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    Hi! Oh my gosh hi!!! This is wild, years ago I checked this site and saw little to no activity and honestly believed it was dying, I'd always assumed that to be true. I'm so incredibly floored by seeing that a member is online and I'm not sure if I can or am allowed to message them so I'm making this post, and I have to apologize in advance because I haven't really read any rules or conditions on this site I'm just so genuinely excited to see this and I have to get this out. I'll read the rules immediately when I find them, I promise, and here I'm going to be as generally unabraisive and kind as possible.

    Allow me to ease you into my stream of thought; I'm a 20 year old bisexual dude, currently attending community college. I study creative writing, literature, and education, I'm picking a lane at some point but just started some courses that will help me along with that. I got pretty high in bed and my parents don't know I smoke and I haven't even been smoking for long, and I'm listenning to Unbound by Asgier on repeat.

    Still with me?

    I was a brony in middle school, and a lot of crazy stuff happened to me in middle school and it affects who I am now. and I've moved so far from that point in my life without ever really being able to talk about it. I don't really tell people that I was a brony because it hasn't ended well when I have, but as a result I don't often get to talk about some really important parts of me that stem from within the context of the brony community, and that sucks.

    The brony community gets *squee!* because people don't believe it is sentient.

    "Bronies" were a fantasy thing on the news, remember? They were bizarre and offensive and too borderline pedophilic in the public eye to ever really be considered people in any compelling way. It sucks that this isn't something people talk about because it shouldn't make people that uncomfortable. Of course some *squee!*ed up *squee!* went down in a community so anomolous, but I have always believed that at the heart of this community lied only a real appreciation for the pure and inoffensive, and an immense amount of vulnerability. I think a lot of people here just needed something far away from their own lives, and now I feel like it's so rare to encounter people with this same tolerance for those infinitely vulnerable people that perhaps only other pony fans have that in common with me.

    Anyways, I'm happy to be here. I lost my train of thought and original concept quite a while ago, to be honest. Hope this post isn't trash.

    Hey, do you guys do still do brofist or something? Brohoof, I mean?

    Maybe brohoof /)

    uhhhhhh -Winter Green

    P.S. things that I figured might be included in a standard forum introduction:

    -I have a bunch of old trash OC's and newer sLigHtLy LeSs TrAsH OC's
    -I write stories n *squee!* but I'll never actually finish any of them ever because I am worthless
    -RP? Did someone say RP? Hey what was that did you say RP? What? Huh?
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    Welcome! You'll find most of the activity in the role play and forum games here. There are still a few of us left...
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    Welcome and Greetings from this buzzy queen. It's always nice to see new members~ Though honestly, the Everypony Forum didn't go into a serious sharp decline till the end of last year. There are a few of us that still post, like Dragonbait said. Speaking of. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can ask those to Dragonbait. Other than that. If you are looking to interact. You can visit the Forum Games section and pretty much all members here have a Ask Me.

    If you are looking to RP, the Everypony Theater section is a good place to look. Elunna and Stuffy tend to haunt that area pretty often.
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    The Tarhoof State!!
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    Welcome! It's always great to see new members join! Feel free to stop by the RP section, though we sort of clogged it up with our one on ones haha
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