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  • Tyro D. Fox
    I've left this too long. How about a quick blast of stuff I've been playing on Nintendo Switch? Right, 3, 2, 1...

    Super Mario Oddessy


    This game made me glad I'd brought a Switch. I'd brought a 3DS and a Wii U and appreciated the hardware but the Switch is making me love it. Nintendo could be doing so much better right now but they're First-Party Games are not the issue here. Music is excellent, it's a genre I like that doesn't get much airing in today's market that manages to introduce new twists on established ideas and it's got some tough as nails parts in it to boot.

    The enemy capture mechanic is great fun to play around with, making plenty of puzzles varied and fun. Mixing up mechanics from puzzle to puzzle feels natural. It opens up some fun and often bonkers opportunities. A must have.

    Steam World Heist


    A 2D, turn-based strategy game where you play as a bunch of steam-powered robot space pirates looking for precious gallons of water, a precious commodity for the robots that need it to survive. Think Worms but if every character was a gunslinging cowboy as the most important elements of combat tend to be about cover and circumventing cover by the use of trick shots where the bullet bounces off the walls and lands a target. Surprisingly engrossing, Steam World Heist should keep anyone looking for a fun adventure through space happy till the end.

    It's pretty, it's decently funny and features cameos from Steam-Powered Giraffe, one of my favourite bands. It's normally dirt cheep and often on sale. Pick it up.



    The theme song alone gets me excited to play this creative and charming upgrade to Wii Boxing. Which you'll remember was the best game on Wii Sports. However, flinging your arms around to bash costumed crazies will need a little more temperament as the game expects far more from you than a simple dance. Characters all have unique abilities that can be further augmented with dozens of swappable fists, each with different characteristics to tune in what you're comfortable doing in a bout. Throw in a beautiful art direction, up-tempo music that gets you pumped up, co-op and online multiplayer, Arms give you an excellent package.

    If there's anything to dent it somewhat, it's not a whole lot of game for over £40. This is not a hugely single player game and you'll only be able to spend that time unlocking new fists to use in a Smash-style Championship mode. Bare that in mind.



    An adorable Hack 'n' Slash modelled after Link to the Past in terms of controls and appearance but centers around the journey of a shrine maiden attempting to use holy weapons to fight demons. A time honoured story, probably somewhere.

    Honestly, it's just good. Mechanics are simple but engaging as enemy placement and variety is large enough to keep you guessing. Bosses have fun quirks. And the game looks good. And on top of that, it's pretty cheep.

    Has-Been Heroes


    I played this for about ten minutes and put it down again. I was not interested I'm afraid. Imagine if Darkest Dungeon and Plants Verses Zombies was smooshed together into a vague RPG about repelling hoards of oncoming enemies. It feels a little overly complicated and didn't hold my attention for very long. More because it's not my thing than anything wrong with the game itself.

    Subsurface Circular


    A clever and enjoyable detective game about talking and collecting keywords to progress dialogue-based puzzles. It's a simple idea; you talk to people and get picked out words and phrases added to a list that you can then freely ask others to gain more information about them. It's simple but very effective with some funny and memorable moments as you attempt to unravel a mystery of a missing friend.

    The best achievement is giving character to scarcely featured robots. Though, the guy behind Thomas Was Alone seems to know a thing or two in that area.

    Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle


    BETTER THAN IT HAS ANY RIGHT TO BE! I make that statement in Canterlock because I'm sure you looked at it and dismissed it as another Rabbids game, desperately clinging to the Mario IP for sales but no! People cared on this one! Probably whoever came up with Rabbids, Go Home, the other Rabbids game worth writing home about.

    In short, it's X-Com for the Family Entertainment crowd but with changes that actually complement the characters involved. Movement is emphasised over everything and the shooting is simplified down to allow for positioning to drive every aspect of the combat that matters. It's honestly so much fun and I cannot wait for the DLC so I can go back to shooting things in the face.

    On top of this, the levels look gorgeous as well as manic, as it's supposed to be a world created by an experimental device going horribly out of control, transforming Rabbids and the contents of a young girl's mario themed room into a confused nightmare. It's also a pretty funny game, with Beep-o being the star with a surprisingly dry, sarcastic wit for a game like this. Also, the rabbids are actually funny. Mostly because they actually have jokes now. My favourite is Rabbid Peach.

    Bravo, the one team at Ubisoft being allowed and able to do a good job.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


    It is good. Bleat, bleat! Baaaaaaaaa! I am joined the heard and sing game praises! Baaaaa!

    OK, a little sarcastic but this is still good. And I'm sure you're sick of people telling you that. There's actual freedom, there's stupid bananas amount to do in just the vanilla game alone. But if you go for the DLC, there's one that lets you earn an ancient technology motorcycle in the shape of a unicorn.

    It's the most difficult aspect of the entire game and will put everything you've done so far to the test. But, weird, unsure-if-out-of-place motorcycle.

    Puyo Puyo Tetris


    BUY IT! IT IS BEST PUZZLE GAME! Again, use of Canterlock because I'm sure you've over looked it for it's cutesy look and the fact that you only recognise one of the games on the box. BUT! It's actually a mind-melting mash up of two puzzle games I never thought could ever go together. The first times me and my flatmates tried playing the game mode where you have Puyo Puyo and Tetris happening at the same time, on the game grid, caused the room to heat with the effort of our thinking.

    Puyo Puyo might be better recognised as Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine as it's the same game but with a cuter skin on it. Multiplayer is fun, with a load of slower but still taxing modes and a single player mode with an absurd story about interdimensional travel I decided I didn't need to pay attention to in order to enjoy the many challenges it offers. Try it out and feel your brain have to vent steam within a few seconds.

    Splatoon 2


    It is Splatoon 1 with some tweaks and a new single player mode. It's all right. There's a co-op hoard mode that pops up occasionally, stats for gear has been messed around (there's no longer a generic 'up attack' or 'up defence' ability on anything) and there's improved matchmaking if you want to play as a group apparently (never tried it). I do like the fact that you can earn gear you want by taking abilities from one piece of gear you buy and adding it to others. I also like earnable boosts to experience and money gain, making grinds a little shorter. Otherwise, it's Splatoon Plus.

    That'll do for now. I'm playing through some other things like Pokemon Quest (feels more like I'm a gang leader than a 'trainer' or a 'treasure hunter') and Heart and Slash (seems fun through something about the Rogue-Like Elements seem off) and Disgaea 5 Complete (I keep imagining the voices of the Prinny sound like Zoos from Gravity Falls ("Uh, we can take on any demon if we believe and kick the crap out of them with the most dangerous weapons of all, dood: numbers bigger than theirs!")). Maybe Splatoon 2's DLC will be something special too. See ya about, doods!
  • Tyro D. Fox
    Pokemon Sun

    It’s good. You should play it. It’s a Pokemon main series game and they’ve been pretty decent with each new addition since coming to the 3DS. The boost in power and interest makes them pretty accessible, fuller versions of Pokemon Colosseum the series has always wanted to be. 3D fights, enjoyable mechanics and enough here that mixes things up to make Sun/Moon worth picking up.

