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  • Tyro D. Fox
    [size=+1]Let's Re-Play Thursday #1[/size]​

    First recorded 20th of March.

    Maaan, am I always so boring doing these things? OK, I have a few good lines but having to listen to yourself for hours and hours...Yeesh! Still, I was wondering about the length. Is this too long? What do you guys feel?

    Otherwise, go nuts. I'll have to try harder with the next one.
  • Flutteryshy
    So, I never make blog posts, or posts in general (Because I am worst mod), but I decided that I should start doing things, in case some people on the site want to know what's inside this mod's head.

    So first thing is first, Spoopy Halloween.

    This was the best Halloween I've probably ever had, even though I'm now extremely sick. Since I am still in high-school, it was at someone's house, but the parents really didn't do anything, which was nice (even though the parents are really cool). It was really fun altogether, especially because I got to see a lot of friends I don't hang out with often. I had a really amazing costume, and so that was really awesome.

    What did I go as? I was the best cat-girl ever.

    It was really fun, and terrifying to go dressed up as a girl, but the reactions some people gave me were hilarious. The host's mom saw me at one point, and just stood there looking at me for a good minute and said "Wait.... (my name)? I didn't know that was you! I was wondering, who's that fine piece of ass walking up to my house". It was pretty awesome. I can apparently pass really well in public too, because when I first came out with my costume on, 3-4 people all asked who I was until someone said my name. Getting comments like "I can't believe that you're not a girl" was pretty awesome. The worst part is my voice though, I still don't know what to do about that. I also got to release a lot of stress I was holding onto from two major projects that were due, so that was good too. I also wore my costume on Thursday for my game development class, since I don't have it on Fridays. Pretty sure a lot of the guys in the class were looking at me (I think I caught one looking down my shirt :I), since the only other girl in the class isn't liked too well. I think a random guy was checking me out in the halls too, I feel you fellow females, it's a very awkward experience. No one looked at me twice and thought "that's definitely a guy" or even "is that a guy?" though, so that was really awesome :3.

    I should probably stop babbling now, and I'll leave a link to some pictures I took in my costume here.

    But yes, Halloween was great, and I hope it was for all of you too :D
  • Tyro D. Fox

    So, me and Foxy have landed at BUCK in Manchester. Currently, I'm in the Guest Room. I think Tombstone is working hard on something behind me, there's stories on Speed Running filling the air and there's not a piece of paper that someone hasn't doodled on. Some look pretty cool and some are kinda, sorta, a little bit unprintable here. There's the sewing of wigs and enough fast food packaging to drown in.

    So, the first thing I need to say is that BUCK's gotten muuuuuch bigger this year. I mean, they've gone from The Bridgewater Hall to Manchester Central next door. So, it's somewhere around twice as large. I don't think there's the entire building on display tonight but when you have a converted train station for a massive party, you can't help but feel like the convention is trying bloody hard to give events like Galacon and Bronycon a bloody nose. Everythings been bumped up.

    The size of the place is one thing. So is the organisation. It's like they've got polo-wearing sentries everywhere. Then there's the stalls and things. Good lord, this place is packed with shops. There's plushies, plushies, t-shirts, cards and plushies. I like plushies, OK?

    I have my Fluttershy tucked up in home, watching Dave.

    Then there's the game stuff. We've got our home gaming stuff and our prizes which look pretty good. And then there's Anime Leagues stuff. Good lord, they've got Karaoke and Computer Witchcraft.

    Still, we have a Dreamcast. Haha!

    Anyway, just checking in. I'll talk to you again soon.

  • Tyro D. Fox
    The first day of BUCK went well.

    So, hurrying out of Hatters Hostel on Newton Street with equipment in hand and after five hours sleep trying to use the bloody ridiculous internet there to try and upload the CP I hurriedly tried to make. That's why it's gone, I have no reliable internet here. I'm trying to get it to someone that can help but it'll take a while. A long while....

