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  • Night Fury
    So i had a moment of weakness and seemed to be depressed, i felt that i wasn't myself at all, only someone else. I didn't like it and wished it would leave me alone, but it kept causing me so much sadness, i'm not usually overly emotional, but this took me down off my pedestal. But during that time, my friends helped me through it, telling me i don't have to be afraid of who i really am, but i denied it, said i didn't want to change for anything. I felt that if i let myself change, i would be a horrible person and everyone would hate me for it.

    But after they sat with me and made sure i was alright, i figured why not. and let that side of me come out. I thought it would be a bad thing and they'd leave me, but they stayed by my side. I just hugged them and cried, letting everything i had bottled up inside come flooding out. All the guilt i held back, all those painful memories, i felt it just leave me and the more i cried the better i felt.

    By the time i was sat back up it was gone, all those negative emotions, they weren't there anymore, all i had were happy emotions. My friends were happy that i felt so much better and took me out to get some food and drinks.

    I've never felt so much happiness in my life, and i'm glad my friends were able to stay with me during it all.
  • Flutter_shy_steph
    You know it would be nice to see who views our blogs, whether its actual members or guests. I would love to know who took time out of their lives to read my blog. I know one of the staff members will be able to add that sometime soon, hopefully. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know besides knowing when someone comments on their blog. Okay well I'm done! XOXO
  • Flutter_shy_steph
    I can not for the life of me find a better job! I mean you would think I would find something since I am in a city and all. What the bloody hell! Apparently applying and calling to see if they got it is not one of the things I'm suppose to do. I call and actually get a hold of a manager. The manager acts like she/he does not care. "Oh, let me get your name and phone number and we shall call you back." UGH! Good for nothing people. I've been waiting for like two weeks for these stupid places to call back and have not heard anything! Not to mention, when I called every one of the managers were too busy typing and talking to people. WTF?!? For one that is very rude and two you just lost my business.

    Anyways, besides that going on, my turtles needs to go get de-wormed. The snapper needs it badly due to seeing a maggot in his water. Been cleaning his tank every other week and this is the first time I see this. See now this would be okay to do if I had the money! My boyfriend actually has to pay for it since the snapper is mostly his. The other turtle, which is my baby, already had her de-worming last year but probably needs another one. Don't need her to get sick and be stuck at the vet till she is better. Sigh...

    Thanks for reading my rant! It isn't much but its something stuck in my head!
  • Narrow

    I made a stupid steam group for video games. Just wanted to be a curator.

    I dunno. Sometimes the reviews will be funny. Probably not.
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    The Zombie Apocalypse is already here. I can hear you saying 'what?'. Trust me, the zombies are here. Just not in the undead, flesh eating form. It's in the form of brainwashed people who have a electronic device, that isn't a laptop, glued to their face. Seriously. Anyone that has fallen for this corporate propaganda, has their face shoved in some electronic device watching Netflix, texting, vine video making, or doing the latest update on their life. None of it for practical reasons at all.

    I get it. The devices are convenient, but that isn't an excuse to be a brainwashed zombie. Seriously, People cannot take at least one minute to look away and be socially active with other people. They spend every waking hour staring at a blue lit screen. What is so enticing that you have to constantly stare and cause eye damage to yourself? Some may not get hardly any bed rest at all either, just laying in bed staring at that screen of their choice. Anything involving Apple Phones, Ipods, Ipads, Kindles, the latest Smartphones; just to keep up is plain asinine. I'd like to read a actual book thank you very much. I'd like to sip a coffee and enjoy conversation with a actual person at a coffee shop of my choosing. Not having my face in a screen the whole time.

    Is society so boring that we need something to shove in our faces? If so, it's the most pathetic thing ever. You don't need to talk to anyone to have fun either! Take a walk around town, walk through a forest. Hell, do anything that isn't shoving a electronic in your face. Being out and about is about getting away from home comforts, not shoving them into every facet of your life, unlike what that one Adult Swim ad says.

    I know this rant will most likely go unheeded but whatever, I'm just stating my opinion on this matter. In anycase, if you do have your opinion, I'd like to hear it. Got a counter argument to what I said? I'd like to hear it. Well, as long as it isn't: 'You're being a jerk and electronics are the best thing ever! You don't get it.' I honestly don't want to 'get it'. I want to get away from it.

