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    Name: Grey Lighting
    Gender: Male
    Age Group: Young adult (19)
    Race: Pegasai
    Cutie Mark/Special Talent: Lighting Bolt Through a finish line
    Class: Speedster

    Health: 50/50
    Stamina: 150/150
    Pegasus Flight

    Resilience: 3
    Ferocity: 3
    Speed: 9
    Awareness: 3
    Creativity: 2
    Willpower: 4

    Backing Dodge
    Type: Passive
    Acquired: Speedster Class
    Whenever defending against an attack, the owner may use Speed instead of Resilience. As long as they succeed, they will be forced into a 5’ move away from the enemy.
    If they fail their roll, no Resilience is applied to reduce the damage dealt.

    Full Throttle
    Type: Passive
    Acquired: Speedster Class
    When in galloping-speed, the user is able to transition up into Full Throttle speed, moving their modifier up to *3. They must still transition back down to gallop speed before they can stop.

    Acrobatic Run
    Type: Passive
    Acquired: Speedster Class
    During galloping-speed, the owner of this skill is able to react and use non-attack active skills.
    Type: Active
    Cost: 4 Stamina
    Acquired: Racer Award
    Allows the user to make a gallop-speed movement from a full stop. This doesn’t mean they can make a full stop from a gallop. During combat, the user can’t make any actions before a Dash.

    Go For It
    Type: Active
    Cost: 4 Stamina
    Acquired: Racer Award
    After finishing a full movement, the user is able to use this skill to try and move an extra 5’. The user rolls 2d12+Awareness. As long as they reach at least 12, they make the extra distance.
    This can be used consecutive times in a turn, but for every extra use, a stacking -2 penalty is applied to the roll.


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