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    Nov 30, 2012
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    dj or music producer
    not in canada
    just a little idea.

    If someone needs some kind of banners or art-covers or anything related with draws, painting or others for his/her show in the radio, please send me your request.
    I would be doing free art stuff, if someone needs my help please talk to me in the "official skype group of EP" or "the EP radio livestream chat"
    and of course i would draw anything you need in art for your show

    i take over 3 to 2 days to do anything
    here's some rules:
    -your show needs to be already approved or in the way(so that's why i would not be
    wasting time)
    -everything needs to be SFW and PG13(as all the rules of EP and the radio says)
    -you need to have an idea already of what you want (like i can not draw OC's without an idea of what your oc looks like, or at the least a sample of the colours of it)

    (comment if you guys would allow me to do this requests)

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