    It’s accessible while still being a challenge. Wonderful! But how does it pull it off? Well...

    The first thing that comes to mind is that Pokemon, as a series, seems to be desperately trying to grow a personality. In games gone by, things such as stories or characterisation or even dialogue was costly. If you put in a diatribe about man’s inhumanity to man and pokemon alike, you might have to cut out a boss encounter. Give villagers too much to say and you may have to replace an entire town with it as there wasn’t enough on the cartridge. Pokemon lasted as a pretty basic looking RPG for many a generation while stuff like Golden Sun or Megaman Battle Network looked gorgeous in comparison. That pokemon database takes up a lot of space! Modern flash cartridges seem to have an acre of room for all the 3D rendered models and the lush looking environments. It seems there’s room for storytime with Uncle Pokemon.​

    And you know he has an epic tale to tell! So grab an eevee and listen.
    The story told is the one they’ve been telling for years now. Blah blah, you just arrived in town, blah blah, you’re a natural trainer, blah blah, go become a Pokemon Master. The difference is in the flavouring. Not-Hawaii location of the Alola Islands do offer a new lease on life for a tired plotline for your mute-ten year old to run through in the form of The Island Challenge. Instead of battles upon battles, sometimes you have to best a dungeon or photograph ghosts or find then defeat a powerful Totem pokemon. This is neat. While I don’t bemoan the older games too much for their reliance on the gym system, which made each a house where the boss lived while occasionally having a small fetch quest. Usually a fetch quest you need to do in order to face them at all!

    Here though, Challenge Captains and Kahunas interact with the world. They ingratiate themselves with the islands, which helps sell their supposed knowledge and skill naturally. Previously, Gym Leaders would have to have special quests and things to prove that they did more than just stand in a big house behind some elaborate set of traps.Challenge Captains and Kahunas are part of the community. They run shops or perform for tourists. They’re active in the world, meaning you’ll likely bump into them as you meander around. It works so much better to make them at least a little intimidating when you have to face them yourself.​

    Weirdly, not everyone gets rich off of unregulated betting on battles with random strangers. Which seems strange to think about but then again, it’s you, the rando wondering around aimlessly with money to burn, that they sell to.

    The other thing about the story is that there’s more characters. Somewhat like Pokemon Black/White you begin the game meeting with your new friends. They’re what replaces the ‘Rival’ of older games as they’ll challenge you to battles regularly like a surprise pop quiz. Hau is the trainer that tries to stack himself against you and he’s not bad. He throws regular challenges at you while also being an all right character. I like him but I also feel like he floats around the story at large without any major impact. He’s appealing enough; a hopeful, enthusiastic son of a Kahuna that likes to stuff his face and battle. Fair enough. He doesn’t get in the way but also does make you want to punch him, unlike Blue or N.

    He, and almost all of the game, is overshadowed by the adventures of Lillie, however, Lillie is positioned as something of an anomaly within this world: someone that abstains from Pokemon Battles. I mean, you assume they’re out there somewhere but it does appear to bite her in the arse regularly. I get the motivation of not wanting to see Pokemon hurt but in a world where the wildlife can, and frequently does, attack at random, you’d think she’d figure out that battles likely arose out of a need to protect herself. She’s fine not to want to take part in battles but we’ve seen time and time again that people should have a pokemon for protection at all times! Oak wouldn’t stand for it, Burch presented a lovely example of why you’d need one and Lille of this game gets attacked by a Spearow flock that she is powerless to fight off or flee from.

    Then take one of my pokemon and go get him then! I have running around in circles to do until my pokemon are all level 20! Vital, important work here!

    In short, she’s kind of an idiot that can never go anywhere unaccompanied. On the plus side, I can report that she’s quite a sweet person. Her care for Pokemon and everyone around her is genuine, making her somewhat endearing. This marvel was created because Pokemon’s writing has improved considerably. For once, they’re attempting jokes and jabs at things. Hau is a doofus but it plays into his character. Lillie is selfless and that plays into her character too. Their defined, distinct and decently memorable. I wouldn’t call them stellar or fascinating but I didn’t mind meeting them.

    This writing buff has permeated everything else, teamed with the 3D presentation to make a greater scope than I thought possible before. Pokemon Sun actually attempts to have ideas greater than ‘bad guys find sleeping monster and fail to control it’. I always found the attempted return of Team Rocket fascinating but Sun throws around the idea of Pokemon from other dimensions, Pokemon gangs, loyalty to family members and when you cross the line as a parent into being a child yourself.

    I’m not joking.

    While I will not say that this entirely works, I will say that it’s pretty out there for what I was expecting but I am so onboard for more. There’s elements that seem neutered or maybe didn’t connect as it should because it’s all still textboxes on a screen but there were clearly places where I was supposed to care but honestly didn’t.

    The game is trying though. You can give it that much.

    I can identity one major weakness with it’s story: it’s not mine, it’s Lillie’s. Lillie is the one that grows, goes through an arc and learns the magic of Pokemon Battles, if I might spoil that for just one moment. You are the silent protagonist that has a completely different story happening outside of the conflict between Lillie and the Ultra Beasts. Say what you like but older games placed you at the center of the story. You fought Team Rocket when you tangled with them and they declared you an enemy. You fought Team Aqua or Magma and put and end to their accidental damage to the weather they caused. You changed N’s mind and stopped Team Plasma.

    But it’s **Lillie **that has the final say that puts the bad guys in their place after she sicks you on them. _Sun _has two stories that meet up then part ways at regular intervals. Do some island challenges, then go fight some story-related goons, then back to the thing you care about because it’s your story. Lillie’s little journey is fine but it feels like something I have little investment in because I don’t get the benefit of advancing there, Lillie does. My reward is being allowed to go back to doing what I want to do; catch pokemon and win challenges. The game will handhold and corral you into their straight path regularly just so that Lille gets her time in the spotlight.

    If you could play as Lillie or fight your way through her story, then that would be something. But otherwise, I’m just her powerful trainer friend that she asks to solve her problems for her. And I ain’t that attached to her. A big problem when I’m a character that has no personality at all outside of my clothes.

    That deep, unwavering stare forwards as if paralysed in the brain and only capable of that mild, cheery smile. Enjoy that for most of the game.

    I love Team Skull though. The jokes and their personality was wonderful. Loved them! Keep them around.

    Gameplay wise, it’s mostly the same. There’s a long list of tweaks and changes from previous titles that matter but ultimately don’t bother me so let’s focus on the major changes.

    The pokemon here are a good selection of old and new that draws on the Hawaiian tie to spirituality and it’s tropical climate. Ghost pokemon have a real spotlight in this place, making it likely they’ll appear in most teams this time around, even giving a welcome return to Phantump and Gastly, two pokemon I had to go find when I heard they were in the game. I like Toxepex, a poisonous anemone that can withstand a beating, and I like Sandigast, a possessed sandcastle that eats life energy. Yes, that’s a thing.