    Anyway, I turn up and find that my stuff has been locked away somewhere and I will have to wait until a certain point until I can get in there and set up for my little 'Free Play' session. Apparently, I was taking the spot of some developers that couldn't make it to BUCK for whatever reason. Some of these guys were disappointed and turned around but the majority stayed put and tried to get in some practice before the tourney tomorrow. I'm considering it a success nonetheless as we all knock several colours of snot out of each other. I'd have prefered to be out in the open and visible so that more people know what's going on and I don't have to run around and advertising the event. However, it makes it a little oasis in the middle of the noise and movement. There it's a mixed bag but I'm just happy to have been given the time.

    You know whatelse happened? I met some peeps! I finally got to meet Dodo and Chocolate Chip in the flesh. I had no conception of Dodo but I expected Chip to be a little bigger somehow...Eh! Never mind. He thought I'd be smaller so there's that, I guess. With me, Poetic and Yeti, the little group of us wandering around, watching panels and the auction, it was just great to catch up and learn about these people I've talked to but never had a face for.

    The Auctions weren't as spectacular as last years but they were pretty massive regardless. One guy spent just shy of £1000 on a Twilight fursuit and a full collection of Pony Trading Cards. So, hats off to them for donating so much. I hope they find a decent use for that suit, considering it's cost.

    I did mean to drop by and watch Pipsqueak's stand up routine but I am exhausted right now. I need a decent night's sleep, me.

    So, now I'm a greatly broken shell of a man as I sit on a hard wooden bench in the Hostel, hoping the internet will hold up long enough to finish what I want it for. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the possible buzz about the tourney but I also can't wait for Monday where I head back to some comfort and quiet. I haven't quite had my fill but a nice, soft bed would be wonderful right now...

    Night night Everypony. I'm not too annoied about missing the Luna...thing but I'm just happy to rest my feet andnasojdsijjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • Tyro D. Fox

    So, I'm writing to you from the Pre-Meet for the Second Ever BUCK! I am in Manchester in my snazzy Pikachu t-shirt and getting in a cider and a good chin wag before bed.

    I rode the bus with Yeti from London, chatting and watching cartoons all the way before rolling into our home for the next few days. The Hatter Hostel is old but nice and will do for me. It has internet so I can't complain.

    I'm crashing with some of the Czech Bronies (I think that's correct) and they're a cheery lot. One named Creepy mentioned Pikachu pronounced in a certain way was "I'll stab you" or something. It might have livened up the show if Pikachu had a flick knife. Garry Oak won't last a season.

    Any, I'm debating another drink. Neither me or Yeti can wait to see you in person!

    Talk to you later! I'll try recording as much as I can!

    - Tyro
  • SoulEmber
    Sorry about how long this took to get up everyone. For those looking at this, you now know what I look and can stalk me at Everfree Northwest. I demand hugs if you come across me!

    So over Memorial Day weekend, I attended a local scifi/fantasy convention known as MisCon. It's Montana's longest running scifi convention (we just celebrated our 27th year). The theme for this year was The Resistance, so I went with a steampunk look.

    We had several guests of honor, but our big name guest was Jim Butcher. For those who don't know who he is, he's the author of the book series The Dresden Files. You should totally check it out! It's a fantasy story set in a modern setting, and it works a lot better than you would think.

    Our artist was Theresa Mather, who is known for her unique fantasy art and for being a carousel restoration artist. She gave a really awesome talk about the old steam powered circus attractions, and how some of them are still going in the UK. Definitely fit my outfit well, but was also very cool to hear about. Now I really want to go to the UK to see one of these steam powered circuses.

    The final of the big three guests of honor was Dragon Dronet, who does a lot of stunt work and creative design in movies and video games. He did all the stunts for Darth Malgus in the online Star Wars MMO "The Old Republic." It was fascinating hearing him talk about stunts he's gotten to perform in movies, along with all the props he's made. This guy has a ridiculous amount of talent.

    We also had a lot of other artists and authors there, along with Paizo. If you don't know Paizo, they do all the publishing for Dungeons & Dragons Pathfinder. I was bummed I didn't get to see any of these guys, because Pathfinder is my favorite version of D&D.

    There were a lot of really cool crafts and items to purchase. So, on with the pictures!




