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    Hello Everypony!

    I have noticed that the RP section has been a little dead as of late. Because of this, I'm trying to create another roleplay, but I'd like to do things a little differently. This time, I want the community to make the decisions!

    There are choices below, and I would like anyone who is interested in this idea to choose their preferences. The choices go from broad to specific. You may leave an area blank if you do not care, unless it has an asterisk by it, in which case you must answer it in order to have your vote taken into consideration. However, I highly suggest you answer all the questions! You can PM me your requests if you prefer, but it is easier if you simply reply to this thread with your choices.

    1. Pony vs. Human.*
    2. With Romance vs. Without Romance
    3. Slice-of-Life vs. A Goal of Some Sort
    4. Adventure vs. Horror vs. Crime vs. Drama vs. Comedy vs. Romance (You may pick more than one! See spoiler for more info)
    5. Other

    This is a very tentative list, and there may be more bullet points added, but start adding your responses now, and we can build a roleplay together!

    These genres can be a little confusing. Here are some examples of RP ideas for each one. Genre's can also be mixed, so pick as many as you want!

    1. Adventure - This is a genre about going on a quest. Think of the Hearth's Warming Eve quest, or Lord of the Rings. There is some sort of journey in this one.
    2. Horror - Keeping the site's RP rules in mind, this one is spooky stuff. I would consider the late 'Murder at Mare Manor' RP as a horror RP, especially since it died before it was even set in action. :(
    3. Crime - This one is a little more vague, but think of running from the law. Perhaps there is a murder case that needs to be investigated. The difference between this one and horror is the position of the RPers. In this one, you'd be the detective/police. In Horror, you'd be ordinary people.
    4. Drama - This one requires those who are good with adjectives. You'd need to be very good at describing the feelings of your characters. Think of Hamlet, or Macbeth.
    5. Comedy - I think of this one as the Slice-of-Life category; if you don't want a serious, heavy RP, pick this option.
    6. Romance - I don't feel like I need to explain this one. Basically finding your soulmate.

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    1. Both?
    2. With
    3. A goal
    4. Crime, Adventure
    5. Detectives and Mysteries
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    1 Pone! Pones are cute
    2 With I guess. Love drama can be fun
    3 goal. Had been in a lot of slice of life:/
    4 ditto with Tyro
    5 ditto
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    1. Human (haven't had a human rp in a while)
    2. Without~
    3. Slice of life~
    4. Ditto
    5. Ditto

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