Whistling Leaf, The Aimless Naturalist

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    (Made with help from Caberea AKA Cyanside)

    Name: Whistling Leaf
    Gender: Male
    Age Group: Adult
    Race: Earth Pony
    Appearance: Deep green coat with short leaf green mane, with slightly long trim in front.
    Class: Scout
    Cutie Mark: Eucalyptus leaf. When in forests +5 to lay in wait’s roll and checks.

    Health: 100 +0 +0
    Stamina: 100 +0 +0

    Resilience:3 +0 +0
    Ferocity:3 +0 +0
    Speed:6 +0 +0
    Awareness:7 +0 +0
    Creativity:3 +0 +0
    Willpower:2 +0 +0

    Physical Damage: +0
    Magical Damage: +0
    Physical Defense: +0
    Magical Defense: +0

    Status Effects/Conditionary Achievements:

    Normal: You are leafy

    Type: Passive
    Acquired: Scout Class
    The scout automatically gains +4 to spotting anything that has been hidden by somepony else.
    This includes hidden characters, objects, traps, etc. This does not automatically give them their awareness stat as a bonus, which requires Spot.

    Type: Active
    Cost: 4 Stamina
    Acquired: Scout Class
    Hides the scout, who makes a 2d12+Creativity check. This skill only works if nobody is actually looking at the scout at the time. To be spotted by another character, the other character has to beat the scout’s initial roll.
    If somepony passes close by, or looks for the scout at a distance, they may roll 2d12.
    If somepony looking for the scout passes close by, or has Spot and is looking for the scout, they may roll 2d12+Awareness.
    If the scout makes an action against a pony who is nearby and has not spotted the scout, they do not get a defensive roll.
    If the scout makes an action against a pony at range who has not spotted them, then the stat that would normally be used for the target’s defensive roll will be the target number for the scout.

    Type: Passive
    Acquired: Scout Class
    While the scout is not in the company of allies, they are extra-aware of their surroundings. This allows them to spot enemies at a greater distance, and in a way “sense” where they are coming from. This won’t help for noiseless traps and the like, though.
    However, this does allow the scout the timing needed to spot a good place to hide and Lay in Wait.

    Type: Active
    Cost: 4 Stamina
    Count: 2
    Acquired: Scout Award
    Using this skill allows the user to gauge the difficulty level of the target. It will also allow the user to judge how wounded they are, and how tired they are.

    Type: Passive
    Acquired: Scout Award
    This skill allows the user to make checks at any given time to notice secrets, traps, or anything generally interesting with the immediate area.

    Copious amounts of air.

    Requirements: 7 or more Awareness
    Reward: Gauge skill, Spot skill


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