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  • Poisonous Nightmare
    WARNING: This will be some monior spoliers for this game. Do not read if you want to play the game and do not want spoilers!!


    I am going to start with saying that I sincerely am happy to see a Mega Man game that truly returns back to form~

    Mega Man 9 and 10 defiantly were great too, though they felt more like nostalgia pandering to some level. However MM11 plays with a new idea, and puts it to full force~ The very interesting Double Gear concept. You can get a extra boost in power or speed with their respective gears. Or you can get a boost in both and overdrive the gears for the short time. Do keep in mind that you can only use this for a short time before the system overheats. It's kinda like Metroid Prime 3's Hypermode. Be aware that the robot masters will also have a double gear system of their own.

    As for the how the game plays, it looks to play well and has a decent difficulty to it. There are plenty of difficulty levels for players of all stripes. Easy Mode for those who would like to jump into the Mega Man series. Normal for those casual gamers who want a challenge. Hard mode for those who really want a challenge. And Superhero mode for those who want to really test their skills~

    Music is alright, but nothing too special. However there is one robot master stage theme that actually really conveys the wonderful atmosphere of it's stage, and subjectively feels the most like a song to fit the classic series.

    Fuse Man
    I guess it would be too surprising that the electric robot master would have the most electrifying theme. But all jokes aside, this is a really amazing stage theme. The extra euro beat mixing really adds to the upbeat and heart pumping nature of the song~

    Other than that, the one thing many have pointed out is the odd run cycle of Mega Man himself. I mean, it's not something you'd notice unless you really pay attention to it. But that really is the only really huge gripe, other than most of the music not being too amazing. I honestly will agree a lot of the stage themes do feel forgettable. Fuse Man's stage theme being one of those odd rare exceptions. I cannot get that one out of my head~
  • CRBWildcat
    My dad recently got (and accepted) a job offer back in Michigan (not in the same area, mind you, but nearer to Lake Michigan). The intent is for him to make enough money to finish paying off our house and take care of our remaining debts, with me contributing a portion of my own pay towards that end, and it looks like things might work out for the best in that regard. That's not what's bothering me, though.

    Previously, the plan was for him to stay up there, book a motel, find a semi-permanent residence, then come back and pick up Mom and the cats if it looks like his job is stable. My Mom decided that she didn't like to be without him for that long, so the both of them will be leaving together by the middle of next week. Leaving me here in Kansas on my own, taking care of the cats until the end of the month. And then after that, even they'll be gone, with no definite word on when everyone will return, if at all.

    Those who know my backstory might say "it's about time" at this point. I mean, I'm in my mid-thirties while my parents are both up around or at 70. Young birds have to leave the nest eventually, after all, and off the Internet I've never been what one would call a "social" person. I treasure my solitude greatly.


    But it doesn't change the fact that I'm going to miss them when they're gone.



    "If you don't say good-bye, you're never really gone. You're just not here right now." --- Agent Carolina, Red Vs. Blue
  • CRBWildcat
    When I was in college 15 or so years ago, I used to walk as far as the nearest movie theater and Toys 'R' Us (which were on the same block). At the time I knew it was a bit of a trek, but I never stopped to consider just how long it was. So out of curiosity recently, I went online to find out how far apart those places were from my old house. The answer I got was around 2.3 miles.

    This doesn't seem like anything unusual, but keep in mind: I walked up there. Not biked, not drove, walked. There's also the fact that said facilities were right off of Michigan Avenue, probably the busiest road in the entire state, and I had to safely traverse a nearby street and overpass that received more than its fair share of traffic as a result. In addition, keep in mind that I'd need to walk back, which adds up to 4.6 miles or thereabouts. Considering that I weighed around 270 pounds at the time (prior to a major illness, but that's another topic)... well, it's amazing the sort of lengths a person will go just to get his hands on a video game, right? >^_^<

    (And in retrospect, this means that nearly the entire town I live in now is within my walking range. Granted its hillier than Dearborn Heights and Dearborn ever were, but still.)
  • Tyro D. Fox
    I've left this too long. How about a quick blast of stuff I've been playing on Nintendo Switch? Right, 3, 2, 1...

    Super Mario Oddessy


    This game made me glad I'd brought a Switch. I'd brought a 3DS and a Wii U and appreciated the hardware but the Switch is making me love it. Nintendo could be doing so much better right now but they're First-Party Games are not the issue here. Music is excellent, it's a genre I like that doesn't get much airing in today's market that manages to introduce new twists on established ideas and it's got some tough as nails parts in it to boot.

    The enemy capture mechanic is great fun to play around with, making plenty of puzzles varied and fun. Mixing up mechanics from puzzle to puzzle feels natural. It opens up some fun and often bonkers opportunities. A must have.