    [SPOILER="Lord of Owls" mousepad with art from Theresa Mather][​IMG][/SPOILER]










  • SoulEmber
    He's merely gone through a name change. That's right, I (SoulEmber), am really Lightning_Mustang! I was just curious to see how many check the name change thread, and wanted to have a singular name for all areas I'm part of on the site. Since I was a derp and used SoulEmber for my Livestream name, there has always been a bit of confusion. The radio side knows me as SoulEmber, while everyone else knows me as Lightning_Mustang. So I just consolidated and used one name for all areas of the site. So if you were wondering where that Lightning_Mustang guy went to, he's really been around this whole time. Quite a twist, no?

    Song of the Day: [youtube]s08VjF7QLtQ[/youtube]

    So yeah, I have to apologize for not being as active as I was before. For those who don't know, a lot has happened. First, I was given a temporary part time job while doing college. Then as this semester hit in college, I got a full time temporary position (that thankfully only overlapped with the part time position about a week). So my weekdays have been devoted to work and college, and weekends to homework, studying, and the small amount of family and social time I get. Fortunately, Finals Week is just next week. So I'm hoping I can become more active here then.

    To top all of that craziness off, I've also become sort of an unofficial leader/organizer for the local brony meets here, and found myself a girlfriend. So if you're wondering why I've disappeared somewhat, that's all the reasons why. I know some staff have resigned because of heavy workloads in their real lives, and I've thought about this as well. I just want to continue doing my best to help make the site enjoyable for everyone I can, and I'm doing my best with the limited time I've got due to my real life.

    I do feel as if my short times online aren't really helping much, though. The thought of possibly resigning is still there in my mind, and I'd rather not have to act on it. I might wait and see how much I can do after Finals before I solidify a decision. I just feel like at this point I'm more of a hindrance to the rest of the staff due to my schedule, and I feel they don't need any dead weight holding them back.
  • Yetione
    Here it is, another Everypony Network community post, powered by Yeti's fingers, eggs and a window.
    More after the break.


    Everypony Review team is back and running. If you're interested more, you can check in topic here.

    Too much Pinkie Pie in your system?
    Why now cool off with our Band of Bronies show?
    This week's special guest: Rommuel from Bronies for Good
    Saturday, 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio

    Also, Everypony Network, together with BronyState, GalaCon, Bronies for Good on Kallisti cherity event that will be on Everypony Radio and BronyState (exact schedule yet to be announced). Here's official event announcement from Bronies for Good's website:
    Drawing a piece of art into existence is like childbirth. Legions of us crowd to livestreams to observe how the adroit fingers of a visual artist assemble a series of perfectly inconspicuous lines until—all of a sudden—a beautiful unicorn opens her eyes!

    One might say that to behold our favorite artist practicing their craft is an event in and of itself—but what if not one, but twelve of your favorite artists funneled their creativity into a single day-long stream? Could you even fathom the current?

    Starting at midnight UTC+1 on November 18 (6 p.m. EST on November 17), the European convention GalaCon will host just that! On top of it all, they are joined by Anneli Heed, the famous Swedish Spitfire and best entertainer in all of Canterlot!

    So get ready for none other, nary another, not one other more than

    Garrett Gilchrist,
    Jan (Ask The Crusaders),
    John Joseco,
    Perrydotto (Ask Human Discord),
    Putuk (Ask Scootabot),
    Salahir a.k.a. Custody (Ask Human Celestia),
    Tsitra360, and

    GalaCon, however, is not just planning to use the money for their glorious August 2013 convention with its own charity events, no, they decided right away to forward half of the proceeds directly to charity, or more precisely to the Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser of Bronies for Good!

    As you will know, Seeds of Kindness 2 is raising funds for the Safe Project, an orphanage in Uganda that aims to provide a home, food, and a new family to more than fifty orphans. They want to build a chicken farm to ensure their long-term sustainability and independence. Your donations have already allowed them to erect the sturdy walls of the building and soon the roof. €7000 more and the project can be completed. So don’t wait: Donate!