    Your lovely Changeling Queen, Chrysalis~
  • Shadow Step
    First off, sorry I've been gone from this site for so long. I was hoping to finish school and catch up on pony but I've been way too slow (gotta find a good day to watch like 7 episodes) and I guess I didn't want to see any spoilers or anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    So, looking back at my last blog entry from October, I was surprised to see some of the things I said. Unfortunately that's not because I got used to my friend moving. Instead, I got something way worse: he became an ass.

    When he left, I talked with him a bunch and I had thought we were possibly as close as ever. I was so consumed with this thought that I had completely forgotten any suspicions of "jerkiness" in him as he left. In fact, I remember telling myself to deal with it so I could try to have a good time with him in his last few weeks. As time went on I got more used to him leaving. Although, while we had our good times online, we also had our share of bad moments. I remember getting irritated as he rarely answered my texts while answering group text messages from another friend right away. But any suspicions lingering would be erased whenever we had a fun time playing a game online (which was every now and then).

    This summer, he texted that other friend and me that he was able to visit us for 3 days (July 6-8) because his dad had to come here for work. Here's the catch: his dad couldn't pick him up until late, meaning he had to stay with my friend or me every day until then. Now this doesn't sound like a bad thing, but you'll see why it is soon.

    So he arrived on Monday, and when I saw him for the first time in about 9 months, he was slightly different (somewhat lower voice, a little taller). My other friend couldn't meet us until late because he had basketball practice, so it was just him, my brother, and me. We caught up, watched some videos, and then watched part of a movie. It was a great day and it certainly reminded me of some good times we had together.

    The next day, I woke up a little late as he and my other friend asked me to play basketball. They had been out for a while though, so they got tired and we went inside my house quickly. We watched some videos and cooled down. But instead of playing any games with my brother and me like usual, they continued watching videos. They were ridiculously stupid, and were the types of videos my friend hated before he moved. This went on for a while, as if it were just the two of them. Eventually, I tried to start a conversation by asking him if he remembered a YouTuber who we used to hang out with online. He said no, so I showed him a video of his, and he stared at it with a blank look on his face and said "is this supposed to be funny?" I'm pretty sure he couldn't hear half of it because of my other friend's video blasting loudly, so the comment kind of irritated me, like he was going to say that no matter what. After more videos from the two of them, I grabbed a guitar and just started to play something. But my friend grabbed it away and (I think) jokingly said he could play it easily. This left me with nothing to do until the other friend left. Afterwards, we played a game until his dad was ready to pick him up. The game happened to have customized music that I put in, and when the first song started to play he said it was terrible. Insulting my music was something he had started to do around the time he moved, so that didn't rub off well on me. To me, dissing someone's interests can be funny if it only happens a few times, and if it persists then it really turns into a personal attack. I thought I'd bring up a reason as to why I liked a band of mine to keep the conversation going, but it was no use because he insulted them as well. Sometimes I'd actually respond to his "attacks" in a not-so-serious tone, but he'd laugh and say I'm mad like it was really just teasing, which at this point to me it wasn't.

