Silens Solis. (Silent Sunday)

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    Silens Solis







    I do not have the money for a proper OC image to be drawn. So instead, I am using the image below as a placeholder. His Cutie Mark looks like a Staff with a crystal on the top of it which seems to be glowing red along with mini heart shaped particles surrounding it and he got it after his first class in healing when he realized his talent for healing and decided to follow it as a dream job.

    Silens Solis is a pony with a calm and motherly attitude. Growing up since he was 12 in a newly settled village near Los Pegasus just a deeper near the Undiscovered West.
    He is used to the small town life, helping others and making friends rather than confrontations. While, Silens Solis is well able to fight using Swords, Spears and a minor bit of Ice Magic. He is relatively unskilled and weak compared with the Knights of the Royal Army or a Magical Professor in Canterlot. Rather, his skills lay in the art of healing. Whether, this be through natural means or magic. Silens Solis is a powerful Medic able to heal most wounds relatively quickly as long as they are not infected. Because of these elements while Silens Solis is not afraid to hunt for food. He is very shy in confrontation. He can fight but usually would prefer to talk someone down then to fight them. Whether, they'll listen to him and stop fighting or kill him is another thing entirely.

    Silens Solis does best in the back-lines of combat healing men and staying away from the front line of the fight as if he were to fight, he'd likely get himself killed. Silens Solis is kind and polite. He likes to provide people with good moral support, but handles situations poorly when he makes mistakes. He'll usually apologize like crazy but not before curling in a corner and getting super paranoid about what people must think about his mistakes.

    Silens Solis is also very excitable at times. If something big is going to happen, he can tend to get impatient and hyper-active. Silens Solis enjoys activities like Swimming and going to Concerts for bands he likes. His favorite desert is Apple Crumble served with Cream and a dash of Ice Cream served with some Hot Chocolate on the side. Silens Solis has high hopes for the future of his little village and wants to make them proud by becoming a renown Medic. He hopes the attention to his deeds as a Medic will attract further development in the town like better school funding and more business in general.

    Silens Solis was a young aged around 12 (in human years) when his family a few others decided to get away from the city and settle a new town just a little further into the undiscovered west. They settled this new village as the streets of Los Pegasus at the time were getting more and more dangerous. It was not uncommon to get pick-pocketed or to get kidnapped down a suspicious alleyway. The parents wanting a safe place for their kids, but still wanting to stay near their home thought it best to create their own village. A safer place for them and their children to live for the future.

    They set up a little community school just big enough for the few kids of the Village and set up houses and local businesses like Farms and basic shops for Gardening and Clothing. They also set up a Market in which people could buy food from the Farms. Everyone had their role in the town at this time. The eldest of the ponies were the Teachers, who would teach the kids basic life skills like English and Maths along with other skills, that could prove useful like how to defend themselves with Magic or Weapons or how to heal someone if they get hurt while fighting or hunting. The Parents usually worked at the Gardening Shop or knitted clothing for people to wear and the Youngest Adults usually work at the clothing store and requested things to be knitted by the Parents or kept the town's farmers safe from nearby threats like Coyotes or the occasional thief from Los Pegasus looking to steal some produce.

    Silens Solis grew up here, it was home. Everyone was so nice and friendly, save that one bully which every town has. Silens Solis grew an affection for nature and lived a very passive life. He would usually like to research wildlife and plants and see what affect they had on the environment and how they could affect ponies physically or mentally. One day when he was 15. He was finally ready to start taking self defense classes and learn healing. Why he felt a little embarrassed by his poor fighting skills compared to the rest of his class. His grasp on Healing and how effective he was at it was nothing to laugh. He out-performed his class immensely in this field for the rest of the School year, it did help that his research of Nature over the years gave him a head-start on knowing and understanding the effects of different healing herbs.

    Once, he finally graduated, he was given a choice, stay in Town and become the new local Doctor's Assistant or attempt to apply for College in Los Pegasus. As much as Silens Solis wanted to become a renowned Doctor in Los Pegasus or even Canterlot to help further interest and development, he knew that now wasn't the right time to be leaving his Village hanging. They were short on people with his Healing Abilities, the eldest were getting too old and sick and the butch of young adults graduating to protect the town from Thieves would likely come back with injuries due to their inexperience in the actual field. His Village needed his services for now and as such, he decided to become the local Doctor's Assistant until further notice.

    Silens Solis now spends his day as a the Doctor's Assistant helping out people in as many ways as he can. He occasionally takes holidays to Los Pegasus and other similar locations to watch concerts and to see sites. But he usually isn't gone for more than a week. Silens Solis has high hopes for his town and wants to continue making them proud for the future.
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