    That's it from me for today, be sure to tune in for next Community Post, next week.
  • SoulEmber
    Song of the Day:

    Sorry it's been pretty much forever since my last blog entry. I've had a lot keeping me busy. College has decided that since it's close to a major holiday, that it would be a good idea to dump a lot of work on me. On top of this, I've recently gotten a job, so I'm trying to get all the paperwork, immunizations, and drug tests finished for that. I've also started on some of the training necessary for the job as well, so that's another thing sucking up all my time. So again, I apologize if I haven't been very active lately. Oh, and this is all on top of also helping to figure out and plan for various events for our radio. So, the like one person who will read this (because hardly anyone reads my blogs it feels like. Or maybe they're just difficult to respond to. I dunno), did you know that we're in talks for helping stream the big charity event for Bronies For Good this Sunday? We indeed are, and we're very enthusiastic that we'll be able to help out with this fantastic event!

    Did you know we've also been doing a live broadcast with some of the fine folks at FOB: Equestria? We're three episodes in now, and you can listen to us live every Saturday at 8:30 PST/11:30 EST (4:30 GMT). To catch up on what you may have missed, it's all on our Youtube which you can find here: For this Saturday, our special guest is Rommel from Bronies For Good! He will be talking about the big event we're also involved in the following day (Sunday)! So please, tune in this weekend for lots of excitement and a chance to benefit charity. I hear that we might even have the Swedish VA for Spitfire (Anneli Heed) and the VA for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie (Andrea Libman).

    I've got not a whole lot else to talk about here. We're always looking in the mod application threads, because I know there's some concern about that. I know the new threads in Site Discussion have been looked through, and we're working on how best to address the concerns that have been raised there. So that's all from me. I'll try to write these more frequently again.
  • SoulEmber
    Song of the Day:

    This weekend has been busy for me. Friday was spent doing classes and homework, then the evening is when one of my RP groups moved their time to. We're currently playing a Pathfinder game, and we're all learning that a lot of the classes are pretty broken (in being too OP, or overpowered). We still had fun regardless, and my character collected some decent loot. Last week's Monday night RP session in a different group, where we're playing Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (blech, lol) we found a rare civilization in the game. How did we accomplish this? Literally flipped a coin to decide where we would go every time we came to a forking path in the cave system our characters are in.

    Saturday was spent helping my aunt and uncle load things to help them in the moving process. I did get back in town for the evening, where I then proceeded to DJ here on the site. Had a lot of fun, and it was awesome to actually have somewhat of a crowd for a bit. Thank you to those who listen to our radios. We really appreciate it!

    Sunday started with going out for brunch with my family, since my sister was in town for about a week (Sunday was her last day). Came back home, worked on some homework, and then went to another brony meet! Aw yeah! Yes, I did forget my camera again. :DFH: We had a larger group this time, but not too much more. Last meetup was only three of us, and this one we had five. We all played Cards Against Humanity, and had an amazing time filled with much laughter. I saw on the forum I learned about these bronies in my state from that another brony had shown up, but got so nervous that they quickly panicked and left when they started seeing people show up. I couldn't help but think of Fluttershy, and it made me want to just hug them. I hope they're able to overcome their shyness and go to other meetups we plan. We are thinking of having another one next week, and I will try to remember my camera then. Then in the evening, we picked up my cousin and her boyfriend and took them to supper. The food was amazing! I had chicken enchiladas, which came with chips and black beans. I also had one of the local specialty beers that's only served where we ate (it being a brewery and all), and it was one of the best beers I've ever had. I was surprised that it had 7.1% alcohol by volume though, which seems high for beer. Afterwards, we went to an Irish concert. The band playing is called FullSet, and they've been earning tons of awards lately. After going to see them, I know why. They were a very impressive show if you like Irish traditional music!

    Thus ends my tale of my very busy weekend. I hope everypony else had a great weekend. See you around.
  • SoulEmber
    For the song of the day, I've got one I heard during Olympic commercials, and really enjoyed it. So here you all go, listen to this for about the 20th time! Unless you haven't been watching the Olympics, you hipster ::S:


    Seriously, this song just makes me feel so epic. Anyway, them Olympics. Been watching a few sports, but being here in America, it's a lot of swimming. I've enjoyed seeing some of the gymnastics, water polo, volleyball, beach volleyball, shooting, and a lot of other events. If you've noticed a drop in activity on the site from me, this is the reason. I will most likely become a bit more active once the Olympics are finished up.