    Steam World Heist


    A 2D, turn-based strategy game where you play as a bunch of steam-powered robot space pirates looking for precious gallons of water, a precious commodity for the robots that need it to survive. Think Worms but if every character was a gunslinging cowboy as the most important elements of combat tend to be about cover and circumventing cover by the use of trick shots where the bullet bounces off the walls and lands a target. Surprisingly engrossing, Steam World Heist should keep anyone looking for a fun adventure through space happy till the end.

    It's pretty, it's decently funny and features cameos from Steam-Powered Giraffe, one of my favourite bands. It's normally dirt cheep and often on sale. Pick it up.



    The theme song alone gets me excited to play this creative and charming upgrade to Wii Boxing. Which you'll remember was the best game on Wii Sports. However, flinging your arms around to bash costumed crazies will need a little more temperament as the game expects far more from you than a simple dance. Characters all have unique abilities that can be further augmented with dozens of swappable fists, each with different characteristics to tune in what you're comfortable doing in a bout. Throw in a beautiful art direction, up-tempo music that gets you pumped up, co-op and online multiplayer, Arms give you an excellent package.

    If there's anything to dent it somewhat, it's not a whole lot of game for over £40. This is not a hugely single player game and you'll only be able to spend that time unlocking new fists to use in a Smash-style Championship mode. Bare that in mind.



    An adorable Hack 'n' Slash modelled after Link to the Past in terms of controls and appearance but centers around the journey of a shrine maiden attempting to use holy weapons to fight demons. A time honoured story, probably somewhere.

    Honestly, it's just good. Mechanics are simple but engaging as enemy placement and variety is large enough to keep you guessing. Bosses have fun quirks. And the game looks good. And on top of that, it's pretty cheep.

    Has-Been Heroes


    I played this for about ten minutes and put it down again. I was not interested I'm afraid. Imagine if Darkest Dungeon and Plants Verses Zombies was smooshed together into a vague RPG about repelling hoards of oncoming enemies. It feels a little overly complicated and didn't hold my attention for very long. More because it's not my thing than anything wrong with the game itself.

    Subsurface Circular


    A clever and enjoyable detective game about talking and collecting keywords to progress dialogue-based puzzles. It's a simple idea; you talk to people and get picked out words and phrases added to a list that you can then freely ask others to gain more information about them. It's simple but very effective with some funny and memorable moments as you attempt to unravel a mystery of a missing friend.

    The best achievement is giving character to scarcely featured robots. Though, the guy behind Thomas Was Alone seems to know a thing or two in that area.

    Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle


    BETTER THAN IT HAS ANY RIGHT TO BE! I make that statement in Canterlock because I'm sure you looked at it and dismissed it as another Rabbids game, desperately clinging to the Mario IP for sales but no! People cared on this one! Probably whoever came up with Rabbids, Go Home, the other Rabbids game worth writing home about.

    In short, it's X-Com for the Family Entertainment crowd but with changes that actually complement the characters involved. Movement is emphasised over everything and the shooting is simplified down to allow for positioning to drive every aspect of the combat that matters. It's honestly so much fun and I cannot wait for the DLC so I can go back to shooting things in the face.

    On top of this, the levels look gorgeous as well as manic, as it's supposed to be a world created by an experimental device going horribly out of control, transforming Rabbids and the contents of a young girl's mario themed room into a confused nightmare. It's also a pretty funny game, with Beep-o being the star with a surprisingly dry, sarcastic wit for a game like this. Also, the rabbids are actually funny. Mostly because they actually have jokes now. My favourite is Rabbid Peach.

    Bravo, the one team at Ubisoft being allowed and able to do a good job.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


    It is good. Bleat, bleat! Baaaaaaaaa! I am joined the heard and sing game praises! Baaaaa!

    OK, a little sarcastic but this is still good. And I'm sure you're sick of people telling you that. There's actual freedom, there's stupid bananas amount to do in just the vanilla game alone. But if you go for the DLC, there's one that lets you earn an ancient technology motorcycle in the shape of a unicorn.

    It's the most difficult aspect of the entire game and will put everything you've done so far to the test. But, weird, unsure-if-out-of-place motorcycle.

    Puyo Puyo Tetris


    BUY IT! IT IS BEST PUZZLE GAME! Again, use of Canterlock because I'm sure you've over looked it for it's cutesy look and the fact that you only recognise one of the games on the box. BUT! It's actually a mind-melting mash up of two puzzle games I never thought could ever go together. The first times me and my flatmates tried playing the game mode where you have Puyo Puyo and Tetris happening at the same time, on the game grid, caused the room to heat with the effort of our thinking.

    Puyo Puyo might be better recognised as Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine as it's the same game but with a cuter skin on it. Multiplayer is fun, with a load of slower but still taxing modes and a single player mode with an absurd story about interdimensional travel I decided I didn't need to pay attention to in order to enjoy the many challenges it offers. Try it out and feel your brain have to vent steam within a few seconds.

