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  • Poisonous Nightmare
    WARNING: This will be some monior spoliers for this game. Do not read if you want to play the game and do not want spoilers!!


    I am going to start with saying that I sincerely am happy to see a Mega Man game that truly returns back to form~

    Mega Man 9 and 10 defiantly were great too, though they felt more like nostalgia pandering to some level. However MM11 plays with a new idea, and puts it to full force~ The very interesting Double Gear concept. You can get a extra boost in power or speed with their respective gears. Or you can get a boost in both and overdrive the gears for the short time. Do keep in mind that you can only use this for a short time before the system overheats. It's kinda like Metroid Prime 3's Hypermode. Be aware that the robot masters will also have a double gear system of their own.

    As for the how the game plays, it looks to play well and has a decent difficulty to it. There are plenty of difficulty levels for players of all stripes. Easy Mode for those who would like to jump into the Mega Man series. Normal for those casual gamers who want a challenge. Hard mode for those who really want a challenge. And Superhero mode for those who want to really test their skills~

    Music is alright, but nothing too special. However there is one robot master stage theme that actually really conveys the wonderful atmosphere of it's stage, and subjectively feels the most like a song to fit the classic series.

    Fuse Man
    I guess it would be too surprising that the electric robot master would have the most electrifying theme. But all jokes aside, this is a really amazing stage theme. The extra euro beat mixing really adds to the upbeat and heart pumping nature of the song~

    Other than that, the one thing many have pointed out is the odd run cycle of Mega Man himself. I mean, it's not something you'd notice unless you really pay attention to it. But that really is the only really huge gripe, other than most of the music not being too amazing. I honestly will agree a lot of the stage themes do feel forgettable. Fuse Man's stage theme being one of those odd rare exceptions. I cannot get that one out of my head~
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    Aaaaaaannnnnnddddddd yeah. JJ just brought Molestia back with Daybreaker, for this image strictly. lol

    But really, I couldn't help but laugh a little. This was so unexpected and is kind of awesome in some way. But it seems that not everyone can just forget about her. Molestia still lingers in the fandom, whether we like it or not.
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  • ndogmario
    I think the reason why I don't feel comfortable trying to get dates IRL it's because I don't want to wind up with ,lack of a better word, a normie. Internet is my life; I want to be with someone who gets it.
    I mean I do have a life outside of it. I understand the differences and the fundamentals of a IRL interaction, it's just that I'm afraid of what they think of the interest I have that extend online.
    You know like brony stuff, internet memes that I consume, and a few political stuff.

    I'm just imagining how someone would react if they found out I was a brony and had no idea what it was. Or see the people I talk to. Or see the content I make.
    Then I would have to explain and go through maybe a little ridicule. And even after all that she still would not get it because they haven't been seeing Bronies or don't get the ironic humor on the internet because she doesn't use it like that.

    I guess that goes for a lot of things really.
    someone who makes their living playing video games.
    Someone who talked about political views.
    Someone who makes their living talking about cartoons.
    All of those may get some kind of judging eye from someone who don't get the internet and that can really hurt if the person that's judging you is someone you want to spend your romantic life with.

    I'm not saying that I only want a online relationship. I'm just saying that I want someone who understands the internet as much as I do. And the best place to find people who know the internet on the internet.

    I don't know, am I just being a whiny basement-dwelling internet weeb?
  • CRBWildcat thanks to the Internet, and especially to those out there (you know who you are) that helped make life entertaining via RP this past decade.

    ...Okay, this isn't targeted at too many people, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway. >^_^< Not much else to say, so enjoy another lackluster attempt at art!
  • Futaba Sakura
    I call this:"things you'll do to yourself"

    the one i made originally:

    or my digital remake:
  • Sun Surfer
    So,,, I'm new here, a second time, but hey, I sorta remember this place, came here for the chats, but I thought I'd show you guys some art, since I'm here!
    mine-yourbeingapain3.png DAMAGE.png Atleastsavetheart.png Cutiepie.png jumpingunis.png Mine-momcallsherfluffybunny.png
  • 312 R3MIX
    I've been very stressed this week.

    5 days ago I held a raffle where 3 winners would get a theme for an OC of their choice. and I still have not started with the tracks themselves. I did, however, manage to finish the cover art that will be displayed.
    (This isn't its normal quality)

    Also, I'm REALLY looking forward to Saturday because of a streaming event that will take place on a gmod server I work in ^-^

    Anyways that is all!

    stay frosty.
  • ndogmario
    for some odd reason, I'm afraid (or at least don't like) to get paid for my art. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the responsibility. I don't know why, but for some reason I feel more comfortable if I just give out drawings as gifts.

    and to make things worse I usually promise gifts and never finish them. maybe that's the reason why I don't want to get paid for my drawings, because I know I would be disappointing a lot of customers.
    I don't know. I mean I can do a lot of drawings in reasonable time.
    I do sometimes feel I should be getting paid for the work I do, but that's not why I do it. I just like making people happy with my art. The thing is there is a opportunity of actually gaining more from it. I don't know what I'm talking about anymore , I guess that's the end of my rant?
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    Alien Isolation image.jpg

    This is awesome and ironically this was found on e621 of all places. I know it's not all porn all the time, but I really didn't expect this. This would defiantly be a good background for a huge fan of the Alien series. Alien Isolation is a exceptionally well made game and one that I recommend to anyone who has seen at least the first two movies.
  • Night Fury
    I wanted to do a sketch of this scene for some time, and to be honest, i loved it when she was like that cause it was funny :laugh:
  • Poisonous Nightmare

    This is pretty cute, though I'd bite someone's hand for doing this to me. I'm sleeping dang it! Then again it would be funny too I guess. Not sure why ponies have a fascination with making me silly, sexy, or full on creepy however...
  • Poisonous Nightmare

    Apparently Princess Celestia loves tormenting alien races so much that she decidedly made a screaming sun to torment a solar system of beings for all eternity. I knew Princess Celestia was tyrant, but sweet Celestia this is devious.

    But in all seriousness. When I first took a glance at this, I nearly fell over pissing myself. This is a brilliant idea for a image considering that Princess Celestia is the princess of the sun after all and the sun being raised is from Rick and Morty. This was part of a stream by JJ who was the creator of Ask Princess Molestia. lol

    I'm sorry, I'm still internally losing it looking at this image even now.

    Screaming Sun Scene <------ Link
  • Jonquil
    I've been reading this MLP fan made comic and i really enjoy it. I thought i'd post it to see what others think =) Its about Rainbow dash and Gilda at Flight Academy, other characters featured are Derpy, Fluttershy, Firefly, the bullies from the episode "Sonic Rainboom" and more.

    I would say more about why this is a good comic but i don't wanna spoiler the later plot =)

  • Jonquil
    Hello again I'm just gonna post some or my drawings. im just wondering is it better to post them here on my blog or in the art section of the forums. feedback on my drawings is welcomed =)

    Pumpkin Magic


    Scarlet Diamond

  • Poisonous Nightmare

    (Disclaimer: This is a Satire. This has no bearing on any canon!)
    Today in Ponyville News, it seem a local artist, named Derpy Hooves, has reported being abused by her client. She looked confused and rather... perplexed about the situation. The poor mare has no idea what the cause was and commented with "I don't know what went wrong."