    On another note of decreased activity, I've put it just about everywhere I can but here, so it's going here now! I'll be out of town all weekend at a radiology conference for continuing education for the weekend. Afterwards, I'll be seeing family at some hot springs, so that should be nice and relaxing. I should be functional online by Tuesday, August 7. Expect an epic double shift thing (as I struggle to figure out what to do) with Zephyr and I that day on the Livestream! Laugh at me being a new DJ!

    Speaking of which, I've enjoyed the two times I've DJed on Livestream already. Both have been great learning experiences, and I really enjoyed interacting with those who tuned in! Glad I could put smiles on some of your faces with my thank you shoutout about 20 minutes ago. Alright, it's late and I need to be awake early for my step class. So I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
  • Vulpine Script
    Yes, it is I, Poetic taking up the task this Friday, so don't blame Foxy if I muck this up :derpe:​

    First on the agenda is the possible addition of a new chat channel to the real time chat (found of course at the top of the page). The idea of this channel is to give the users an opportunity to talk to the staff about the site in a proper conversation, therefore giving you a chance to speak and share your ideas about the site or complaints in general through a chat as opposed to a messaging system. We as staff promise to listen to you, and hope that this gives you the chance to say what's on your mind. As of this moment it is a concept for the future, but what we need to know is if you want it, or you think we need it, so leave a comment about it!

    Next, congratulations to Lightning Mustang, Tyro the Fox, and Mike406, who have all stepped up to be mods on the chat channels! I'm sure they'll do well, and hopefully will be able to keep the real time chat monitored and safe for work at all times, and generally make things a bit more controlled.

    Another thing that has been discussed amongst the staff is the revision of the rules for the forum and radio. We could do with some feedback on the rules currently; telling us some of the strengths and weaknesses currently as well as providing some ideas for improvement would be very much appreciated. So in the next couple of weeks, expect a few changes to the rules like some being added and some being removed to make things run a bit smoother and make an even nicer place to be!

    Something that we are aware of is that, as the staff, we all make mistakes, and we can work on and solve them if you tell us what is the matter. Users have always been free to have open discussion about the staff, as staff are a major part of any site's operation, so don't be discouraged to tell somepony about what we can do to improve! As such, all complaints about the staff or about the site in general can be submitted to the "Community Discussion" sub-forum in "Site Discussion", which will be aptly renamed to the "Complaint Box".

    Just a reminder to all you ponies, we as the Community Patrol are here to listen and help you on the site, and will always be there for you, Foxytail being the head leader of the patrol of course.

    Yetione has asked Foxy (who in turn has asked me) to post about his trip to London! He's hoping to organize a meetup in the City of London, UK, so if you'd like to meet him and Foxy in person, just check out this thread. They hope to see you there!

    Now for shoutouts! This week a shoutout to Mike406 from Rarit E!
    Keep up the awesome work!

    Aaaaand finally! seeing as we hit 3000 members not so long ago, most of the staff have recorded themselves with a little thank you for all you ponies, put all together into one video by Ramza. (I think another video's going to be released with the ones missed out due to time restraints)


    Enjoy! Tune in next Friday for more news about the site!
  • Grey Knightmare
    Hello Everypony! As you all may have noticed, we have released a Beta Program where you will be able to test new features early as well as provide ideas and post feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and give suggestions! I want to see you guys help shape the future of EP! If you haven’t already joined the Beta Program, you can do so by clicking here.

    Note: Any new features or enhancements released through the Beta Program could potentially cause some instability while browsing the forums. You may also opt out at any point if you choose to do so.

    Secondly, some of you may have noticed that some users have backgrounds and other styling to their profiles. The “Customize My Profile” button has been fixed, and you can once again to give your profiles a personal look. Simply go to your Profile and click the “Customize My Profile” button to the right of the page.