    There are also regional versions of old pokemon, mostly in an attempt to make them a touch more appealing. Mostly, they’ve given dark typing to Raticate, Grimer and Meowth. Which is fine to me. I got a lot of use out of the new Grimer as it’s second typing allowed for more varied and interesting tactics. Dark works decently with Poison, I reckon. The other two are fine but are now fatter in design than before..

    Pokemon seems to be trying to make it’s new additions stand out more though. And their method this time round is to make their lives a little more miserable. There’s pokemon that feast on others, there’s pokemon said to possess horrid powers but the breakout star for me is Mimikyu. Not only is this pokemon a wonderful Physical Sweeper, it’s appearance is a point of self-awareness. It’s lonely and jealous of Pikachu’s popularity. As such, it wants some of that attention so dresses as Pikachu to garner some love. Aww...Makes me want to hug it till the horrible phantom inside claws my soul.

    Who’s my little hellspawn? You are! You are! Who sweeped half the opponent’s team?! You did! Good widdle snookums!
    You see? Pokemon is trying to grow a personality. Some of it works.

    Gameplay is also trying to aid in this: Pokemon may now call for help. At first, this sounds fine. More pokemon to fight means bigger payouts and you can always throw out a second pokemon to even things up, right?

    No! If a pokemon does this, you’re now outnumbered two to one. You cannot capture anything while the other pokemon is present. You also have a high chance that if you defeat one of the pokemon, the remaining one will attempt to call for further backup. Some pokemon have a high likelihood of receive help, giving the impression of fighting a pack that’s happy to wait in line for it’s turn. A good mechanic in theory but it drags out fights that you don’t want if it happens. It seems to have been implemented to allow for a new way of finding pokemon (Toxepex can only be found through coming to another pokemon’s aid) and to help make the relatively compact islands feel like their encounters have just as much impact as previous games as patches of long grass are often small with a clear path you can use instead. You have to want to go looking for pokemon to find them, usually, rather than having to wade through long grass that had overgrown paths you needed to cross to get somewhere.

    If you can’t force more random encounters, then give them the chance to increase in magnitude instead. Doesn’t entirely work.

    You must be the most popular Pokemon in the world if they’re still coming whenever you use ‘Call for Family’! Are you royalty or something?!

    What I am in full favour for is Z-Moves. These are special moves that act as an alternative to a Mega Evolution. Personally, I think they’re superior. Yes, having a big, nasty pokemon that boosted it’s stats and became more powerful when you needed it is cathartic. However, it’s limited to select pokemon and does nothing but change the pokemon’s capabilities. Z-Moves can be applied to any pokemon and any ability. While some pokemon have unique Z-Moves, all pokemon are capable of using them.

    The reason this kicks so much arse is obvious: more powerful move that’s based on the type of z-crystal you give and which move you decide to turn into a decisive finisher. Where this gets interesting is that it can apply to status moves too. Performing Z-Status moves often grants additional effects to the move, such as some moves doubling the effect it has on a pokemon’s stats. Heck, a Z-Move Splash increases that pokemon’s attack by three stages. Not insignificant. So, your choice is now a powerful slam or a tactical edge but you can only choose one per battle. I think this is a lovely idea that means that any pokemon can become worth something, rather than hoping they’ll be given a Mega Evolution.

    I like a game that can hand you a new tool to fiddle with and flip what you knew on it’s head.

    It helps that they’re all kind of bonkers.

    Oh! And there’s this thing where you can pet and feed your pokemon jellybeans. It is adorable. I’m not fully aware of how it benefits you but it’s cute to pet a Genga then feed him his favourite bean to make hearts appear. Bonus points from me.

    So, yeah. Get this. It’s a little more self-aware and ambitious than usual. Either they had a change in design team or they wanted to make _Sun _stand above it’s competition, which appears to just be Yokai-Watch right now. If you enjoy pokemon or you enjoy a relaxing and simple RPG, this is worth picking up.
  • SoulEmber
    Step 1: Put your iPod/MP3 player or iTunes on random.

    Step 2: Post the first line(s) from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song. (I took out any instrumental songs, lyrics that don't meet site rules, and any song where the title is uttered in the first line, so it's not entirely the first 20 songs that came up.)

    Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from. Those guessing the songs should post in the comments or shoot me a PM. I'll be curious to see how many of these everyone can guess correctly in the week that I'm gone.

    Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly and post the title in bold after the stricken song when it is guessed.

    Step 5: (for those guessing the songs) If you look up the lyrics on Google or any other search engine, that's called cheating, so don't do it!

    1. "I run on the wrong side of life, I'm the one that you fear when you hold your wife. I run where the darker crowds run, On the rain swept streets where the black rain runs."

    2. "Even in buildings and still alleys, There is a sneaking threat breaking in. A little like fog, a little like heat, Too much like an invasion of safety."

    3. "Well you're in your little room, and you're working on something good. But if it's really good, You're gonna need a bigger room."

    4. "In the grip of a winter came love and greed. Insane with faith, I took the driving front seat. In the lowlight comfort of Berlin streets, The calm from emptiness duetted with my body heat."

    5. "Give me the song and I'll sing it like I mean it. Give me the words and I'll say them like I mean it."

    6. "It's soft to see the glow from the city up ahead. Connect my heart to the rhythm it's lead. Straight forward and ready 'cause I'm on my way home. It's so good to be alive in such a hazardous world."

    7. "There are times when you find lobsters in a bucket. Can't climb out, why won't they climb away? Because other lobsters pull them down."

    8. "Like miracles like clockwork and like miracles, you witnessed halos, but you failed to see its horns. The illusion of intelligence, a continuous sounding bell. And can you feel the interruption in the air? Can you feel the static? I've never seen you like this, seen you."

    9. "(On my way, on my way) (On my way, on my way) I would like to reach out my hand. I may see you, I may tell you to run (On my way, on my way). You know what they say about the young."

    10. "I am just a cowboy, lonesome on the trail. A starry night, a campfire night. The coyote call, the howling winds wail. So I ride out to the old sundown."

    11. "One more day before you go. We'll stay up late for one more show. Grab the keys, we're going out. We're leaving home and we won't come back again. We're friends till the end, we'll take on the world. We just don't care at all."

    12. "When the sky is dark, and the moon aglow. And the morning star, burning from afar, enters into view. 'All that I can say, all that I can know, is that I'll be dreaming,' he says, 'of you.'"

    13. "When all beside a vigil keep, the West's asleep, the West's asleep - Alas! and well may Erin weep when Connacht lies in slumber deep. There lake and plain smile fair and free, 'mid rocks their guardian chivalry. Sing, Oh! let man learn liberty from crashing wind and lashing sea."

    14. "Welcome fillies and gentlecolts, no reason to scream. Your favorite princess is back, she's walking up on the scene. She has been stuck on the moon, but that's no reason to fret. She's not a nightmare no more, so buckle down and get set!"

    15. "I don't know why I got it so bad, but somehow I find, out of the fry pan and into the fire, we're at it sooner. Buried our souls, out of our headset, ready to go, slippin' and slide, I'm out of control. Crying'll hide my head in a hole. There's something about you I got to know before we go too far."

