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  • ndogmario
    I think the reason why I don't feel comfortable trying to get dates IRL it's because I don't want to wind up with ,lack of a better word, a normie. Internet is my life; I want to be with someone who gets it.
    I mean I do have a life outside of it. I understand the differences and the fundamentals of a IRL interaction, it's just that I'm afraid of what they think of the interest I have that extend online.
    You know like brony stuff, internet memes that I consume, and a few political stuff.

    I'm just imagining how someone would react if they found out I was a brony and had no idea what it was. Or see the people I talk to. Or see the content I make.
    Then I would have to explain and go through maybe a little ridicule. And even after all that she still would not get it because they haven't been seeing Bronies or don't get the ironic humor on the internet because she doesn't use it like that.

    I guess that goes for a lot of things really.
    someone who makes their living playing video games.
    Someone who talked about political views.
    Someone who makes their living talking about cartoons.
    All of those may get some kind of judging eye from someone who don't get the internet and that can really hurt if the person that's judging you is someone you want to spend your romantic life with.

    I'm not saying that I only want a online relationship. I'm just saying that I want someone who understands the internet as much as I do. And the best place to find people who know the internet on the internet.

    I don't know, am I just being a whiny basement-dwelling internet weeb?
  • oceanblue
    since pony town is still underway I feel it right to start getting people to help, since most of the servers are nothing but snow I thought using the snow to our advantage we can make homes, places, roads and other buildings to suit our everyday needs in the game.
  • Summer Solstice
    Hi everypony! I'm new to and my name is Summer Solstice, an alicorn (yes I KNOW alicorn OCs are lame) that suddenly appeared after Celestia and Luna disappeared... make a guess IMG_0445.PNG
  • Night Fury
    My first forum was MLPF, a good community at first glance, but the deeper you go, the more the community is exposed to abuse and toxic behavior. Not every forum is as good as they make it out to be, you'll have people constantly fighting, using toxic and abusive words against you. It's nothing new really, just the way people become when they hide behind a PC screen. there are so many people who have zero control of their mood swings like I do. But that doesn't make them abusive or toxic as other make it out to be. Their people with disabilities that make them act out in ways they never intend to.

    But what causes most issues are the conflict the staff sometimes creates for no reason. I'm not saying the members never contribute o the issues, just the fact that many mods don't get the idea that they can calmly assess the issue and try and remedy it. Instead, most go for the kill and not even acknowledge the use for bias reasons. I'm not sure which is even telling the truth as it's just hearsay from both sides.

    I've had my encounters with them which have been unpleasant due to their lack of understanding of the situation, what they failed to understand most times is the fact that 70% of members have social skill problems, which isn't their fault,, some have gone through abuse, some just become anti-social but then want to have friends. I couldn't figure out the do/don't's of socializing with others.

    I had mood swings which I had some control but not all the time, not everyone can tell the staff that they have social problems, as they are afraid to speak up. I think the staff has to step up to the plate and help those people come out of that shell and say what they need to without being harassed about their grammar being an issue. I myself couldn't defend myself when I got charged on many occasions and I felt one-sided and got slammed with warnings, an unfair trial most would call it.

    Plus it's not easy to fake having a disability, nor is it hard to see a false one. I have my disabilities which I can't speak properly to people and they take it as abusive and toxic when it's not meant to be. So when the plagiarism charges came up, I had no chance to really defend myself, in all honesty, it felt if you didn't have a good enough explanation, you were given your warning or ban and told they have no time for you. That's not only rude but misunderstanding ad unprofessionalism.

    What needs to be done, is read up on the symptoms of it and you can then see the fakes from the actual ones who have disabilities. Most will tell me, "Staff has no time to deal with it", yet they have enough time to deal out punishments which are contradictive to that statement.

    So my question is this; should people be allowed to just join the mods without a proper interview? Or just hire people who've never really had any experience when they say they have?
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    It's weird. I'm happy to have friends on here. I'm even happy to know that people don't mind me and that I've gotten fairly well known on here. But something is still nagging me. I'm bothered with the fact of how I would seem to newer members. We all have been there, being greeted by members that have been on a forum longer than you. They seem a bit imposing, like if you would mess up that they would yell at you...

