive size that you might see of some of them. Don't be too disappointed if one of your RPs dies before it finishes.
      -Out of Character chat goes either in an OOC Chat thread or in parenthesis in the actual RP thread.
      -Don't be afraid of the mods or the people piloting the RPs, they're very nice and open people. If they weren't, then their RPs wouldn't be worth joining.

      I've only been here about a month, and that's what I've learned so far. And don't forget about spacing in long posts. Maybe try drafting posts in a word processor to help prevent walls of text.
    2. iSmartMan
      Your OC seems very well thought-out and I look forward to RPing with you, but here's a couple pieces of advice
      -General history about an OC goes in the sign-up thread, it's there so you don't have to justify every little thing about your OC within the actual RP thread. Putting your OC's backstory into the actual RP thread should only be done when it's relevant (like if another OC asks for it, or some situational aspect not mentioned in the sign-up is revealed and needs to be justified).
      -Walls of text tend to be unappealing to the eyes. Occasional line breaks can work wonders for the readability of longer posts.
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