    16. "I woke up at two with nothing to do, but stare at the ceiling in my room. There's places I'll go when I'm stuck here lyin' on the floor."

    17. "I've kept it bottled up inside. This pain is unforgiving. The imperfection is much too shy to dominate me, control me. I see it's much too late."

    18. "We like talkin' dirty, we smoke and we drink. We're KMFDM and all other bands stink. Our music is sampled, totally fake. It's done by machines 'coz they don't make mistakes."

    19. "So you're sick and you feel like you've gotta stay in line. I keep the questions in my mind; the time is changing with the tide. It's never too late; don't put it all aside. Don't become the one you hate."

    20. "The nauseating smell of waste contaminated by the blood dripping for the knife of a hatchet man. A self-destructive (cruel) act in the name of a god that is used to justify a holy battle plan. It's going down now, no hope for pow wow. You can't expel the devil from his dwell. There ain't no sanctuary safe enough, no shelter built strong and tough, to protect against this earthly hell."

    21. "Well as I stand, stand, stand and deliver. You just bought yourself a first class ticket to being the giver. 'Coz you're always on the table; so is your mistake!"

    22. "Cold am I. I'm beside myself because there's no one else. Have I grown so blind? Only god could save you if you knew your way to the light."

    23. "Beneath the pitiless gaze of things, we interlock in tight coils. The outbreak of plague a little while before scorched flowers."

    24. "All those years, you turned your back and now you're out of here. Still doesn't mean that you were insincere, and in my heart I hope that some things still hold true for you."

    25. "Alone behind the cage of bone, they beat. In wait, they lie for love to ambush and retreat. All they know is to compete. They strain for victory, who have only known defeat. Never once, it bends a fee."

    26. "First you said that you would never leave me; merry were my days. Then you told me life is never easy, and left without a trace. But how come I want you, like the soil yearns for the rain."

    27. "A quicksilver tiger through shopping carts, a moment of panic from when I came out. This is a fraction, a piece of the truth. A justified action for reason of proof."

    28. "Nio dagar blotet varar, låtom oss nu glädjas. Vilda danser i fröjd och gamman i gudahovets hall. Nio dagar blotet varar, låtom oss nu glädjas. Vilda danser i fröjd och gamman offerröken stiger mot skyn."

    29. "Without our little miss Cheerilee, I don't see where the little foals would be. But behind every smile you see on her face, is a tormented mind, her world out of place. Teaching is her only distraction; her sanity is losing traction. All she does is cover up for the good of us all; her own life, which she's always losing control."

    30. "Oxygen falls from the ceiling, just keep those cocktails coming. Turn off all mobile devices, electric chair still humming. Mile high, fuselage in the shape of a pill. Mile high, starting our descent into hell."

    Best of luck everypony! There are a few humdingers on here! See you all in a week!
  • SoulEmber
    A friend showed me this potentially humorous meme, so I figured I would give it a try. You have set categories, and you turn your music to shuffle. As each song comes up, you put the song name and artist under each category. So, let's see what madness comes up for me. If you try it, please remember to keep it appropriate.

    [OPENING CREDITS]: "Castle Dracula" by Nox Arcana

    [WAKING UP]: "Post-Apocalypse Punk" by Abney Park

    [FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]: "Regeneration" by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth

    [FALLING IN LOVE]: "Tall Man Preparing To Capture Mike" by Fred Myrow & Christopher L. Stone

    [FIGHT SONG]: "Bout The City" by Reps

    [BREAKING UP]: "Phenomena" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    [PROM]: "Immaculate Crucifixion [Leviathan Mix by The Barbarians]" by Juno Reactor

    [MENTAL BREAKDOWN]: "Light [Musikist Macht Mix]" by Guenter Schulz/Michelle Baback

    [DRIVING]: "Valkyrie's New Ride" by Samael

    [FLASHBACK]: "Wardens" by Seppuku Paradigm

    [WEDDING]: "The Medicine" by The Jazz June

    [BIRTH OF CHILD]: "Total Soul Future (Eat It)" by Beck

    [FINAL BATTLE]: "Ready To Blow (Dwarves Mix)" by KMFDM

    [DEATH SCENE]: "Everfree (Pinkie Cake Remix)" by Icky

    [FUNERAL SONG]: "Ole" by Fat Jon

    [END CREDITS]: "Dixie Dieway" by Saviours

    If anyone finds any other humorous music shuffle memes, feel free to share them. I would love to try them out.
  • SoulEmber
    Wow, it's been some time since I've blogged on here. Have a silly music meme!


    [it's better if you don't cheat and don't skip any songs.]

    What is your name? Love In Chains
    How is your life going?: To Them These Streets Belong
    What is your nickname?: My Own Life
    What is your theme song?: Hole in the Wall
    What is your best friend's theme song?: Demise

    How is your life going to turn out?: The Forgotten Path
    Will you get married?: Rule The World
    Will you have kids?: Twenty Miles
    What will your job be?: Babylon Forever

    Did you/will you finish school?: Sacrificed Sons
    Who is your best friend?: Spooky [Dance Mix]
    Who is or will be your significant other: Putrid Minds (Extended Jam)
    Who do you like?: Eres Mi Sol

    How will you die?: Been Dreamin' (Instrumental)
    How do you feel right now?: 2012
    What is your favorite song?: Love Suite

    How could you describe your parents?: Great Romances of the 20th Century
    Your best friend?: An Outhouse
    Your teachers?: YOUR FACE!
    Your significant other [or crush...]?: Down Below
    Yourself?: Autumn Goodbye

    What is your best feature?: Giggle At The Ghostie (vs. Eurobeat Brony)
    What will you be / should you be, profession-wise?: Surfin' Safari
    How could you describe this survey?: Motorpsycho

    What makes you angry?: So Many Wonders (Acoustic Instrumental)
    What makes you sad?: Abran Fuego
    What makes you happy?: Purge (Banishing)
    What makes you dance?: Master of Puppets
    What is your favorite color?: Moeity Prison
    How would you describe yourself?: Vampire Hunters
    Who is your worst enemy?: Split (Mirrorball Mix)
    Who do you hate?: Mexican Brick
    Who do you love?: The Ones
    Who do you lust after?: Nuclear Dawn

    Finish the Sentece

    I wish: Cowbell Tutorial
    I want to: Second Chances (EndoriaZeL's MLRRW Remix)
    I want to kill: The Bold Fenian Man
    I want to eat: Hobb's End
    My head: Down With The Sickness

    I am: Custer's Last One Night Stand
    My best feature is: When Angels Cry
    My eyes are: True Love
    My hair is: Avast StormWolf's Plot - Eurobeat Mix
    My face is: Hope Dies Painless
    You should: Stomach Aches


    Words of advice: For Thy New Lunar Republic (vs. Not A Clever Pony)(feat. iBringDaLULZ)
    How do others see me?: Der Mussolini
    How do I see myself?: Becoming Popular
  • SoulEmber
    Sorry about how long this took to get up everyone. For those looking at this, you now know what I look and can stalk me at Everfree Northwest. I demand hugs if you come across me!