    And lastly, there are a few minor bug fixes and tweaks:

    • Fixed Customize My Profile
    • Fixed formatting bug with Awards tab
    • Removed Awards tab in member profiles that do not have an Award
    • Small visual tweaks added to navbar
    I look forward to hearing your feedback with upcoming features. Happy testing! :grin:
  • HarleyCyn
    Hey everypony, it's Harley here with my first ever blog entry! I'm not much of a blog person because I tend to be just as random in blogs as I am on live chat, so hopefully I can keep myself on track so my OCD doesn't go crazy on me. First off, I want to run off a quick thank you for all the members that have joined over the past year! Three thousand members is A LOT in a little over twelve months. When I joined back in July, there were only about five hundred or so of you. It hasn't even BEEN a year since I've been here on the forums (I was on the radio a few weeks prior to joining the forums) and we've already received three thousands members. That's impressive! Of course, we couldn't have made it this far without your support and patience with us! So, thank you all very, very much for your dedication. It means a lot to me - and I'm sure it means a lot to he other veteran members and staff, as well as, the newer members! That being said, I want to share what ponies have done for me.

    Now, I don't have as exciting as a story as Yami. I haven't changed much, personality wise, since becoming a brony (I refuse to be called a pegasister. ;D). Before I go too far in this story, however, I need to give you some background of how I became aware of ponies.

    I wasn't a big memebase addict like I am now, so I would have never noticed anything pony related. No on I knew talked about ponies and I was all around oblivious to MLP:FiM existing. I refused to watch Gen 1 - 3 because the ponies creeped me out in their design... so naturally I had no reason to really watch a show that... creeped me out. Well, I was playing as a nun/party guest/another side support role in a community production of Sound of Music. There I met this guy named David - anyone who frequents the radio knows his music under "MangaTurtle". He's the one who did The Ballad of Pinkie Pie and At The *Censored* Gala. And no, I had no help in either of them, my only skill in music is singing. Anyway, I met him and we became friends and it wasn't very long after that I started to develop feelings for him.

    That's right. Harley started to fall for Davey. I kept it to myself for a couple months, but during these couple months I friended him facebook. I would see posts about "ponies", but I knew he was talking about cartoons because he said "must. not... watch... ponies". At first, I just ignored it, not thinking much of it. Later, we friended each other on Yahoo! instant messanger. From there we would get to know each other a little bit more and I finally asked about ponies, because at that point he had started watching some episodes. He was getting hooked, but he had yet to become a brony. It wasn't long after that, that I got my answer as to what he was watching... and I youtubed it. When I saw the animation I was floored. Why? They didn't creep me out! I watched all the episodes within three to four days and was instantly addicted to ponies. I looked for ponies on DeviantArt, I had my boyfriend draw a couple - an OC and my pony-sona. I would check EQD all the time, but still had never found Everypony.

    One day I get online and Davey is telling about this website he found - a forum, a community, a pony community. Turns out he found them from EQD! So we both joined the community and I began my journey to become a part of a big family. I joined the radio in the latter part of June, but joined the forum in July. I'm not much of a forum girl, as many of you probably know, but I did do my best to welcome new people every single day. Eventually I got dubbed the official EPR welcoming committee. I eventually became a radio DJ in December, but I got sick with a bad cold, got a new job and moved my horse to a new stable. Basically... I got stressed beyond belief and I had no choice but to quit my job here on Everypony, and I had to leave the forums and radio completely. I can't tell you how much it broke my heart to do it, but my life needed to get stabilized. It took a few months of work, and a few months of getting used to a new sleep schedule (I know, sleep, what's that?) but I finally found time to come back. I reapplied for a job - mainly as a radio chat moderator, as I don't feel like I have time to do any DJing. I never expected to be honored enough to get half of my job back (the half I WANTED back, mind you). I nearly cried myself to sleep with joy that I, with TomTortoise and BlazingDawn, got hired on as moderators. Just this week I got promoted to a EPN chat mod, as well. Crazy right? That's been my life here on EPR... so now that you know my history, let me tell you how Everypony made me a more confident and better person.

    When I first came to this site, I was as I am now. I'm quirky, I'm hyper active, I'm friendly and I'm random as heck. But there was a difference in me that no one knew about and that was my lack of confidence - that's right, Everypony's Harley lack majorly in the self confidence department. I was acting like myself and I made great friends (the "original" Rainbow Dash and the "original" Pinkie Pie and the "original" Big Macintosh, just to name a few). I eventually got to know Grey, Derpy and Foxy. Then my friendship circle just grew and grew, adding on Stainless, Swift, Ripp, Zephyr Haste, Zephyr, Berry Punch, Artanis (now Alzarath), Ryu, ShyGuy, Viper, Scootaloo-- the list just goes on, and on and on. But I still felt like I was just a nuisance, that I didn't make anyone happy... that I just annoyed them. That's right! I thought /I/ was annoying YOU guys. Over the course of time (and with a lot of help from a couple shout outs from Foxy and Zephyr) I've come to realize that... that's not the case. I'm truly accepted and loved here, I have friends that are family and that means the world to me. I may have matured a bit in the past year, but my personality had always remained the same... but my feelings about who I was and am as a person suffered greatly.