    Splatoon 2


    It is Splatoon 1 with some tweaks and a new single player mode. It's all right. There's a co-op hoard mode that pops up occasionally, stats for gear has been messed around (there's no longer a generic 'up attack' or 'up defence' ability on anything) and there's improved matchmaking if you want to play as a group apparently (never tried it). I do like the fact that you can earn gear you want by taking abilities from one piece of gear you buy and adding it to others. I also like earnable boosts to experience and money gain, making grinds a little shorter. Otherwise, it's Splatoon Plus.

    That'll do for now. I'm playing through some other things like Pokemon Quest (feels more like I'm a gang leader than a 'trainer' or a 'treasure hunter') and Heart and Slash (seems fun through something about the Rogue-Like Elements seem off) and Disgaea 5 Complete (I keep imagining the voices of the Prinny sound like Zoos from Gravity Falls ("Uh, we can take on any demon if we believe and kick the crap out of them with the most dangerous weapons of all, dood: numbers bigger than theirs!")). Maybe Splatoon 2's DLC will be something special too. See ya about, doods!
  • GalacticToast
    Then again, who even can?

    'Kay so, I'm turning 18 in July. How the heck did this happen so quickly??? Last time I checked, I was 12...
    Well, anyway, at least this means I'll gain so much freedom!

    1. I can get a tattoo! (and planning on it!)
    2. I can vote!
    3. I can watch por
    3. I don't need parents/guardians!

    Well, dang, that's it...

    Honestly, it's worth it. I don't think I'll enjoy alcohol, and I know I won't smoke.

    If you got tips on how to adult, or at least how to "fake it 'til ya make it", feel free to let me know.
  • MorphinBrony
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... I have to get something off my chest.

    At around 1:30 AM this morning, Pacific Standard Time, my mother received a phone call, informing her that her mother (my grandmother) had passed away of natural causes. She was 79 years old.

    Of course, we had known for weeks that this was going to happen. In less than a month, my grandmother's physical and mental state had deteriorated greatly, to the point that she was no longer capable of taking a shower without assistance, and that she had begun to see things that weren't there. Furthermore, because she had been a cigarette smoker for a significant portion of her life, she had been struggling with COPD for quite some time before she died, and at one point, she even had a heart attack. Even though we were prepared for the worst, we are nonetheless deeply saddened by her passing.

    My grandmother was a kind, caring and compassionate person. She was also a devout Christian, though she did not go to church. She lived her life to the fullest, and she lived it well. She had lived with us for most of my early childhood, so though I knew her suffering is over and that she is in a better place, it still pains me that she's gone.

    Now, don't take this to mean that I will be leaving the site for a bit, because even though her loss greatly affects me, I'm not the kind of person who would drop everything just to mourn. No, I keep soldiering on through life, in spite of tragedy. Besides, I don't think she'd want me to just mope around all day and be sad.
    Like I said, I'm not going anywhere. I simply felt the need to tell all of you about this.

    Good day to you all.
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    ...Hating on Logan Paul. I kid you not. Just because the dude posted a video of him making fun of a guy who committed suicide in the suicide forest. Now everyone is frickin going ape *squee!* and hating on everything he does now. I'm sure everyone has been hearing about that. Eh. It's stupid trend and bandwagoning, but it's Youtube. This kinda *squee!* happens all the time.
  • Tyro D. Fox
    Pokemon Sun

    It’s good. You should play it. It’s a Pokemon main series game and they’ve been pretty decent with each new addition since coming to the 3DS. The boost in power and interest makes them pretty accessible, fuller versions of Pokemon Colosseum the series has always wanted to be. 3D fights, enjoyable mechanics and enough here that mixes things up to make Sun/Moon worth picking up.

    It’s accessible while still being a challenge. Wonderful! But how does it pull it off? Well...

    The first thing that comes to mind is that Pokemon, as a series, seems to be desperately trying to grow a personality. In games gone by, things such as stories or characterisation or even dialogue was costly. If you put in a diatribe about man’s inhumanity to man and pokemon alike, you might have to cut out a boss encounter. Give villagers too much to say and you may have to replace an entire town with it as there wasn’t enough on the cartridge. Pokemon lasted as a pretty basic looking RPG for many a generation while stuff like Golden Sun or Megaman Battle Network looked gorgeous in comparison. That pokemon database takes up a lot of space! Modern flash cartridges seem to have an acre of room for all the 3D rendered models and the lush looking environments. It seems there’s room for storytime with Uncle Pokemon.​

    And you know he has an epic tale to tell! So grab an eevee and listen.
    The story told is the one they’ve been telling for years now. Blah blah, you just arrived in town, blah blah, you’re a natural trainer, blah blah, go become a Pokemon Master. The difference is in the flavouring. Not-Hawaii location of the Alola Islands do offer a new lease on life for a tired plotline for your mute-ten year old to run through in the form of The Island Challenge. Instead of battles upon battles, sometimes you have to best a dungeon or photograph ghosts or find then defeat a powerful Totem pokemon. This is neat. While I don’t bemoan the older games too much for their reliance on the gym system, which made each a house where the boss lived while occasionally having a small fetch quest. Usually a fetch quest you need to do in order to face them at all!