    I feel that way when I greet new members or see them around the forum. Like my presence is one of the few that is imposing to new comers. I guess it's kinda silly but I do worry about these things because I care. I care that new members feel comfy being the same forum as me. That's why I try to be more friendly to newer members whenever I can get a chance. I don't wanna look like someone that is scary to try and talk to. Nor do I wanna come of as one of those high and mighty types that act like new members are peasants compared to them. I hate members like that.

    Maybe I am compassionate enough to give new members a chance and see if they are willing to stay. I don't try to shun people, even though my cynical nature will kick in with strangers. I've been trying to make an effort to be nice and show that I care, even to those that have been here longer and around the same level as me. I guess that's how I think with forum communities...

    *sigh* I'll be quiet now.
  • Mister Asmodeus
    Totally said I would do this, then forgot. Just a quick rundown of all the users who have a character in the banner, so the new kids all know who's kings around here, yo. And in an effort to keep us from ever being nameless horses atop the site. >~>
    @A Jewel of Rarity
    @Crimson Lionheart
    @Mister Asmodeus
    @Ridley Wolf
    @Rockout E. Stringer
    @Toaster Repair Pony
    @Tyro The Fox
    @Queen Cerali
  • Night Fury
    So what I want to address today is a matter brought to my attention by a friend of another MLP Forum:


    In March of last year, you were placed on moderation queue with instructions to improve your grammar in order to continue participating on MLPForums. Following this, you received your second and then final warning in the two months following. Over a year has passed from your initial warning and you still do not show a marked improvement in your grammar.

    While we certainly do not expect perfect grammar and understand that some users have valid reasons for being less than excellent with their spelling, you have routinely displayed a lack of care in nearly all of your posts.

    Moderation queue is not intended as a permanent solution for our members - and after a year without improvement, we have to conclude that you have no intention of communicating in a clear or understandable manner. You have been given more than ample time to display effort in your posts. For this reason, you are being banned from MLPForums."

    Apparently he was banned from it for "Not improving his grammar". [​IMG] I really have to question this one and say are you nuts? That is not only really dumb but makes you look like a fool and people will never like you for being a grammar nazi. Some people can't help the way they write, and have valid reasons, but that's no excuse for banning an innocent member from a forum.

    He has my sympathy and support, but not the forum that kicked him out for such trivial reasons. So I suggested he come here and he said he'd think about it. At least here nobody will force that upon you, and make you feel stupid and unimportant.

    So to those who have been a victim of such things, I will always support you no matter what.

    [​IMG] So if you wish to chat, PM me and we can become good friends in no time!
  • Disappeared
    Have you ever wanted to hear an Austistic Irish Kid rumble about stuff?,
    why showing you his everyday life?

    Well than what are you doing still reading this?, I don't know either, you do you I guess.

    But yes, either today or tomorrow I will start a Blog just like that, So be hyped, get ready, and Let's have a CRINGE!
    a Rumble of a time.
  • Autumn Petal
    I'm sorry but I just got out of the Hospital...I tried to commit suicide...Bullying is so hard...but now I'm going to change this blog so I can give everyone support for anyone that bullied or suicidal because i don't want anyone to go though what i did....If you want to know i took my sisters sleeping pills with alcohol....I went to the hospital I'm OK....But now i'm going to address bulling
  • Na11
    So no one has posted since Nov.15 eh?

    I am just making this post to fill up the blog and inspire you to make your own, and if you don't i just will add my posts and become queen of EP blogging!:blink:
  • Night Fury
  • Flutter_shy_steph
    You know it would be nice to see who views our blogs, whether its actual members or guests. I would love to know who took time out of their lives to read my blog. I know one of the staff members will be able to add that sometime soon, hopefully. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know besides knowing when someone comments on their blog. Okay well I'm done! XOXO
  • Hero Mode
    My mom bought me a Rarity plushie today.
  • Hero Mode
    I'm not very far in the show yet but OMG it's hilarious, sure it can be vulgar and inappropriate but I still really enjoy it a lot regardless.
  • Lunar_Skies
    (this is posted in the forums, so it is less likely to get lost) okay, so i had an idea, since S5 has started up, I was thinking of start a podcast, about mlp, the show, future predictions, the fandom, etc. etc.. so, to the point, i have all the things to record it, and upload it, but for me to actually do this, and not make it another analyzing of the show by myself, though i would suggest having a good mic, semi-decent internet (enough to run a skype call somewhat smoothly) if you would enjoy to join, PM me.