    If it wasn't for this particular community and this particular group of people and friends... I would still suffer greatly with confidence problems. I would still think lowly of myself and I would continue to believe I was no good to a community as awesome as this. So to everypony, even if I've just talked to you ONCE or even if I haven't talked to you at all, thank you. Thank you SO, SO much for being there for me. Thank you for accepting me and thank you for making me a part of your family, just as you are a part of mine. I love you all and I can't imagine life without you guys... if I ever lost contact with even a quarter of you guys, I would no doubt cry. I want to remain friends forever... for my life time, for yours. I can't explain how thankful I am for this website, for these members... you really are an amazing community.

    We may have our problems, but in the end, we do our best to be there for each other. So thank you for being there for me, and I do hope that I can be there for you when you need it the most.
  • Vulpine Script

    Good morning everypony! Due to a special site event, I've decided to do this weeks community post in a special way... recording yours truly on webcam to give you the news! Why is this you ask? Because Everypony has reached 3000 members! That's right, over 3000 people have joined this humble site and I'd like to extend a completely personal and sincere thank you. Thank you all, for everything. We wouldn't be here without you. I wouldn't be here without you. Before I go into the news, I'd like to say a few names that I'd like to thank for being on this site.

    First of all, Pixel. I know recently you've been through tough times, but you've always been active and friendly around the site. You've given your advice when we've asked and with over 12000 posts you are the sites most active member, be it giving advice, joining a debate or just having fun. Thank you, Pixel. Thank you.

    Secondly I'd like to thank all the staff, both current and former. With the exception of one (I'm sorry to say), I feel that it was an honour and privilege to work with all of you. Each one of you have made an impact in my life and as you continue to do so I just want you to know that for many of you, you're not colleagues. You're family. Thank you so much.

    So this doesn't get too long winded, some other names I'd like to thank specifically:
    Virgil Pony, Lightning Mustang, Asuya, Ryu Himora, Spiral, Gilson/BrianBlessedPony, Saikyo, Zephyr and Harley.

    You guys. All of you guys are just so awesome in what you do for me and what you do for the site that I can't continue without making sure I've said your names.

    Anyway, now the sentimental stuff is out of the way, let's get on with the news!

    I am sad to say that Viperbait has retired from his position on the site. Some of you may have seen his farewell thread already. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and hope what he finds next makes him happy.

    However, with this loss comes new staff! First of all I'd like to congratulate Zephyr Haste in being promoted to Forum Moderator as well as Radio DJ! Also, I'd like to congratulate Tenor Trouble in his new role as Fanfiction Moderator, Mike406 as Technical Support and Lightning Mustang as our new brand new Blogs moderator! I'm sure I speak for the entire staff that we look forward to working with you guys and hope you fit in really well in your roles.

    As mentioned above, everypony has a new area! Blogs! Yes, personal blog pages that everyone can view and use. How does one use them? What can we do with them? Just use this guide made by Grey Knightmare which explains everything!

    In other news, the staff survey is now closed! We are no longer accepting entries and I shall be spending this next week collecting, analyzing, reticulating and other fancy words the results to see what you guys think of us so we can improve ourselves for your and the site.

    Finally, if you haven't noticed, the next Karaoke Night has been announced! The theme is Video Games! Controller, keyboard, joystick, no matter how you play them, you can't deny they have awesome music! So open your heart everypony, this isn't just his world to sing in. Never turn back and show us what you're made of! (I'm sure I just made some sonic fans squee >.>) As usual the thread can be found here or in the Everypony Labels area of the forums under 'Radio Announcements'.

    That's all from me Everypony. I hope you enjoyed this special 3000 member community post video!