    Here though, Challenge Captains and Kahunas interact with the world. They ingratiate themselves with the islands, which helps sell their supposed knowledge and skill naturally. Previously, Gym Leaders would have to have special quests and things to prove that they did more than just stand in a big house behind some elaborate set of traps.Challenge Captains and Kahunas are part of the community. They run shops or perform for tourists. They’re active in the world, meaning you’ll likely bump into them as you meander around. It works so much better to make them at least a little intimidating when you have to face them yourself.​

    Weirdly, not everyone gets rich off of unregulated betting on battles with random strangers. Which seems strange to think about but then again, it’s you, the rando wondering around aimlessly with money to burn, that they sell to.

    The other thing about the story is that there’s more characters. Somewhat like Pokemon Black/White you begin the game meeting with your new friends. They’re what replaces the ‘Rival’ of older games as they’ll challenge you to battles regularly like a surprise pop quiz. Hau is the trainer that tries to stack himself against you and he’s not bad. He throws regular challenges at you while also being an all right character. I like him but I also feel like he floats around the story at large without any major impact. He’s appealing enough; a hopeful, enthusiastic son of a Kahuna that likes to stuff his face and battle. Fair enough. He doesn’t get in the way but also does make you want to punch him, unlike Blue or N.

    He, and almost all of the game, is overshadowed by the adventures of Lillie, however, Lillie is positioned as something of an anomaly within this world: someone that abstains from Pokemon Battles. I mean, you assume they’re out there somewhere but it does appear to bite her in the arse regularly. I get the motivation of not wanting to see Pokemon hurt but in a world where the wildlife can, and frequently does, attack at random, you’d think she’d figure out that battles likely arose out of a need to protect herself. She’s fine not to want to take part in battles but we’ve seen time and time again that people should have a pokemon for protection at all times! Oak wouldn’t stand for it, Burch presented a lovely example of why you’d need one and Lille of this game gets attacked by a Spearow flock that she is powerless to fight off or flee from.

    Then take one of my pokemon and go get him then! I have running around in circles to do until my pokemon are all level 20! Vital, important work here!

    In short, she’s kind of an idiot that can never go anywhere unaccompanied. On the plus side, I can report that she’s quite a sweet person. Her care for Pokemon and everyone around her is genuine, making her somewhat endearing. This marvel was created because Pokemon’s writing has improved considerably. For once, they’re attempting jokes and jabs at things. Hau is a doofus but it plays into his character. Lillie is selfless and that plays into her character too. Their defined, distinct and decently memorable. I wouldn’t call them stellar or fascinating but I didn’t mind meeting them.

    This writing buff has permeated everything else, teamed with the 3D presentation to make a greater scope than I thought possible before. Pokemon Sun actually attempts to have ideas greater than ‘bad guys find sleeping monster and fail to control it’. I always found the attempted return of Team Rocket fascinating but Sun throws around the idea of Pokemon from other dimensions, Pokemon gangs, loyalty to family members and when you cross the line as a parent into being a child yourself.

    I’m not joking.

    While I will not say that this entirely works, I will say that it’s pretty out there for what I was expecting but I am so onboard for more. There’s elements that seem neutered or maybe didn’t connect as it should because it’s all still textboxes on a screen but there were clearly places where I was supposed to care but honestly didn’t.

    The game is trying though. You can give it that much.

    I can identity one major weakness with it’s story: it’s not mine, it’s Lillie’s. Lillie is the one that grows, goes through an arc and learns the magic of Pokemon Battles, if I might spoil that for just one moment. You are the silent protagonist that has a completely different story happening outside of the conflict between Lillie and the Ultra Beasts. Say what you like but older games placed you at the center of the story. You fought Team Rocket when you tangled with them and they declared you an enemy. You fought Team Aqua or Magma and put and end to their accidental damage to the weather they caused. You changed N’s mind and stopped Team Plasma.

    But it’s **Lillie **that has the final say that puts the bad guys in their place after she sicks you on them. _Sun _has two stories that meet up then part ways at regular intervals. Do some island challenges, then go fight some story-related goons, then back to the thing you care about because it’s your story. Lillie’s little journey is fine but it feels like something I have little investment in because I don’t get the benefit of advancing there, Lillie does. My reward is being allowed to go back to doing what I want to do; catch pokemon and win challenges. The game will handhold and corral you into their straight path regularly just so that Lille gets her time in the spotlight.

    If you could play as Lillie or fight your way through her story, then that would be something. But otherwise, I’m just her powerful trainer friend that she asks to solve her problems for her. And I ain’t that attached to her. A big problem when I’m a character that has no personality at all outside of my clothes.

    That deep, unwavering stare forwards as if paralysed in the brain and only capable of that mild, cheery smile. Enjoy that for most of the game.

    I love Team Skull though. The jokes and their personality was wonderful. Loved them! Keep them around.

