Dec 20, 2011
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(◕‿◕✿) Jan 7, 2018

    1. Woona
      I'm not mean! D:
    2. Woona
      Hehehe~ *stops tickling and snuggles* :3
    3. Woona
      c:< *tickles harder*
    4. Woona
      :D Are you ticklish? *begins tickles*
    5. Woona
      *nuzzles the snuggly arctic fox*
    6. Rain Lullaby
      Rain Lullaby
      Happy holidays, dude!
      Have fun ;)
    7. ReaperX
      Thanks for the add
    8. Keldeo
      Yo, about computery things.

      Do you happen to know any good drive migration software I can get a hold of, preferably for free? I've tried CloneZilla a couple of times but it isn't working for me. Seems to be something about failing to copy the bootloader, but I've never had that problem before.
    9. DaRarityRikuNFan
      I forgot to mension; it's my best friend's birthday today! DX I shouldn't of forgot to tell you that...xD
      You may also join his new forum to wish him a happy birthday, if you like~;
    10. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Ah, I kind of started to stop liking pokemon at geno 4...kinda......but still kept with the series. Plus, geno 4 had a lot of cute pokemon. I just had kind of a...well....rough teen years after my obsession with sonic the hedgehog DX Yeah, rather not talk about it. Trust me.

      So, Fluttershy's your favorite pony, right? She's really cute! I posted her in the d'aww thread, a human fanart of her^^

      Another video game I love? Super Smash Brothers Melee! BTW, I rock with Kirby in that game. Do you have any smash bros games yourself?

      well yeah i should probably do some gaming now. catch ya later but still answer back to my message and keep the convo going!!! XD your super cool thnx
    11. DaRarityRikuNFan
      I didn't grow up with kirby, either! Actually, i kinda got into him in a...strange kind of way, i don't like remembering it much. Lets just say; part of it was ALSO empathy.

      I haven't played much final fantasy myself but i always enjoyed watching my brother play his final fantasy games as a kid! He had 8 and 9, both were pretty cool, i didn't like the war themes in 8 tho. But the romance between Squall and Rinoa? ADORABLE!!! Also Squall's pretty hot too although he is still no riku. Plus Riku has those sweet baby doll blue eyes! Its too adorable!!! xD Well, my plushie of him has green eyes like apple jack does. Still wicked cute though. <3
    12. DaRarityRikuNFan
      I might go play some video games downstairs now, i'm a little energetic and it might help my focus a bit. I really like chatting with you! Your super duper cool, take care now! :) (and keep catching those pokemon XD)

      Also, another american cartoon I really like besides my little pony is Gravity Falls. It's a new cartoon by disney. I hope you get to see it! Its reeeeeaally fun. Actually, i've kinda been prefering american cartoons to anime lately. They feel more layed back/fun/less melodramicly emotional. Anime can sometimes depress me...

      Although, there are things that can bug me in american cartoons, too. Like... Mean Girls (note; seriously, don't comment on that, please. it can be really axietatic for me...)
    13. DaRarityRikuNFan
      You might like games like finaly fantasy, maybe, that's sort of more like a fantasy type of violence/fighting. My brother, let me tell you, LOVES final fantasy games. I personally can't wait to watch him play final fantasy 13; Plus Lightning is freakin' sexy XD

      You should play kingdom hearts games, and check out kh13 forum, both are very lovely!

      My favorite dragon type pokemon is probably the great 3 headed dragon of darkness AKA Hydreigon. It's practically a pokemon version of riku. XD Plus i think its design is just so....pretty. *shot*
    14. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Personally, i'm a total pikachu fangirl, espesally of ash's, he's such a badarse! :3 I also really like Kirby, too. He's a bit more violent but EATING YOUR ENEMIES AS A PINK BLOB IS JUST TOO DARN CUTE. XD Plus the worlds are soo rainbowy and the music is soooo charming! I was kind of obsessed with him twards the end of my teen years actually lol. Annnnd...even had a slight crush on the blob for awhile, kinda. I dunno. KIRBY IS SOO FREAKIN' MANLY MAN XD

