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    Nintendo has recently announced that Metroid Prime 4 has been scrapped. At least for the company originally developing it, which is speculated to of been Bandai/Namco. However, Nintendo has not given up on the IP yet. They had talks with Retro Studios whom have agreed to continue and complete Metroid Prime 4. Do keep in mind though that Retro Studios isn't what it use to be. And most of the game devs and staff from the days of the Prime Trilogy are no longer present. However, I still hold hope they can do what others cannot. Make the Metroid Prime all Metroid fans have been waiting for all this time.

    This curious turn of evens now has me questioning when we will see game footage. The hope is that'll be two years from now. But who knows. In anycase. Regardless of where Metroid Prime 4 stands now. The fact that Nintendo wants to keep this project alive speaks two things. First, Nintendo are showing a resounding level of artistic integrity to keep it going, despite a rather big bump in the road that is the game's development. And announcing it to us no less. Secondly, Nintendo is mostly likely more aware, than anyone else, of how much we Metroid fans wanted this. The reactions that title card for Prime 4 gave were enough to tell Nintendo that we are not just wanted this. But that we REALLY are wanting this and that we are excited to see Nintendo put Metroid back in the game development lime light, once more.

    Whether it takes another two years, or it takes more. I am glad that Metroid Prime 4 remains to be a dream that is being kept alive by Nintendo. And more so by us as fans. This delay hopefully means that Metroid Prime 4 will get the magic touches it needs from the recent version of the company that has done wonders with Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze.

    So what do you think about all this? Is putting Metroid Prime 4 in the hands of the new version of the Retro Studios team a good idea? Do you think Nintendo are more aware of how much we want this, or no? More importantly. When do you think Metroid Prime 4 will shown next and/or released?
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