    Gameplay wise, it’s mostly the same. There’s a long list of tweaks and changes from previous titles that matter but ultimately don’t bother me so let’s focus on the major changes.

    The pokemon here are a good selection of old and new that draws on the Hawaiian tie to spirituality and it’s tropical climate. Ghost pokemon have a real spotlight in this place, making it likely they’ll appear in most teams this time around, even giving a welcome return to Phantump and Gastly, two pokemon I had to go find when I heard they were in the game. I like Toxepex, a poisonous anemone that can withstand a beating, and I like Sandigast, a possessed sandcastle that eats life energy. Yes, that’s a thing.

    There are also regional versions of old pokemon, mostly in an attempt to make them a touch more appealing. Mostly, they’ve given dark typing to Raticate, Grimer and Meowth. Which is fine to me. I got a lot of use out of the new Grimer as it’s second typing allowed for more varied and interesting tactics. Dark works decently with Poison, I reckon. The other two are fine but are now fatter in design than before..

    Pokemon seems to be trying to make it’s new additions stand out more though. And their method this time round is to make their lives a little more miserable. There’s pokemon that feast on others, there’s pokemon said to possess horrid powers but the breakout star for me is Mimikyu. Not only is this pokemon a wonderful Physical Sweeper, it’s appearance is a point of self-awareness. It’s lonely and jealous of Pikachu’s popularity. As such, it wants some of that attention so dresses as Pikachu to garner some love. Aww...Makes me want to hug it till the horrible phantom inside claws my soul.

    Who’s my little hellspawn? You are! You are! Who sweeped half the opponent’s team?! You did! Good widdle snookums!
    You see? Pokemon is trying to grow a personality. Some of it works.

    Gameplay is also trying to aid in this: Pokemon may now call for help. At first, this sounds fine. More pokemon to fight means bigger payouts and you can always throw out a second pokemon to even things up, right?

    No! If a pokemon does this, you’re now outnumbered two to one. You cannot capture anything while the other pokemon is present. You also have a high chance that if you defeat one of the pokemon, the remaining one will attempt to call for further backup. Some pokemon have a high likelihood of receive help, giving the impression of fighting a pack that’s happy to wait in line for it’s turn. A good mechanic in theory but it drags out fights that you don’t want if it happens. It seems to have been implemented to allow for a new way of finding pokemon (Toxepex can only be found through coming to another pokemon’s aid) and to help make the relatively compact islands feel like their encounters have just as much impact as previous games as patches of long grass are often small with a clear path you can use instead. You have to want to go looking for pokemon to find them, usually, rather than having to wade through long grass that had overgrown paths you needed to cross to get somewhere.

    If you can’t force more random encounters, then give them the chance to increase in magnitude instead. Doesn’t entirely work.

    You must be the most popular Pokemon in the world if they’re still coming whenever you use ‘Call for Family’! Are you royalty or something?!

    What I am in full favour for is Z-Moves. These are special moves that act as an alternative to a Mega Evolution. Personally, I think they’re superior. Yes, having a big, nasty pokemon that boosted it’s stats and became more powerful when you needed it is cathartic. However, it’s limited to select pokemon and does nothing but change the pokemon’s capabilities. Z-Moves can be applied to any pokemon and any ability. While some pokemon have unique Z-Moves, all pokemon are capable of using them.

    The reason this kicks so much arse is obvious: more powerful move that’s based on the type of z-crystal you give and which move you decide to turn into a decisive finisher. Where this gets interesting is that it can apply to status moves too. Performing Z-Status moves often grants additional effects to the move, such as some moves doubling the effect it has on a pokemon’s stats. Heck, a Z-Move Splash increases that pokemon’s attack by three stages. Not insignificant. So, your choice is now a powerful slam or a tactical edge but you can only choose one per battle. I think this is a lovely idea that means that any pokemon can become worth something, rather than hoping they’ll be given a Mega Evolution.

    I like a game that can hand you a new tool to fiddle with and flip what you knew on it’s head.

    It helps that they’re all kind of bonkers.

    Oh! And there’s this thing where you can pet and feed your pokemon jellybeans. It is adorable. I’m not fully aware of how it benefits you but it’s cute to pet a Genga then feed him his favourite bean to make hearts appear. Bonus points from me.

    So, yeah. Get this. It’s a little more self-aware and ambitious than usual. Either they had a change in design team or they wanted to make _Sun _stand above it’s competition, which appears to just be Yokai-Watch right now. If you enjoy pokemon or you enjoy a relaxing and simple RPG, this is worth picking up.
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    Just looking at the join date, I've hit two years as of the end of May this year. It's been an interesting two years. I've found that I've in some way learned from being here and evolved into someone who can talk with others. This is kind of a big deal for me, considering how introverted I am by real life standards. I am a literal lone wolf in reality. The thing is, due to that, I have fewer IRL friends compared to online friends. I still cannot get a damn RP together, but I think that was a curse from the start.