      Yeah, I can also be very self insecure. Yeah, I have a lot of empathy for riku, he kind of reminds me of myself too. So that also helps (being an aspie and all). He's always been kinda calmer, though. I really look up to that. In a way, you could say he's like a hero to me! Plus, he's sooo handsome and soo muscular he's got to be the cutest fictional male character i've ever layed my eyes on! I can't like love anyone quite so much lol
    15. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Oh! Your male, your post before i saw the newest one made me guess you were female lol. I dunno, all the members here seem male, and, i hear mlp has a huge male fanbase. Personally, stereo typical male stuff sickens me, though, my crush on riku from kingdom hearts has calmed me down about it. A littttle. Also i'm hugely active on a kingdom hearts forums. I have about equal amount of male and female friends....all seem to like cute things, from what I can tell. Or at least pokemon (pokemon doesn't bother me nor do i concider it to be much of a 'violent' video game. Actually, i think the concept of pokemon battling is AWESOME!!! pokemon's probably my best liked out of typical 'male' fandoms, i kind of understand it a little. plus no one dies!!).

      My favorite pokemon do tend to be the cute ones, however, lol. But I love the cool ones too! They're fun to see in battle. :)
    16. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Wait, your female? Haha, oh well, it doesn't bother me, you seem like a pretty calm and collected person :3 I relate to Fluttershy's erge to be kind to others. Though, sadly, I can be kind of fundamentalist about kindness...

      I get lazy about walking my dog sometimes XD But it may be because of all the medications I take for my autism...lol....

      My mom prefers dogs over cats now ever since we got Simba! He's been a real blessing for the whole family, he's also super calm.

      I loved cats as a child, though! :3

      Since your female (apperently); do you like to wear dresses and skirts, like I do? Just curious. A lot of my female friends, they like girls clothes, but don't seem to wear them it, seems XD
    17. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Although it doesn't mension in your profile, i'm guessing your male, but that may be because almost everyone here seems to be a guy. XD Ehh but gender doesn't really matter though. What matters is personality. I have been prefering male friends to female ones lately, though. I can get a bit over emotional over other girls. I even disided to watch my brother play call of duty black opts (dispite my great dislike of violent video games!) a few days ago just try to to bond with him over my mother more again, because he can be so much calmer and less stressful to be around lol
    18. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Wow, I didn't even mension I had a Riku plushie! I REALLY love him a lot, I go all hyper fangirl over him before bed every night and give him TONS of kisses!!! He's my little stuffed baby omg <3 Yeah, i'm 23, but, I can be very much like a little girl sometimes. I still call my mom 'mommy' pretty often, actually xD And when i'm really energetic my personality can be so much like pinkie pie's! hahaha lol Yeah, I see you with a fluttershy plushie! And yeah your should get a dog they make such good friends and are sooo cuddly. <3 Do you live in the country, though? If not, seeing as you like to keep to yourself a lot, you might wanna check up on hiking trails you can walk or drive to around your area before you get a dog. If you don't wanna be around people too much.
    19. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Are you a pokemon fan? Pokemon is really awesome! I just love like every character they come out with XD their designs are just soooo coool....I wish they were all real and I could like keep some of the cuter ones as peeeets D,X
    20. DaRarityRikuNFan
      You should adopt a shiba inu, they are very fox like and you can always look for a breeder that breeds white colored ones online I think. That would be pretty close to having a pet arctic fox plus shibas are soooooo cute. You will love the puppy like personality! :D

      I love a lot of things that aren't real, too! Fairies, Pokemon...And Riku from Kingdom Hearts! My cutie pie bishie wishie <3 I'm a girl, by the way XD (but an aspie so my hobbies can be a bit strange and immature for someone my age, i'm 23 lol. still don't even have a job yet....but i like wanna work somewhere pretty, like a clothing store or a bead shop because i really like pretty things^^ much like rarity does)

      I must say the guy in your signature is handsome (even tho my heart still belongs with riku xD). I like dragons too they're really cool. I like how strong and nobal they can be. :)
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