    Wednesday, the final day, was by far the most interesting day. I was upset at how my friends had come into my house and treated me poorly, so I decided to take out my frustration on some basketball while listening to music (this usually helps me calm down). I knew they'd come outside eventually, so I got up early to try and beat them there. I stayed out for 2 and a half hours (much longer than I normally would) and was about to go in when they both came out. Of course, they immediately said "why didn't you tell us you were out" and then asked in a "roll-your-eyes" tone why I was listening to music. I told them it was for excercise and ignored any tone they used toward me. My brother then came out and we played a nice, long game. However, whenever my brother said basically anything they would make fun of him for it, a trend also from the days before my friend had moved. I was just noticing how he had seemed to instigate most of the teasing, realizing it had somewhat died down after he had left. After the game, a friend from school asked me to play even more basketball, so I agreed and took my friends and brother with me. Unfortunately the exhaustion was getting to me and I had started to cramp up from seemingly everything. Luckily for me, the game ended quickly as it had started to rain, and my friends from school left. My brother called for a ride, but my friends still wanted to walk, as the weather here changes quickly. As we were leaving I noticed we forgot our balls, so I went and kicked one over, which sent a wave of pain through my calf. I was cramping up again, but this time it was a full one. I tried to walk it off, but my other leg suddenly cramped as well and I fell to the ground in pain. My friends both looked at me incredulously and kept asking why I was laying on the ground. The one who was visiting kept teasingly swearing at me to get up, calling me a p***y. At first I didn't mind because he was obviously joking this time. Then my other friend told me to stretch to try and make the cramps go away. As I remained on the ground in the rain, the friend who was teasing me suddenly walked home with my other friend. Yep, he didn't even wait to make sure I could stand up (which I still couldn't). When I finally got up and walked to the library with my brother to get picked up, I was drenched and fuming. How could they just leave me there writhing in pain? Oh, but it gets better. After we passed them (with them staring at us) and got home, my other friend had practice again. So of course, as soon as I stepped into my house, I got a call from my "homeless" friend asking me to take him in. Now, this is where a lot of people would prefer to tell him off and hang up the phone. But I just couldn't do that. I couldn't break off a friendship that had lasted for so long with so many great memories, especially on the last day he was here. Just a little longer and I didn't have to see him anymore anyway, right? So he came in and we decided to finish the movie. As we did I subtly dropped him a hint I was angry by saying "yeah, that's why you left me on the ground..." He just laughed jokingly. My brother even added "yeah, he's actually pretty pissed about that..." as we set up the movie. Afterwards, my parents even offered him dinner because he had nowhere to go. My other friend joined us afterward and we played games, which was pretty fun except for one thing: they were again poking fun at everything my brother said. He swore at them at one point and I could only try to keep the situation calm. Later we watched some videos until the friends went and watched their own stuff. It wasn't as excluding as the first time, though, as they still payed attention to me. My brother, on the other hand, was playing a game by himself and having nothing to do with them. At one point I asked my friend if he'd come back next summer, to which he said "probably not" because apparently his dad was only around to close a business deal and didn't actually have to come here very often. I said "yeah, but you know, if your dad has some other important business thing..." and he apparently took this as me begging him to move back (?) because he said "there is no way it would work for us to move here" or something like that. I let the topic go and soon his dad came to pick him up. My friend left with a casual goodbye and we talked to his dad for a minute or two before they were on their way.

    As they drove off I thought this would probably be the last time I would ever see him again, and yet I didn't feel anywhere near as sad as I did when he left 9 months ago. I thought back and realized he had been needlessly rude to me way too often. He questioned half of the things I said, including jokes. He berated my brother constantly. He probably didn't say "thank you" one time the entire visit for our hospitality. I had gotten the whole deal with him in these 3 days: the good, the bad, and the mixed. In a way, I had gotten closure after his sudden departure 9 months ago. In the end, I came to the conclusion that maybe him moving wasn't as devastating a loss as I had originally thought. Sadly, even the closest of friends can change like this, and while he remains oblivious to everything that has gone on between us, it will always remain sharp in my mind. I'll also never forget the awesome times we had over our 6 years as neighbors. But things have changed, and I can without a doubt say I am ready to move on.
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    This July has been rather hit and miss for the beginning of he month. The fireworks for the 4th were great but the walk back home that night was kinda bad due to one of my friends getting pelted by a full soda with ice. It was one of those foam XL cups of dark soda too. My friend was super pissed.

    Shortly after that when we got our second wave of grocery shopping done, a resident who was obviously high insulted my friend by calling him a dumbass for not liking the Save A Lot brand pizzas. He wanted to deck that stoner for saying that. I honestly don't blame him, though I try to ignore that crap.

    The best part is when the fire alarms went off for at least 5 to 10 seconds at 9 am because some jackoff probably accidentally pulled the alarms. I just had my dark roast and moved on with my day, which was awesome BTW. I know I mentioned it earlier in my status but we met a metal head playing around with some guitars in a local pawn shop I go to on occasion. This guy was really good with the electric guitar.

    So yeah, that's how things have been so far. Here's hoping I have more better than crappy days ahead.

    - Your lovely Queen, Chrysalis~
  • MorphinBrony
    Post post post
  • A Jewel of Rarity
    Been a while since I've been around on here really.