    Though admitably, things have been fun for the time I have been here. Even if I cannot RP, I do have forum games. I really need to get back into posting more in those, but they are always fun and a good laugh. Either way, my post count at least is a testament to me not giving up on this site, I suppose. Really, this is the only forum I've really dedicated any true serious time to, considering my horrendous attention span at times.

    I know I've caused my fair share of trouble and I've gotten banned once so far. It's really not something to be proud of, but at least it's something to learn from. Though right now, I have been on a emotional roller coaster. All forms of stresses have been keeping me from being happy lately. I may do a second blog to mention what's going on, since this one is already long as it is.
  • ndogmario
    I think the reason why I don't feel comfortable trying to get dates IRL it's because I don't want to wind up with ,lack of a better word, a normie. Internet is my life; I want to be with someone who gets it.
    I mean I do have a life outside of it. I understand the differences and the fundamentals of a IRL interaction, it's just that I'm afraid of what they think of the interest I have that extend online.
    You know like brony stuff, internet memes that I consume, and a few political stuff.

    I'm just imagining how someone would react if they found out I was a brony and had no idea what it was. Or see the people I talk to. Or see the content I make.
    Then I would have to explain and go through maybe a little ridicule. And even after all that she still would not get it because they haven't been seeing Bronies or don't get the ironic humor on the internet because she doesn't use it like that.

    I guess that goes for a lot of things really.
    someone who makes their living playing video games.
    Someone who talked about political views.
    Someone who makes their living talking about cartoons.
    All of those may get some kind of judging eye from someone who don't get the internet and that can really hurt if the person that's judging you is someone you want to spend your romantic life with.

    I'm not saying that I only want a online relationship. I'm just saying that I want someone who understands the internet as much as I do. And the best place to find people who know the internet on the internet.

    I don't know, am I just being a whiny basement-dwelling internet weeb?
  • LostSanity
    Remember how I said you can't do both 'parts' to Chapter 13?

    Apparently I was wrong.

    On the main menu of the game there's an option that says 'SPECIAL.'

    I selected that and there it was. Chapter 13 Verse 2.

    Since it would feel 'incomplete' without doing it... what do you think I did?

    Of course I played it. :D

    We start off with Gladio and Ignis getting a 'present' from Ardyn. Their weapons back. With the situation dire and Noctis' location unknown, they accept all the help they can get. YEAH I DON'T CARE. THIS GUY IS STILL AN *squee!*. :angry:

    The play of this is slightly different than the regular game. It's hard to explain without playing it yourself. But it wasn't overly difficult honestly.

    Gladio and Ignis fight their way through Zegnautus until they come across a control room with a tape showing the emperor and Ravus fighting. :eek:

    Ravus is forced away by Daemons. Where he seems to come across Noctis. He tries to give him his father's glaive... but NOCTIS CUTS HIS MECHANICAL ARM OFF. o_O

    No of course it's not really Noctis. IT WAS THAT *squee!* ARDYN AGAIN POSING AS HIM. I SERIOUSLY HATE THIS GUY. :mad:

    Gladio and Ignis continue trying to find Noctis... until they come across another big room. A monitor room with the Crystal on it. Gladio messes with the control panel to unlock the room.

    But then...

    A FREAKING TALKING DAEMON APPEARS. It's Foras again. Which is clearly the emperor in this scene. SO LET'S KICK ITS ASS. :mad:

    Not overly difficult honestly. It's mostly a 'hit and run' fight. Attack it, run away, run in, attack again, continue until you win.

    Afterwards Gladio and Ignis continue their search. Until Ignis claims to hear Noctis' voice and Gladio follows Ignis.

    That was pretty much it. Not long but still interesting I suppose. Apparently the gameplay is the same as Episode Gladiolus. Which I may or may not do if a walkthrough is ever done for it. But I think it may be some time. I want to get through some other games first after spending 100 hours plus on this game.

    This time for sure. I'm completely finished with Final Fantasy XV.

    My mind hasn't really changed on it honestly. I wish the ending was better but I liked the game too much to let the ending make me hate it.

    Next time:

    DREAM DROP DISTANCE REVENGE!! Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix thoughts/experiences
  • LostSanity
    Noctis & co. enter the citadel...

    Ardyn decides to give us a 'warm welcome...'





    This fight... to be honest...

    Wasn't overly difficult. Was it because of my over-leveled status? Probably. But that was fine by me. :smile:

    It was still a lengthy battle though. I only had to use a couple items.

    I LOVED the part where Ifrit got REKT by Bahamut and then Shiva. It made me APPLAUD. :twi:

    Afterwards... Noctis seems to be saying goodbye to his friends. The game even makes you choose a picture for Noctis to take with him.



    Ardyn is finally confronted. He then incapacitates Prompto, Gladio and Ignis claiming they have no 'part in this'





    Ready everyone?


    OH. MY. GOD.


    It was just epic not hard. :zebra:

    I enjoyed it honestly.

    It wasn't overly hard for me either. Using the Ring of Lucii helps to dodge his assaults with Holy. Which also deals damage. Which is also nice.

