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    Hello, fellow RPers!

    I'm actually looking for someone to come along with me and a friend of mine on a group RP! We're hoping to also do a little more than just RP, and be friends!

    In terms of the RP, we want heavy emphasis on action, adventure and discovery. Work with each other to defeat your enemies.
    The world may be filled with various different characters and events, but the story will be focused entirely on our players rather than the lore or any predetermined events.

    An introduction to the world we wish to introduce you to...
    "In the near distant future. A mysteriously habitable planet of a nearby star system has been discovered. The planet's strange formation and climate provoked much research, and after many years of preparation, it has finally been deemed safe to colonize.

    The planet has been dubbed with the name Helios. There has been strange readings of energies beneath the planet's surfaces. The mysteries of the planets unfold, and the two factions both have interest in uncovering Helios' secrets. Heroes, mercenaries, and destined souls all gather to uncover what lies beneath the planet's surface. Choose a faction, and decide your fate..."

    Note: Although canonically different entirely, the races of the story resemble those of ones represented in the universe of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Your character is in no way required to follow any mythos of that universe. Though the themes of this universe apply. Any race can be accepted, and within reason, any backstory.

    Excited? Then please, take a look in the google document for more details!~

    We will be using a private Discord server, which means you need to have or create an account on the platform.

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