    So over Memorial Day weekend, I attended a local scifi/fantasy convention known as MisCon. It's Montana's longest running scifi convention (we just celebrated our 27th year). The theme for this year was The Resistance, so I went with a steampunk look.

    We had several guests of honor, but our big name guest was Jim Butcher. For those who don't know who he is, he's the author of the book series The Dresden Files. You should totally check it out! It's a fantasy story set in a modern setting, and it works a lot better than you would think.

    Our artist was Theresa Mather, who is known for her unique fantasy art and for being a carousel restoration artist. She gave a really awesome talk about the old steam powered circus attractions, and how some of them are still going in the UK. Definitely fit my outfit well, but was also very cool to hear about. Now I really want to go to the UK to see one of these steam powered circuses.

    The final of the big three guests of honor was Dragon Dronet, who does a lot of stunt work and creative design in movies and video games. He did all the stunts for Darth Malgus in the online Star Wars MMO "The Old Republic." It was fascinating hearing him talk about stunts he's gotten to perform in movies, along with all the props he's made. This guy has a ridiculous amount of talent.

    We also had a lot of other artists and authors there, along with Paizo. If you don't know Paizo, they do all the publishing for Dungeons & Dragons Pathfinder. I was bummed I didn't get to see any of these guys, because Pathfinder is my favorite version of D&D.

    There were a lot of really cool crafts and items to purchase. So, on with the pictures!




    [SPOILER="Lord of Owls" mousepad with art from Theresa Mather][​IMG][/SPOILER]










  • SoulEmber
    He's merely gone through a name change. That's right, I (SoulEmber), am really Lightning_Mustang! I was just curious to see how many check the name change thread, and wanted to have a singular name for all areas I'm part of on the site. Since I was a derp and used SoulEmber for my Livestream name, there has always been a bit of confusion. The radio side knows me as SoulEmber, while everyone else knows me as Lightning_Mustang. So I just consolidated and used one name for all areas of the site. So if you were wondering where that Lightning_Mustang guy went to, he's really been around this whole time. Quite a twist, no?

    Song of the Day: [youtube]s08VjF7QLtQ[/youtube]

    So yeah, I have to apologize for not being as active as I was before. For those who don't know, a lot has happened. First, I was given a temporary part time job while doing college. Then as this semester hit in college, I got a full time temporary position (that thankfully only overlapped with the part time position about a week). So my weekdays have been devoted to work and college, and weekends to homework, studying, and the small amount of family and social time I get. Fortunately, Finals Week is just next week. So I'm hoping I can become more active here then.

    To top all of that craziness off, I've also become sort of an unofficial leader/organizer for the local brony meets here, and found myself a girlfriend. So if you're wondering why I've disappeared somewhat, that's all the reasons why. I know some staff have resigned because of heavy workloads in their real lives, and I've thought about this as well. I just want to continue doing my best to help make the site enjoyable for everyone I can, and I'm doing my best with the limited time I've got due to my real life.

    I do feel as if my short times online aren't really helping much, though. The thought of possibly resigning is still there in my mind, and I'd rather not have to act on it. I might wait and see how much I can do after Finals before I solidify a decision. I just feel like at this point I'm more of a hindrance to the rest of the staff due to my schedule, and I feel they don't need any dead weight holding them back.
  • Saikyo
    So I was talking to Grey Knightmare today... and he said something truly motivational to me.

    [6:11:12 PM] CJW Grey: Despite the deactivation of the awards system
    [6:11:16 PM] CJW Grey: You still got one
    [6:11:22 PM] CJW Grey: A very special one
    [6:11:34 PM] CJW Grey: That was given to you not by the staff, but by the site as a whole
    [6:11:41 PM] CJW Grey: No one can take that away from you
    [6:12:22 PM] CJW Grey: Whatever you've done, whatever you do - at one point in time, you were voted pony of the year on - Maybe it doesn't mean much to you, but it would to me, were I in your shoes (hooves?).
    [6:12:30 PM] CJW Grey: Just don't forget it, when you're down.

    And... I think it took that much to make me realize what I actually stayed here for.
    To be honest, I don't know why I've been here for the past 3 months. I felt obligated to, even though I didn't have any real driving force.

    And... it took this little tidbit to make me realize why I've stayed even after so long.

    People appreciate me for who I am. People like me for what I do for other people. It isn't some obligation or self-righteous cause. It's... just me, being me.

    And over the year and a half (just about) a lot of things about me have changed. Overall I've become a better person. I came here under a lie, and I'm going to leave here holding the truth, happy that I told it.

    Some would say I haven't changed one bit. Some would say that I like to manipulate people still and that I only seek sympathy and attention when I want it.

    And you know what? Some part of that is right. I'm not afraid to admit that back when I was first staff, I was desperate for attention, just for someone to tell me that they cared about me so I didn't have to feel so alone. And then I thought about it for months. Months and months and months. And I finally reached my answer. It doesn't matter if people think I'm a bad person, because I know to myself that I've changed from that. And everyone who knows me knows that as well.
    For this, I'm grateful.

    My answer is... It isn't about me or the site. It's about the people who helped change my life for the better. I've stayed because I feel happy that people accepted me even after I had lied to them for so long.

    For some, again... they don't see it that way. And that's fine. There is nothing I can do to change that, as much as I wish I could.

    Everyone makes some mistakes in life. Some people like to go out and capitalize on these mistakes and try to demonize people they are jealous of and hate.

    I've made a lot of mistakes, and a few people see this and exploit it. And yet, I still carried on. Why?

    Partially, pride. I didn't want to resign because it'd be giving up. It'd be letting those people who constantly harassed me and the staff and members who are supporting me 'win'. But I realize now it isn't about 'winning.'

    I have nothing to prove to these people, because I've already proved myself to the people who care to ask.

    The other reason, was my search for an answer. It was stressful, and my work ethic tarnished as a result. I'm one of the reasons Poetic left. I caused a lot of fighting in the staff. Lately I've been doing better at managing my urge to argue my point to no end, but my stubborn nature prevents me from doing that sometimes.

    I admit my own faults and I embrace them. Without my flaws I wouldn't have the friends I have today. I went to other people seeking help and I got it. I finally feel useful and I finally feel relieved that people can care about others.

    Could I have done some things better? Yes. Yes, of course. There are a lot of things I regret doing. A lot of things I know for sure I could have done better.

    Even as a staff member, however, I feel at ease with myself. I've made some of the best friends I've ever known on this site. They are my main reasons for staying.

    The people of this site deserve a chance that I never was able to give them. Now I want to be able to give people that chance again like I did as an ordinary user.

    I want people to realize that now more than ever, we need each other if we want this place to survive and flourish.

    We won't get back to the way things were in November. No. I hope it goes farther and better than that.