    Again only some item use was required.

    At the end... both Noctis and Ardyn were tired and couldn't do much. Except Ardyn who kept attacking me. You really can't dodge here which made it... annoying. So more item use had to be done. :angry:

    Attacking constantly seemed to be the answer. As it eventually led to Noctis doing exactly what I wanted him to do.

    USING. ALL. WEAPONS. :cool:


    Noctis heads for the throne... while his friends deal with another horde of Daemons.

    More goodbyes..................





    Noctis summons the past kings of Lucis....

    They... start attacking him...........


    This isn't happening.... :boo:


    Noctis ends up in some ethereal space. Where he faces off with Ardyn one last time and finishes him off for good.




    Wait... Cyber Sleuth did the same thing before he was brought back. So that'll happen again... right?



    There seems to be a monument on the throne with Noctis' full name on it. After the credits........

    Noctis and Luna seem to finally be together and married and even share a kiss. Fitting I suppose. :)


    THE END.




    I just...

    I don't know what to say...

    You know what?

    I thought about it for awhile after I was done.

    I just can't do it.

    Was it an ending where the game gave me a 'double middle finger?' Yes. Obviously.

    But I just can't do it. I can't hate the game just because of the ending.


    Because of the experience and the time spent on the game. I just LOVED this game too much to hate it just for the ending.

    At least Noctis and Luna are finally together? :cry:

    Final thoughts:

    Do I wish the ending was better? Of course I do. But it doesn't matter. The game was just too AMAZING to hate it just for the ending.

    Therefore... my final thoughts on Final Fantasy XV are.......


    Also... with the game beat... I've completed my 'challenge' as well. I now NEVER have to watch Equestria Girls 4 EVER. DEAL WITH IT. ::S:


    Next time:

    DREAM DROP DISTANCE REVENGE!! Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix thoughts/experiences.
  • LostSanity
    Yes. I'm stealing lyrics from songs now.


    As promised. No more sidequests.

    The group continues and Ardyn announces he has a 'surprise' for them. A 'blast from the past.'

    Who is it?

    It's Ravus. WAIT WHAT?! WASN'T HE DEAD?! o_O

    Yeah... the *squee!* made him a Daemon. WONDERFUL. :sigh:

    Ravus says to kill him...

    Ugh. At this point I suppose it's mercy. :(

    New boss theme.

    Although it was a bit of a grind and I had to waste some items once again. Victory was mine.

    Kind of sad really. ARDYN. I. SWEAR. :mad:

    No time for that apparently. Daemon attack. HORDES OF THEM. :eek:

    So the group tells Noctis to leave to get the Crystal and they'll handle the Daemons. NO. WHY?! :sad:

    UGH. NO CHOICE AGAIN. :confused:

    Noctis is all alone once more. But the Crystal... it's right there... :eek:

    He asks it for help. Then what happens?


    Then... OF COURSE. Ardyn appears to mock Noctis. He goes on about some story and tells Noctis to become the 'champion of the crystal' as it wouldn't do any good to kill him as a mortal claiming it will be his 'redemption.' THERE'S THAT WORD AGAIN. THE ONLY THING YOU'LL BE GETTING IS ALL MY WEAPONS. DOWN YOUR THROAT. :mad:

    Inside the Crystal...

    HI BAHAMUT. :eek:

    Bahamut basically tells Noctis how this is going to all end and what he has to do as the 'King of Kings.' Basically... Ardyn is something called the 'Asurpur' who needs to be killed due to him falling into madness. WELL I FIGURED THAT MUCH OUT MYSELF. Considering... you know... he already revealed he was immortal. ::S:

    But that's not the important part. The important part is apparently a 'blood price' has to be paid. Which seems to be... the life of the King.



    Well... Noctis wakes up in some... stone prison. To eternal night. WONDERFUL. :sigh:

    He makes his way to a destroyed Galdin Quay. Most of the Daemons can ge dispatched quickly with Death though. But some should be avoided. LIKE A LEVEL 84 DAEMONWALL. ARE YOU SERIOUS GAME?! :pff:

    But I avoided it. When the road was reached... a truck came by. Being driven by... TALCOTT?! An older Talcott. Who reveals that 10 years have gone by.

    WOW. IT'S FF13-3 ALL OVER AGAIN. :boo:

    Talcott catches Noctis up with everything that has happened. But Noctis is back now. He's quickly rejoined by his friends at Hammerhead.


    The group dons some sick threads and Insomnia is finally reached. Some AMAZING themes here.

    I fight my way through Insomnia and practically reach the final point.

    It's time this ends. One way or another.

    Next time:

    Final Bosses. Will this game really end like Persona 3? IT BETTER NOT. BUT IT CERTAINLY SEEMS LIKE IT'S GOING TO. :cry:

    I suppose we'll be finding out soon enough... can peace and the world truly be saved?

    Well... we might as well try. Or die trying. Which seems like is going to happen either way. :sad:
  • LostSanity
    Yep. I did them both.