    I have been busy and not busy with stuff. For a while I was just being lazy playing some games on my Wii U (super smash bros 4) and I also tried to apply for an art course at my local college around a month back and I was declined so I was kind de-motivated by that and haven't done much art since, I am however working on one last pony Image of Shyra.
    I don't wanna do any pony related art for a good year or two just because it was all I ever did and it was holding me back from improvement but maybe after a few years have passed I might return and draw some pony stuff. One of my art ideas was to draw Sapphire and Shyra as humans and I still today have this perfect clear image in my head on what it should look like but I struggle to put it to paper.

    From my time away from here I grew further and further away from the brony fandom to the point of cringing at other bronies with all their awful fanfics and ships but I do at times forget that there is some cool bronies out there and that's why I wanted to return here because I met a bunch of cool non cringy bronies on here.

    Back on the subject of art I might open a thread called "Jewels draws simple things" I will be applying for college next year in january again but I need to work on my portfolio and I think this would be an awesome way to motivate me to draw some stuff. Even though I have that one perfect image in my head for drawing human Shyra and Sapphire I really struggle coming up with ideas for something simple to draw for practice, when I had a 1 week art tutor all she did was make me draw some cubs and seashells which I will try and scan and show you guys, but what I need is just some ideas for simple things to draw. The thread will probably be like a request thread people would request a simple scenario or something for me to draw and I would try my best to do it and I will post the results and people could rate it I guess (and I will probably upload it even if its a failure and I only draw one line "7.8/10 -IGN line too squiggly")

    I never really do these blog things but maybe if I do more people will get to know me more and I can make more friends :D
    Also sorry for the huge rambling walls of text I have had a lot on my mind to talk about since I left.

    Oh and my birthday is coming soon again isn't that funny that my last post here was just me talking about my birthday. It is July 2nd for anyone that didn't know~
  • KillStreak
    So I have been inactive, and I apologize for this. Recently though I have been very busy with a project that I finished (for the most part), another forum of its own. Now, I do not know if we can advertise other forums here or not, I doubt we can. The site is called The Realms of Vengeance, its an RPG Site that I spent nights of staying up on to perfect in almost every way I could think of. I am still looking for some staff to help out with some of the site, and I do not know if this Blog Entry will be removed or not. If you want more information of the forum I can give you information of it, anyone is free to join.
    Like I said, I do not know if this Blog Entry will stay up for long, hopefully it can.

  • Poisonous Nightmare
    I don't know what it is lately but I've been on a odd streak of staying up late and sleeping the day away again. And I just broke that habit a sort while back. I'm not sure why, but I'm getting back into being nocturnal again. I'm probably going to try and get some sleep in a few hours but I just wanted to let everypony know what's going on.

    I guess my sleep schedule is out of wack for a few reasons, but it's mostly personal related reasons. One of my big habits is gaming while others sleep, which is one of my major reasons for getting no sleep at night. I end up sleeping the day away and feel like a vampire because of my more night owlishness~ Meh, either way I'll try to get on later today if I can... but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    I'll admit it's been a while. It's crazy to come back to an updated forum. It'll take getting use to after being banned for a little over a month's worth of time. I'll admit I was lurking mostly during my ban. I just couldn't keep away. I've seen things grow and change. Though it did suck to be locked out from interaction, it was nice to see that things were still kickin' anyway.

    My life in while I've been gone has been busy. Keeping this apartment afloat has been a bit difficult with three people around. Myself and two friends. It's kinda crazy to be with them a lot but it's pretty fun when there are not many issues. So yeah, life has been pretty good, but hard.

    Truthfully it's good to be back though. I'm happy to see members on here and I had fun last night watching Tyro play games on his stream. Admitably, it was my first time doing that since joining, but I figured why not. I was bored anyway. So yeah.
  • WG101
    I'm just so stressed right now I've go a big exam coming up in an hour and i haven't studied properly since i was watching Jacksepticeye videos during the 12 hours of studying i actually did. lets just hope i at least get a C on the exam results.
  • Tommyspud
    Battlebots, the US equivalent of Robot Wars, just finished up their second day of TV Taping, so in tribute, let's go to the list of awesome bot vs bot combat that happened in Battlebots. It only lasted 5 seasons, but they had numerous legendary moments in robot combat.

    Let's start with an obvious one, and one of my personal favorites.

    For the Heavyweight Golden Nut Trophy in Season 2, the final round.
    "The Lowest Skirts and Season 0.1(Long Beach 99)" Biohazard takes on "Season 0.2(Las Vegas 1999) and Season 1 Champion, The Immortal" Vlad the Impaler.
    Two lifting bots. The eternal battle.

