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    Gender: Stallion
    Age Group:18-20
    Race:Earth pony
    Cutie Mark/Special Talent:Inventing (In between combat, I can spend craft a small protective mechanism to increase my defensive roll by 1d12 once, another one will need to be oncstructed after this. And it costs 10 stamina.) "thought by Cyan"

    Health: 125
    Stamina: 75



    power strike Type: Active
    Cost: 4 Stamina
    Acquired: Warrior Class
    Declared before an attack is rolled in melee. If the attack succeeds, the user may add another 1d12 to the damage. This additional damage also hurts the target’s Stamina.

    protectType: Instant
    Cost: 4 Stamina
    Acquired: Guard Class
    Usable when an adjacent ally is under attack. The user is able to make that one-space movement and push their ally out of the way, then becoming the enemy’s target and making the defensive roll instead.

    Resolute Sign of the Banner
    Type: Active

    Cost: 10 Stamina
    Count: 2
    Acquired: Knight Class
    When used, the knight holds up their symbol of house or estate and encourages nearby allies, restoring their Stamina by 4, and reducing all damage they take by 4 while not their turn. The max range for this skill is 40’. This effect lasts until the beginning of the Knight’s next turn. If used during the previous turn, this skill becomes an instant.

    Grand Estate: Use Resolute Sign of the Bannerwithout interruption four turns in a row, affecting at least 2 allies each time.
    Reward: Resolute Sign of the Bannernow restores 5 Stamina, reduces damage by 5, and has a 50’ radius. +25 Stamina, +1 Resilience, +1 Creativity



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