    With the departure of all of our admins, Derpy, Grey, and Foxy, things have really changed. Most have seen this as negative change. Even I, myself, felt that the three originals leaving the administratorship was negative.

    However... I know that this is an opportunity for growth. Our new admins, Zephyr, Berry and Mike are all great people with good heads on their shoulders. We don't need to think back and say 'things were better when Derpy was around'.

    Things will always get better. We just have to make them get better.

    I just wanted to personally thank you all for the year and a half (almost) of a good time. I hope you have all experienced some form of good time while you were here as well.

    This is Ramza, signing off.
  • Yetione
    Here it is, another Everypony Network community post, powered by Yeti's fingers, eggs and a window.
    More after the break.


    Everypony Review team is back and running. If you're interested more, you can check in topic here.

    Too much Pinkie Pie in your system?
    Why now cool off with our Band of Bronies show?
    This week's special guest: Rommuel from Bronies for Good
    Saturday, 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio

    Also, Everypony Network, together with BronyState, GalaCon, Bronies for Good on Kallisti cherity event that will be on Everypony Radio and BronyState (exact schedule yet to be announced). Here's official event announcement from Bronies for Good's website:
    Drawing a piece of art into existence is like childbirth. Legions of us crowd to livestreams to observe how the adroit fingers of a visual artist assemble a series of perfectly inconspicuous lines until—all of a sudden—a beautiful unicorn opens her eyes!

    One might say that to behold our favorite artist practicing their craft is an event in and of itself—but what if not one, but twelve of your favorite artists funneled their creativity into a single day-long stream? Could you even fathom the current?

    Starting at midnight UTC+1 on November 18 (6 p.m. EST on November 17), the European convention GalaCon will host just that! On top of it all, they are joined by Anneli Heed, the famous Swedish Spitfire and best entertainer in all of Canterlot!

    So get ready for none other, nary another, not one other more than

    Garrett Gilchrist,
    Jan (Ask The Crusaders),
    John Joseco,
    Perrydotto (Ask Human Discord),
    Putuk (Ask Scootabot),
    Salahir a.k.a. Custody (Ask Human Celestia),
    Tsitra360, and

    GalaCon, however, is not just planning to use the money for their glorious August 2013 convention with its own charity events, no, they decided right away to forward half of the proceeds directly to charity, or more precisely to the Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser of Bronies for Good!

    As you will know, Seeds of Kindness 2 is raising funds for the Safe Project, an orphanage in Uganda that aims to provide a home, food, and a new family to more than fifty orphans. They want to build a chicken farm to ensure their long-term sustainability and independence. Your donations have already allowed them to erect the sturdy walls of the building and soon the roof. €7000 more and the project can be completed. So don’t wait: Donate!

    That's it from me for today, be sure to tune in for next Community Post, next week.
  • SoulEmber
    Song of the Day:

    Sorry it's been pretty much forever since my last blog entry. I've had a lot keeping me busy. College has decided that since it's close to a major holiday, that it would be a good idea to dump a lot of work on me. On top of this, I've recently gotten a job, so I'm trying to get all the paperwork, immunizations, and drug tests finished for that. I've also started on some of the training necessary for the job as well, so that's another thing sucking up all my time. So again, I apologize if I haven't been very active lately. Oh, and this is all on top of also helping to figure out and plan for various events for our radio. So, the like one person who will read this (because hardly anyone reads my blogs it feels like. Or maybe they're just difficult to respond to. I dunno), did you know that we're in talks for helping stream the big charity event for Bronies For Good this Sunday? We indeed are, and we're very enthusiastic that we'll be able to help out with this fantastic event!

    Did you know we've also been doing a live broadcast with some of the fine folks at FOB: Equestria? We're three episodes in now, and you can listen to us live every Saturday at 8:30 PST/11:30 EST (4:30 GMT). To catch up on what you may have missed, it's all on our Youtube which you can find here: For this Saturday, our special guest is Rommel from Bronies For Good! He will be talking about the big event we're also involved in the following day (Sunday)! So please, tune in this weekend for lots of excitement and a chance to benefit charity. I hear that we might even have the Swedish VA for Spitfire (Anneli Heed) and the VA for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie (Andrea Libman).

    I've got not a whole lot else to talk about here. We're always looking in the mod application threads, because I know there's some concern about that. I know the new threads in Site Discussion have been looked through, and we're working on how best to address the concerns that have been raised there. So that's all from me. I'll try to write these more frequently again.
  • Rashall
    *Cracks knuckles* Alrighty then, seeing as though I don't do this enough I will finally pay attention to those posts that I have been ignoring and even some of the members on the site. Whatever happens to me I don't rightly care as this is all simply my opinion of which I'm entitled to... so don't get flank hurt over it it's my opinion for crying out loud!!!!

    I've noticed that many people have stated the sites dying, or the site is going down hill in my eyes. Okay yes maybe to some, but not quite everyone on site see's it that way, by everyone I mean members not staff that's something for another time possibly if I feel like it, anyway my one true answer to you all is if you're not going to give us something to fix either a.) take a break from the site or leave wholly no one is holding you back but yourself, if you need to take a break then by all means do so trust me when I say, or don't I don't rightly care, everyone needs a break at some point or another, b.) tell us what YOU think needs fixing and some of us staff will get back to you telling you either we will or will not go through with it or we will present you with another version of it and run it by you and see if it's okay, or at least that's how I think it should go but well go figure it doesn't.

    And now with that out of my system:

    Apperently I'm one of the mods that doesn't talk a lot, save those that know me and know that on the right subjects that I talk a lot about, but that doesn't mean I don't pay attention to the site it means that I'm annalyzing how people react to certain conversations and storing that data menatlly for future reference so I know not only when to take action, but how to take action and handle the situation. I care not what the other mods say, but for whatever reason this seemingly works and I will continue to use this system no matter what because if ain't broke don't fix it. You will all notice that I have also disabled comments to this blog because I will not WILL NOT have any arguments, or negativitiy of any kind on this blog, it makes me sick at times not because it happens no I have accepted that much, but when other members tell those arguing to take it else where, preferably private messaging or the site discussion area, and they go unheard and I agree with them there that if things are to be argued over take them somewhere private either via PM, skype, or Private channel in the chat otherwise take it to site discussion so that the other can move on with the rest of their lives without having to be caught in the crossfire.

    Any and all comments, or hate mail may be delivered to me through either PM or on skype. Otherwise thank you for your time see you all later... maybe.
  • Yetione
    It's time for another Community post from your one and only Yetione, live from cloudy Zagreb City.
    Today on schedule:
    - ponies
    - bronies
    - bronies talking about ponies.
    more after the break


    The time has came when it's less than 24 hours from Season 3 kick off, bronies far and wide have been discussing about what they expect from Season 3. More on Season 3 discussion on can be found here

    News from the staff:

    Sadly, one of our forum mods, Rarit E has decided to step off his mod position, but despite his absence from the staff, he'll still make us happy around the forum.

    In the other news from the staff, Fluttershy has re-joined the staff as forum mod. Congratulations Fluttershy, it'll be pleasure serving with you.