    Arguably the Most Memorable fight in Battlebot history, the fight was all about who could get lower. Not even 20 seconds in, Biohazard flips Vlad, but Vlad rights himself with his new bar, the first time he's had to do that in Season 2. Vlad tries to charge and lift Biohazard for a push, but he can't get correctly under him. Biohazard attempts to charge and flip, and lifts Vlad up, but no flip. Vlad gets under, but before he can get a push, Biohazard gets off his lifter arm. Killsaws do some damage to Biohazard and Vlad lifts and slams him into the spike strip. They pace around, and Vlad drives over Biohazard. Another flip after by Biohazard, and Vlad rights himself once more! Vlad backs up near the giant hammer pulverizer in the corner to attempt to get room for a speedy strike, but Biohazard rushes! He lifts him up into the pulverizer. Several strikes by the Pulverizer, and... IT BREAKS in mid-strike! Vlad is able to get free and keeps charging Biohazard, but he keeps running over Biohazard instead of getting under him, and the time limit runs to zero, we go to the judges!

    Decision: Judges vote 27-18 in favor of BIOHAZARD, new champ!

    Post-notes: Gage says he's going to build a Superheavyweight, guess we'll see how good that turns out later in the blog. In fact, it's the next match, but a bit in the future.

    Season 4 - Superheavyweight Division Quarter Finals
    "The Robot Flipping Champion" Toro vs "Season 3 Champion, and Vlad the Impaler's brother" Vladiator
    Would Toro flip Vladiator enough?

    Vladiator comes out with his spike, but he hits a bump in the floor, jarring the spike. Toro comes in and rams it, and BAM, the spike is gone. Vladiator has no other weapon besides his pushing power now. Vladiator and Toro engage in a pushing battle. It's abandoned when Vladiator gets under Toro's flipper, but he runs off and avoids getting flipped. Though, against a bot like Toro, it's like fighting against time. Eventually Toro gets under him and flips him massively in the air, twice, spinning him. Luckily, Vladiator can work upside down and right side up. Toro continues to pursue and flip him, as Vladiator attempts to stay away. Vladiator tries to push Toro into the spike strips, but slides off. Vladiator continues to go at him like a raging bull, but Toro continues to either dodge or flip him. Vladiator's still got a chance if he can put him into the pulverizer, but no, Toro flips him into the wall, and he's stuck at an angle! Time expires, but we have what seems like an obvious judge's decision.

    Decision: Toro wins 32-13.

    Post Notes: This is the year that Toro would win the Superheavyweight Division, flipping the entire competition.

    Season 5 - Middleweight Semifinals
    "17-0 Undefeated 3-Time Middleweight champion" Hazard(Hazard didn't compete in Season 2) vs "New Flipping Arm" T-Minus.

    Let's talk about Hazard knocking out 2 bots in under a minute and winning a 43-2 decision over his quarterfinal opponent to talk about the domination he had. T-Minus got a new flipping arm to try to combat Hazard. Will it work? Both bots approach each other. Hazard's blades make a strike. T-Minus gets under, and lifts a skirt up into Hazard's spinning blades of death. One of the front skirts is stuck on the blade, so the blade is stuck! T-Minus is in disbelief, then approaches Hazard and flips him, ending the 17-match win streak! Everyone flips out!

    Decision: T-Minus wins by KO!

    Post Notes: T-Minus, he wins the division this year, yep.

    Season 3 - Round of 16 Heavyweight:
    "Vertical Death Spin" Nightmare vs "Horizontal Death Spin" Son of Whyachi

    The hit heard around the world. Both bots closed in on each other, the hellraisers shaking Nightmare but not hitting SoW. SoW gets his one hit and literally just tears Nightmare apart with one shot, knocking off a wheel and sending it flying. Some people consider the Hellraisers to be the reason why Nightmare lost, because he got knocked off his angle of attack, while SoW wasn't affected. You be the judge.

    Decision: Son of Whyachi wins by KO.

    Post: Son of Whyachi would win the Heavyweight division, defeating Biohazard in controversial Judge Decision fashion. However, the weight max bonus which was given to walker-bots, like SoW, would be limited in the next competition, making SoW a Superheavyweight.