    Crestholm Channels was almost like a maze. But I somehow survived it and at the end... yet another LARGE enemy was awaiting me.

    A Jormungand.

    Even though it was a lengthy battle and lots of items had to be used, victory was mine. :cool:

    Now... Costlemark Tower.

    Was much harder. I finally understood why my Official Strategy Guide called it the 'hardest dungeon in the game'

    As I barely was able to do much before an annoying 'Bomb' like enemies (Galvanade) caused a Game Over. I survived it next time however.

    Here's a tip from me to you. This dungeon is SO MUCH EASIER if you wait until you get the Ring of Lucii. Even though I didn't discover this until later some of the enemies in this dungeon were susceptible to Death. Most notably of which being said Galvanades. MAKE SURE YOU USE THAT ON THEM SO THEY WON'T DECIMATE YOU AND YOUR PARTY. :confused:

    Once again use of items was key here. But I was able to make it to the end somehow and this time the large enemy that awaited me was a Jabberwock.

    This went about the same as the Jormungand battle did. It was lengthy and lots of items had to be used but I won thanks to the Summon notification popping up. :D

    I got the last Royal Arm as my reward and a Trophy for obtaining all 13 Royal Arms I'm assuming. :smile:

    At this point... I think I'm done with sidequests. There's really nothing left worth doing.

    So guess what?


    From now on it's Main Story until the end. Until I beat this game.

    Get ready for this wild ride. Because once it starts it won't be stopping until the credits. ;)

    Next time:

    What's in store next with Ardyn and his BS 'games'? Not that it matters because with our powers back there's really nothing that's going to stop me from SHOVING. EVERY. SINGLE. WEAPON. DOWN. HIS. GOD. DAMN. THROAT. :angry:
  • LostSanity
    Some major revelations coming up.

    But first... as I continued... a poisonous gas filled the area. WONDERFUL. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. THANKS ARDYN. :pff:

    But Noctis is able to trudge through it and get rid of the poison.

    However... he gets annoyed... by a Daemon called Foras. Who freaking talks. YEP. I'M SURE THAT'S TOTALLY NORMAL. :confused:

    With no weapons the only choice was to avoid attacks until the elevator came.

    On the next level... the power goes out. ARDYN. I'M SICK OF YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMN 'GAMES.' :angry:

    When power is restored... the freaking Foras shows up again along with some more of the Magitek Axeman. Once again fleeing is the only option.

    On the next level... Ardyn 'shares' with us the fact that the area we are at now is where Daemons were pretty much made. From beasts and men alike. Oh... great... so that means... :eek:

    URGH. I. HATE. YOU. ARDYN. :mad:

    He keeps teasing something about Prompto as well. Foreshadowing I guess. o_O

    When we make our way to another area... we're trap by two electrified walls that close in on us. OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. :sigh:

    It looked like the end of Noctis was only moments away. Until... GLADIO AND IGNIS TO THE RESCUE. They're able to stop the walls and the group is somewhat back together. Except one obviously.

    That one being Prompto. Who we eventually find in a prison cell and immediately rescue him. He asks if we were worried about him. YES. WE WERE. ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS. YOUR BEST PROMPTO. :twi:

    Now all that's left... is to get our weapons back. We come across a locked door... that Prompto is somehow able to open... with his wrist. :eek:

    So... it turns out... Prompto was born in the Daemon lab and was a MT. But you know what? The group reaction here was pretty much my reaction. WHO CARES. YOUR PROMPTO AND YOUR BEST. YOUR PART OF THE GROUP AND YOUR STUCK WITH THEM. NO ONE CARES WHERE OR HOW YOU WERE BORN. BECAUSE YOUR FREAKING PROMPTO. :smile:

    With that said, the device is turned off and weapons are returned. Just in the nick of time as the giant enemy from before returns. But with our weapons back, it pretty much falls quickly and easily. Enemies roam the area now but with the group reunited and powers re-obtained with new OP powers, they really pose little problems.

    Eventually the Foras makes it's reappearance and... apparently... one of the group (can't remember which one) reveals it to be the Emperor. Well... that's... nice I guess? For me that's fine. More reason to KILL IT'S ASS. Plus... karma working it's magic yet again. ::S:

    So I do just that. I kill it's ass.

    A major boss is coming up and I'm not sure if it'll let me do this at any future point.

    So... back to Lucis we go. To do the final sidequests. First up... Crestholm Channels. I'm still not sure I'm ready for Costlemark Tower but I may try it anyway because I just legitimately don't know if I'll be able to go back to the past to do quests past Chapter 13. So there's pretty much little choice here.

    Still though. For now it's just Crestholm Channels.

    Next time:

    Crestholm Channels. Will I survive? What about Costlemark Tower? Will I survive that? Is it really the hardest dungeon in the game. Provided that's how the Official Strategy guide describes it I certainly shouldn't doubt it. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Oh goodie. :confused: