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    "Flashing, you're totally sure about this?" Okay, now he was REALLY getting on Flashing's nerves. "Yes, sir. Now, if you will, I really need to go on to testing. Thank you for your consideration." The stallion on the fiant acreen raised and eyebrow as Flashing flipped a switch to end the call. Sighing she put a hoof on the keyboard and placed in some rapid fire strokes. She watched her handiwork as two lights flashed on to represent two rooms: Alpha B-76/1 and Alpha A-21/1. She waited a few moments to let the hosts get used to tge fact that they had just been violently ripped from their dreams. She gave a slight grin as she laid a lazy hoof on a button to activate her microphone.

    "Hello, my little ponies!" She said happily. "Remember that contract you signed in return for free access to LifeLight? Well, we are now invoking on it! Once you have gathered yourself, please exit the pods and make way straight to the entry hall. I shall wait for you there to give you your instructions!"

    Flashing released her hoof from the board and stood up. Showtime!


    "Oh, I wasn't aware you were in here." PeeWee said as he walked into his room. The mare standing in the corner turned and gave him a quick glance. "And I was not aware you lived here. Perhaps we have something in common?" She smiled seductively and leaped on his bed. He let up a toothy grin and walked slowly towards her. "Yes...pherhaps we also have something else in common, eh?" As he reached the foot of the bed, her coat burst into a mess of numbers and binary code before she disappeared. He blinked. Again. And again. "What the hay!?" PeeWee shouted out. His bed bust into numbers, followed by his floor. Soon, everything was diappearing. "I don-" his cry was cut short as he opened his eyes.

    Pitch black. PeeWee felt a throbbing in his head and heard a small 'whirr' of machinery nearby. A few gears clicked as they worked their magic on on his pod. The slightest sliver of light entered, causing his to shut his eyes violently and whimper. A voice on a speaker spoke as the pod slid out of the wall. A wave of nausea flew washed over him. By the time he recovered, he only caught the end of the message.

    "...make your way straight to the exit hall. I shall wait there to give you more instructions.."

    PeeWee groaned as he slowly picked himself out pf the pod. He still had to squint at the light that mow dominated his vision. "What..." he began to say. He was interrupted as the door to his room opened and two phaders stepped in. "You've been selected for a beta test!" One said. "Come with us, we'll get you situated!"

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