    Season 1 - Round of 16 Lightweights
    "Lightweight Killer" Ziggo(Season 0.1's Kilobot/Lightweight champion) vs "The Phonebook" Missing Link

    This was the first fight of the Battlebots TV show on Comedy Central. Missing Link put on it's 'phonebook' at the end of it's weapon to absorb the blows from Ziggo. Missing Link charges in to Ziggo, using the Wooden Phonebook to poke at the Lightweight Killer. Not a good idea, but it seems to be working, but not as well as hoped. Ziggo is able to hit the edge of the pole, sending Missing Link spinning around, and gets it's wheel, knocking it off. Missing Link only has one wheel! Missing Link spins around in circles, and turns his back to Ziggo. Big Mistake, as Ziggo attacks, taking off it's other Wheel! Missing Link has no wheel, and after a bit of Killsaw abuse, it's all over.

    Decision: Ziggo wins by KO

    Post: Ziggo would then lose it's Quarterfinal match against Das Bot, as Ziggo would brutalize Das Bot, but ricochet during one of those attacks... straight into the spike strip where it got stuck to lose.

    Season 2 - Round of 16 Middleweights
    "Watch me Spin" Turbo vs "Seriously, don't do it." Buddy Lee Don't Play In The Street.

    Buddy Lee also had a lifter arm, but it was taken off for this battle because Turbo could damage it. Buddy Lee waits for Turbo to approach him at full speed, then goes at him. Buddy Lee keeps getting hit rough by Turbo, but stays alive, and keeps going after him. Full aggression by Buddy Lee. Repeated shots from Turbo cut up one of Buddy's front tires, but THE BOT JUST KEEPS COMING. More damage to Buddy Lee, as the tire comes off the axle, and Buddy keeps coming. Super aggressive Buddy Lee actually slowing down Turbo's blades with the strike, and pushes him around a bit. Buddy Lee keeps striking as the time expires. Judge's Decision.

    Decision: 28 to 17... Buddy Lee Don't Play In The Street wins! Upset here, Turbo technically was ahead on weapons shots and hits in general, but Buddy Lee wins due to his aggression.

    Season 3 - Heavyweight Finals:
    "Legendary Metal Skirts" Biohazard vs "Soon to be moved to Superheavyweight" Son of Whyachi

    SoW had a weight advantage going in, because of the max weight increase for all walkers. At the start, Biohazard charges Son of Whyachi, who takes off one of his front skirts. But that doesn't phase Biohazard, as he charges again, breaking one of the connecting bracing arms, and charges him into the pulverizer. Pulverizer just begins killing SoW, but SoW gets free. Biohazard tries to flip SoW, but almost does. SoW looks dead but revives himeself Biohazard looks like he can't move, and SoW somehow gets his spinner to spin again, taking off a side skirt off Biohazard. They start counting out Biohazard, but Biohazard REVIVES! Both bots reviving. Both bots having issues moving at the end, the refs begin counting. The ref counts out Biohazard, but they count him out early, as he moves right before! Big boos, big discussion, and they decide to call the Judge's Finish, even with 10 seconds on the clock.

    Decision: 29-16 for Son of Whyachi.

    Post: This is what I don't agree with, because I feel like Biohazard was the much better driver, and did something that hadn't been done before, slowing down SoW. Either way, it should've been much closer than it was, IMHO. SoW was bumped up to the Superheavy division and wouldn't be able to recapture it's Season 3 run.

    Season 3: Round of 32 Middleweights
    "Even shelless, I run" Turbo vs "REALLY?" Double Agent

    Turbo and Double Agent take shots at each other. Turbo knocks off shards of armor from Double Agent upon contact. Double Agent keeps rushing in, not allowing Turbo to spin up to full speed. One slight knock by Double Agent into the killsaws, sends the shell right off Turbo, sending it flying 5 feet into the air, and Turbo goes flying 2 feet up. BUT... BUT TURBO RUNS! Turbo is able to put Double Agent into the killsaws, and Double Agent goes flying too, but he still has his shell. Double Agent gets mad and pushes Turbo into the Pulverizer, and the Pulverizer begins murdering Turbo, to where Turbo cannot move, and Double Agent is called the victor!

    Decision: Double Agent by KO.