    Secret Santa project is on go! Your Secret Santa has been assigned, and working on gifts and surprises on ongoing.
    More on Secret Santa project here

    Have plans after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
    Why not join our Band of Bronies show.
    Every Saturday 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio

    That's it for this week folks. Keep submissions on my PM. Until next Friday-Saturday night, Yetione.
  • Zephyr
    Man, where do I begin on this thing? I honestly don't really know, I guess, it's a lot to take in when you think about it.

    I mean, let's take a look back at what's gone on recently, shall we?

    First you have Foxy and Flash's resignation. Now, we all know about this, but I feel the need to go a little bit more in depth with this sort of thing because it implies a bit of change among the staff ranks, in a more structural sense, not the more obvious "people have left" sense. You see, Foxy was the head Admin, and Flash was the head of the Radio, so where does that leave us?

    Well honestly, it doesn't leave us in a good position. To be frank, the site's gone downhill every time the head admin has stepped down and this makes, what, the third one to do so? It's getting a bit old. So naturally, we decided to tinker around with how things are run at the top of the totem pole. Who is the next head admin? Nobody, simply put, but naturally, you all already know this so I'll only speak bluntly for reminder's sake. The staff is now run by an Oligarchy of Berry, Mike, and Myself. Berry keeps an eye on the Radio now in place of Flash, Mike sees over the technical side of the site in place of Grey, and I see over the Forums now in place of Foxy. The three of us work in a trifecta where nobody is higher than the other for simplicity's sake.

    Also it's kind of stressful being an admin, let alone being the head-admin, so there's that too, yeah.

    What was next on that list? Oh right, more staff leavings. As you all know, Poetic's left as well. Now as for why he did this, he's given me his permission as to why so now we all get to know. Let's take a look why don't we?

    "1- *Lack of co-operation because several staff members were unwilling to listen to each other to the extent where nothing ever got done.

    2- Too many staff which resulted in an uneven balance, made the staff look more like a VIP club than moderators and led to bigger arguments.

    3. The job wasn't fun any more, too many people started treating it way too seriously (as in hardcore) than it needed to be. I care about the site but Jesus, some people needed to chill once in a while.

    4. Moderators belittling users behind their backs and treating everyone as guilty until proven innocent. Also it appeared mods thought the more bans, edits and thread moves you do, the better job you're doing, and that being a moderator makes you a better person than the members.

    5. I didn't feel like part of a team, I was constantly ignored, had to appeal to admins if I wanted to express any ideas seriously, and was treated differently because I was just a CO which apparently means jack **** from the looks, things were more productive back in like, April."
    ~Poetic '2012

    So yeah, there's those. I'd normally say "Don't worry, we're working on fixing these things", which we are, but this sort of thing takes time. It's changed a bit since his resignation but I can still assure you the job still isn't all that fun, haha.

    With these changes in staff, we've decided to revamp the entire staff structuring as well to make things easier for everyone to understand, because let's face it, half of the people on here couldn't tell us the difference between a forum moderator and a community patrol member, could you? So to simplify things, we've combined the two roles making them one and the same as well as condensing roles such as blog moderators, RP moderators, and fanfic moderators in the section of Section Moderators. There's a bit more of an analysis on these changes found in the "Meet the Staff" section found in this thread.

    Anyways, what else was there. Oh of course, the site was attacked just recently wasn't it? Well, I honestly wouldn't say attacked would be the correct word. Harassed fits the circumstance quite well, though I think I should shed a little bit more light on what happened yesterday night.

    It all began around... 9 PM Eastern? Something like that. Anyway, around that time I received a PM on Skype from Saikyo, otherwise known as Ramza on here, regarding a snippet from the Admin room. Now for those of you who don't know, there's been some leaks from the staff room these past couple of weeks and when I saw that there had been one from the Admin room of all places, simply put, I flipped my lid. To keep things short, it was revealed to us through FULL CAPS SKYPE MESSAGES from the man himself that he had cracked into Foxy's skype account and was planning on using the information he had to go after others as well. You all already know how this tale ends, and again to keep things short we all had to play a sadistic game of 20 questions before greyOne confessed to the misdeed and he was banned from the site on the spot.

    Alrighty, with all the dreadful stuff out of the way, I can move on to the funner things.*

    Ah right, be sure to check out Snow's thread on the State of EP. It's sparked quite a good bit of a constructive discussion on the state of the site at this point and would you look at that, users and staff collaborating together in harmony. What a beautiful thing, wouldn't you agree?

    On that very same topic, in that thread you can see the gears in my brain constructing a bit of an idea I've had for a while involving something along the lines of a "Site Meeting", well, I figure there's no point in simply messing around with the idea but to execute it instead and see how this sort of thing goes, y'know?

    The very first EP Site Meeting will be held this Monday on November 12th at 12PM Eastern Standard Time. That's 5PM for you Brits. I'll be there hosting it, and moderating the discussion itself for as long as it takes place. Keep in mind that since this sort of thing needs the it utmost control from everybody, there will be absolutely no arguing, or rule breaking in the slightest while we're all there. The same rules will apply as the debate section for the most part to ensure this.

    If this all goes over well, then we can continue this sort of thing in the future, if not, site discussion will be limited to the section that shares its name.

    As a reminder, the Applications for the Secret Santa Redux are due on the 7th of this month, which is in two days. If you wish to participate, please send those in. Likewise, of you don't think you can participate, please notify me so some poor pony doesn't go wanting this Christmas. I'll have to make a commercial for it even with some foal sitting behind me in the dirt as I look into the camera and ask for donations.

    And yes, there will be sad music. Just like those animal cruelty commercials.
    Only worse.

    Wait, Testyal's immune to this sort of thing isn't he?

    Oh and one final thing, with the sudden leaving of about... What, 3 or 4 staff members and the removal of 2 or 3, there's a really empty space in my heart the staff ranks, and while indeed there used to be too many, now we have too little. So yes, we are looking for new staff members. No, this doesn't mean suddenly send in a million applications, it just means don't act surprised when we make the announcement as we've already just about decided who we want by this point.

    And that's all for this week. Yeti will be taking over from now as as the head of the Community Moderation in the forums, specified by Foxy in the previous Community Post. I'm just taking over while he's away.

    This is your Forum/Community Admin, Zephyr, signing off for the week.*



    Quick note:

    In addition to the merger of Community Patrol and Global Forum Mods, colors will be given to the main staff ranks for quick identification (for example when looking at the list of online members at the bottom of the forum home).

    As it stands the colors will be:
    - Admins: Red
    - Community Moderators: Yellow/gold
    - Blog Moderators and RP Moderators: Purple
    - Radio DJs: Blue

    If any of these change we will let you know in next week's post, or earlier if necessary.

    - Mike


    Also, don't forget on Band of Bronies show on Everypony Radio, every Saturday, 11am EST.

  • Rashall
    Alrighty then so to start things off I'll let you all know that I've been sick since monday of this week, but it didn't really hit me until yesterday morning because of me being sick I'm tired beyond all belief and the core temperature of my body has dropped.

