Lost one's Weeping

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    In A Dark Cave
    It was another normal day at high school for Rei, bullies, snobs, teachers, class clowns, egg heads...Nothing new, nothing ever changed. Sure people say her life was boring; but she would always reply with: "Sure it's boring but it's safe." but all of that was going to change...Little did she know what dark secrets her high school had...

    Rei's POV

    I just got detention earlier today because Moto swaped his homework with mine and he wrote something REAL bad on his homework, and i thought my homework was his homework and gave it to the teacher
    now i have detention, but i had a chioce to clean the whole school or sit alone in the classroom.
    I chose to clean, i mean i've cleaned enough things at home
    I walked to the basement, the first place i chose to clean, i took a deep breath and sighed "Here we go..." i mumbled and walked down the steps of the basement and flicked on the lights it was a totally normal basement, a few nick-nacks and dusty old books. I sighed in relief and started dusting things off; untill i heard a sound echo from the tunnel in the basement honestly i didn't even notice there was a tunnel, just there a gush of cold air came out of it sending me flying into it everything was dark i screamed untill i finally hit something that stopped me from flying "oof!" it felt sticky but runny at the same time, i didn't know what to make of it; i struggled and finally broke free panting i looked where i had landed and it was a giant pure black case with two candles on either side and what looked like holy water and books around it(Sorry if that offended anyone) but the most stand out feature was on the case spelled in crimson red...
    GET OUT, i felt chills run up my spine when i read that, problem was the blood, paint whatever it was looked fresh. I stood there in awe, "N-no! M-moto! He p-probably did t-this to f-freak me o-out! M-moto!? Where are you!?! This isn't funny anymore!" I wailed, i refused to believe what i saw i refused to believe he was real...I stood there crying chills running up my spine the hairs on my neck raised then i stopped crying completely when the candles blew out by another gust of cold wind. I was frozen by fear, "HA hahah HA!!" a voice laughed maniacally i bolted as fast as i could out of that basement, i heard very loud foot steps

    behind me as i dashed out of the school. once i got 100 feet away, i caught my breathe...I looked back at the school and whimperd, walking back home...

    The Next Day...

    It was lunch time, i had my trey in my hands which had noodles with garlic salt sprinkled on them, i sighed and sat with my 'Friends' "Wait! wouldn't that mean the v--Oh hello Rei!" Kira said happily and smiled at me, and my friends greeted me and contiued with they're everyday chatter. I put a hand on my face sighing thinking about what

    Happened in the tunnel yesterday, suddenly something caught my attention: It was a boy, i asumed he was 19 standing there, his clothes were quite hard to describe so i'll describe it the best i can...he was wearing a dryed purple tee-shirt but it looked like the sleeves of it were cut off he had a white tie on with black pants and those fancy shoes men wear, he had white hair that looked bed-head-ish and turquoise eyes with blue symbol's under them, quite the character if you ask me. But the most spin-chilling feature of him was...His left hand; it was a scythe completely black, with red pulsing vains running across it suddenly everyone was gone from the cafeteria, it was only me and him he slowly raised his head enough to stare directly at me, his left hand turned back to a normal one and he put his hands in his pockects grinning, "W-who a-are you!?" i yelped, he walked over to me literally RIGHT infront of me and he brushed my arm with his fingertip "Kehehe, nice set of limbs you get there hehe" his sarcasm was very obvious, he had black, thick wings with red vains when he was up close to you, "So?! Why the hell are you just standing there!?! Aren't you gonna command me by now!?" he actually seemed quite furious that i wasn't giving him out orders "You're Not Real!" those words, should've never came out of my mouth when i first met him...He glared at me with those terrifying eyes and growled, suddenly i felt very lightheaded and dizzy, then i just limply fell over, i heard my friends' voices calling my name over and over again...But everything was blurry and i felt sleepy, and it just went black.

    "Rei? Oh god rei wake up!" that sounded like my mother, i hazily opened my eyes and i was at the hospital "M...mom what...Where am i...? What happened...?" I asked she sighed in relief and held my hand "You had a concussion, the docters didn't know what happened." she explained, everything was still blurry to me the lights were fuzzy balls of light and my mother looked like a giant blurr. I remember that boy at the cafeteria, he never told me his name...I was starting to wonder if HE did this to me, if he has enough power to put someone in the hospital what else could he do?

    A month later everything was going normally, I was at school once more hearing extra foot steps behind me, always turning around to see no one there. I contiued walking and suddenly that boy i saw in the cafeteria appeared infront of me and i fell right on my bottom "Hehe! Who do you think you're playing at? They thought they could seal me with some weak-ass spell?! Now i'm stuck with you!" he complained and slammed me against the wall, worst thing was my back was to him he whisperd in my ear "So, you think i'm not real? I'm not talking to you at the momment? Tch! Pathetic, you're gonna wish, you we're never even born. I'll see you soon, Rei~" suddenly he disappeared with a gust of cold air and i saw all the school students hurriedly dashing to class, i hugged my books whimpering and walked to class as well...

    (A/N: Yup, this is a new one, anyway i'm trying to add as much realism in this fic as i can, not the "But i saw this!" and the other character goes "I dont believe you", still workin' on that...)

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