    Post: Double Agent would go into the round of 16 vs SABotage, and SABotage would come out victorious, making the Quarterfinals. This loss sent Turbo out of seeding position, and after an issue during Season 4's prelims where it couldn't move, it made a slight appearance on TV for Season 5, losing to Wrath Jr.

    Season 5: Round of 32 Superheavyweights
    "Liverpool, New York's" Final Destiny vs "Plow Mode" Diesector

    Final Destiny has a spinner on the top of it's long skirts. Diesector, normally seen with two killer hammers, currently has a plow and a lifting arm+New Attachement. Oh no. Diesector can get under Final Destiny. He lifts the skirts into Destiny's blades, and it rips off one of the skirts itself! He keeps doing it, and another skirt gets ripped off because of it! Diesector puts him on the killsaws too. He does it a third time, and Final Destiny's self-hurting technique gets it flipped on it's back! Final Destiny goes down and gets counted out!

    Decision: Diesector wins by KO

    Post: Diesector was actually Season 1's Heavyweight Champion. Final Destiny got ripped apart. Diesector would go to season 5's final where it would face... well... That match is actually next.

    Season 5: Superheavyweight Final
    "Hammertime Mode" Diesector vs "Ramp Mode" Vladiator

    Diesector charges Vladiator at the beginning, swinging it's hammers wildly, giving him multiple shots as he slams him into the wall. Vladiator gets off, but Diesector continues to push and hammer him into the wall. Vladiator slams into Diesector, catching it and flipping it. But Diesector can run inverted, but keeps making strikes at Vlad, as Vlad attempts to escape the bezerking Diesector, and picks him up, ramming him right into the wall! Both bots keep ramming into each other, and suddenly... they call it. With 1:36 left on the clock. Why? Apparently Vlad's ramming into the wall caused a panel of the battlebox to actually come loose. Judges Decision again.

    Decision: 26-19 in favor of Diesector!

    Post: I can understand the early shutdown, even though I hated the fact that it was shutdown SO EARLY, and they went to the judges instead of a restart. But, safety #1. They probably should've stopped after this, because a certain event involving Nightmare would stop the show during it's 'after-final' rumbles. As a tooth of Nightmare would fly through the air, breaking through the Lexan ceiliing, and actually land into the crowd. No one got hurt though, whew. Also, earlier to that in the rumble, a shot from Nightmare sent a lid from a combatant up into the air and brought down some lights. But our journey's not done.

    These are just some of the matches that I love about Battlebots. I have some more for you, though I'm not going to give you the recaps here.

    Season 2 - Lightweight Final: Toe-Crusher vs Backlash

    Season 1 - Middleweight Final: Deadblow vs Hazard

    Season 3 - Heavyweight Round of 32: Mechavore vs Vlad the Impaler

    Season 2 - Middleweight Quarterfinals: Blade Runner vs The Master

    Season 4 - Heavyweight Semifinals: Tazbot vs Biohazard

    Season 0.2(Las Vegas 99) - Superheavyweight Semifinals: Minion vs World Peace

    Season 4 - Superheavyweight Final: Toro vs New Cruelty

    Season 3 - Round of 32 Lightweight: Dr. Inferno Jr vs Toe-Crusher

    And... just to have a rumble.
    Season 2 - Superheavyweight Rumble
  • MorphinBrony
    Jimmy, I'm afraid you've been diagnosed with aut-HEIL HITLER!!!*bang**bang**bang*

    Congrats, PeTA. You are officially the SECOND WORST charity.

    Autism Speaks is an organization that has no autistic people in it, which isn't a good sign. To make matters worse, only 4% of their money actually goes towards supporting autistic families.

    What does the rest of the money go towards? Well, they make ads using misinformation and fear to trick people into thinking that autism is a disease that must be cured.

    First of all, autism is NOT a disease. To put it simply, if the human brain were a computer, then autistic people would have a different operating system than those who don't.

    Second of all, to cure autism is like curing homosexuality. It just can't happen. Even if it could be cured, it would be the equivalent of genocide. No, in fact, it WOULD be genocide.

    As an individual on the autism spectrum, I find what they do extremely repulsive, even more so than the likes of PeTA. You can most likely thank Autism Speaks for "autism" being thrown around as an insult on places like 4chan.

    This is why I have no faith in humanity...