    This in turn has made it hard for me to moderate chat mainly because I don't want to accidentially go off on someone for a minor issue so I'm taking somewhat of a break from moderating. This does not mean I won't be here to listen to problems that members would like to talk to me about, by all means I'm all ears. What it does mean however is that I get to step back and think, finally, about several things one of them being if I should remain on staff or not.

    I have been considering leaving staff for quite a while now, but I have not gone through with it because I have not had any major time, between chores at home and school, to think it through. I've been told by several member, not staff members of the site, that they don't want me to step down from staff. My question is why not? I really want an explenation as to why these members don't want me to step down. I mean I hardly do anything really. I won't truly go through with stepping down at the moment as I want to understand why these members don't want me to step down. Then I will think it through some more before coming to a conclusion.

    The other thing that has been going on, as in today and a few weeks/months ago, are all of these "major" arguments that have happened pretty much all over the site. I must say I'm very dissapointed in all of the ones that are involved, staff and members both as I will not side with one permanent side, consider me Switzerland in this reguard >>. Even though I am part of staff I don't nececarlly agree with everything the other staff members do, but that doesn't mean that I'm fully agaisnt them either, same goes for the members I see things that seem like good ideas, or at least parts of them, but again I do not fully side with the members. I guess you could say I'm caught in the crossfire of both sides with my head down waiting for it to pass which will probably never happen seeing as no one on this site save for a tiny majority can get along with one another.

    All I want to do is come on here look around see that everything is semi okay chat with my friends I have made on here, role play a little bit, and be with my girlfriend. Seems that's a bit much to ask with the staff and members on this site.

    That's all for now, oh and if I see any arguments or any negativity posted below I will delete the messages myself. If you read this and have nothing constructive, or positive to say please the exit is stage right.
  • Saikyo
    So I've been receiving a lot of questions as to what really happened that day on April 1st. The day where two people lost their jobs because of the will of other people. Because of my actions in the community post last weekend, I am obligated to explain. And, forthright, lay this all to rest so we may all live and forget.

    This shall be the last time I open this book, and it will be here for all to see.

    This is what happened that day.

    On March 31st, 2012, everything was going as usual. Things were nice, and everything was going rather well. It all started when Insane Lugia was making multiple threads...
    Lugia was making personal help threads (That actually helped with some of my sleep problems, thanks for that.) that were being posted within hours of each other.
    In the wake of his third (Fourth?) thread, I suggested to Lugia that he make a universal thread for help. It was at this point where things started to get pretty nasty.
    ePONY snapped at me rather aggressively, stating that it wasn't against the rules to post threads that had different topics. I responded that I very well knew that it wasn't against the rules.

    Months prior, we had an argument. It was about me becoming staff, and if I had the transcripts, I'd post them.
    I had told ePONY, one day, that Foxy was considering me for a community moderator position. And he, upfront, said to me 'I'll be brutally honest, Saikyo. You don't have what it takes to be a moderator. Your actions are too immature.'
    At the time, I took that at great offense, and we argued for hours over the subject of my immaturity. I already knew that I was immature, my baseless pride, however, didn't want anyone telling me that I was.
    To this day, I wonder if things would have been different if we hadn't had argued. But it became clear that ePONY harboured a certain dislike towards me to the point of bias. And I thought to myself, if he had bias against me, he had a bias towards his boyfriend(s), Lugia and Cyberpony.

    And I called him out on that. I said to him to 'Keep your bias against me away from the forums.' I didn't want to call him out on his bias to his boyfriend(s) in public, because that would get me banned instantly. He simply gave a rather professional 'Don't question my motives' post, which angered me a bit. So, in good esscence, I made a thread saying that I was going to leave for a while to cool down.
    Here is where things get interesting. I basically called ePONY out on his bias against me in a thread I created entitled 'Taking a Break', in which he banned me temporarily for 3 days, under the reasoning that ' I needed to cool off'.
    That was his downfall. By refusing to admit his bias and rid himself of it, I took it upon myself to take action against him.

    I immediately went to work on organizing something that would rid the site of his bias, but not in the form of firing him. I wanted to put him on temporary suspension, and make his relationship with Cyber known with the staff (Surprisingly, people didn't know that it was an actual relationship.) and possibly make them remove all eCYBERmous content from the site and to force them to make unbiased decisions from now on.
    Things went over my head.
    After this, I went to Foxytail. I asked what it would take to do anything against ePONY. I needed names. And I needed a decent number of them.
    EDIT: I also made a video detailing how ePONY was doing wrong to people. Sorry for getting you involved, Dan.
    Conveniently, a forum by the name of Friendship is Magic: United was created to get past Staff Corruption. I saw this oppurtunity to question some of the founders and frequenting members of the site about their relations and thoughts on ePONY.
    A majority of them said the same thing: ePONY was a problem that made them leave.
    It was at this point where it wasn't just about bias. ePONY made the environment uncomfortable for other people, something I found to be unacceptable. So I took action.
    I gathered names and opinions from a variety of users, and I showed these names to the moderators on April 1st. The only people I continually talked to about this situation was Cloudy Bounce (We miss you <3) and most of the moderators of the forum.
    The mods asked me what I wanted done with ePONY. I honestly don't remember if I wanted him full-on fired, or if I wanted the bias to stop and for him to be put on suspension for a while. That was Foxy's idea, and mine as well. So I went with the latter.

    Things didn't go as planned.

    When confronted with this, ePONY basically just up and packed his bags immediately, saying, and I do quote '**** you guys.' Cyber followed suit, turning in his badge.
    The one thing I regret was not emphasizing the fact that I only wanted ePONY to be punished for his offenses toward the people of the site, not just me. People claim what I did was selfish, and at first, it -was- selfish. It was a selfish need for revenge that I was being hated.
    But then I saw that other people felt wronged. They felt threatened and violated by how ePONY acted. And it turned from a selfish act to a duty of mine to rid the site of his bias.
    Part of me wanted him gone. The other part wanted to put him in his place, but have him stay all the same.
    Would I go back and change a few things that I did to accomplish said goal? Yes, I would.
    Do I regret having him leave?
    Not in the slightest.

    There was no 'manipulation' involved. There was no malicious intent, nor was there any reason to lie about it. This is the cold, hard truth of the matter. Yes, I did overreact, but the end result was positive, in the end. People came back to the site, content that a problem they felt was big was rid of. People thanked me. And most of all, I felt at peace with myself for ending that conflict.
    These claims that I'm hiding something, or that I manipulated people into thinking that they were my 'followers' is wrong. I have nothing to hide and nothing to gain.

    A month and some days later, I became staff. And it has been my goal to rid it of bias, and I've accomplished this goal. But what else have I done? I've caused infighting and stress with everyone.
    I've decided that, After Christmas is overwith, I'll be resigning. But I'll be here, and I'll still love this place and it's people, and I'll do my damned best to protect you guys from oppressive personalities.

    What I did was both wrong, and right. And I have no regrets.

    This chapter... is over.