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  • LostSanity

    Let's talk about the upcoming Season 6 Finale shall we?

    I've already seen the preview for it. Because it was a part of my DVR Recording when I watched my recording of the new episode that aired yesterday.

    From what I saw...

    It seems like I might end up being right.

    It looks like it might be inspired from/have elements from Final Fantasy XIII-2 (13-2)

    If that's true... I'll try my best to explain it. However... please keep in mind that it's been FOREVER since I've played 13-2 and most people are going to interpret it in their own ways regardless. :dunno:

    But this should be interesting nonetheless.

    Maybe, at long last, there will be material and references of something I actually understand/know?

    We shall see...

    For now... I leave you with this.

    "My destiny may change your fate. The pain my heart feels... is my strength."


    *switch to COM/RAV/RAV*


    You know... this song really fits too. I'll even post the lyrics too so you can see what I mean. Here you go:

    Worlds collide and people fade
    Seeking gates through timelines, we've all prayed
    Let's fix the past, trade it now to see smiling faces
    This hope, heart of Chaos cannot take
    Paradoxes must break, this is the path I must take
    My destiny may change your fate
    The pain my heart feels is my strength

    Worlds collide and people fade
    Seeking gates through timelines, we've all prayed
    Let's fix the past, trade it now to see smiling faces
    This hope, heart of Chaos cannot take
    Paradoxes must break, this is the path I must take
    My destiny may change your fate
    The future to come is what we make
  • Na11
    Umm helllo
  • Na11
    Ok everypony, we have rights to state what we hate and like,- I'd better shut up and continue.
    It's a great episode, it has 2 songs, it has a rarity who is the main pony, rarity is a combination of applejack twilight, and fluttershy in that one.

    • she charmed the mail-pony into making her another delivery(their ponies, and don't have high-tech things like us humans, plus, there is only one mail-pony)
    • She made 400+ dresses and didn't sleep, better than twilight's record.
    • Ummm, i rate it 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%
    So that's it.
  • Poisonous Nightmare

    (Disclaimer: This is a Satire. This has no bearing on any canon!)
    Today in Ponyville News, it seem a local artist, named Derpy Hooves, has reported being abused by her client. She looked confused and rather... perplexed about the situation. The poor mare has no idea what the cause was and commented with "I don't know what went wrong."
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    Disclaimer: This a satire. This isn't a shipping... unless your into Chrysi x Celestia, then fair enough.


    You know that awkward moment when you wake up from a hang over? It's not pleasant, especially when you find out that you've been with someone. Chrysalis knows this pain and woke up this morning with Celestia resting on her. It was reported that Chrysalis got extremely drunk off a local popular liquor because of her crippling loneliness. She got together with Celestia whom got done with a Royal Party and was also rather drunk. She invited Celestia to her hive and this was the end result.

    Drink Responsibly Fillies and Gentalcolts~
  • Matthew DePointe
    Hello. My name is Matthew DePointe. And today, I'm going to show you a side of me that can only be described as ... zaniness. My chicken hat and I will do all the explaining in the following video.

    A billion bits to you,
    Matthew DePointe
  • Prince of the night
    So, during the lets play Thursday with Tyro, he showed a Vinyl Scratch Amiibo that looked really awesome, and after looking around I found some more. Here are some I found

    You can not play with them, and if you do you will play with a character the it was made on. Sill, it looks good for collection in my opinion.
    So what do you think?
  • insanepony
    I am a new pony in town also I have a death note but i am not mean enless u are (jk only on rp) I do whant to be freands and conrades so lets have fun he he

  • Floppy
    Hello there, I don't know why but I felt like beginning my blog this evening.
    Perhaps because I'm bored, or that I want to improve my English... (not my native language) surely because I've found it fun to start a blog related to multicolored ponies.

    Well, about some presentation.
    Floppy, brony since october, 30th 2011.
    I'm particularly a fan of both Miles "Tails" Prower and Twilight Sparkle. They're like models to me. They share the endeavor to surpass themselves and fulfill their respective dreams. Not talking of their common problem with self-confidence. They deal differently with it : Tails with a tendency to fleeing a bit at first then coming back with a resplendent courage (like a certain yellow pegasus), and Twilight who is more stressed and nervous but always comes to terms with her fears. And well, they're also a bit nerdy compared to their friends. :boo:

    And you, dear reader, have you a model? :twi:

    I'm a gamer, sure, but I'm also a creative who has one great dream : creating my own video game. Perhaps I'll succeed someday. I also like writing, and sometimes drawing.

    Yesterday, I stumbled upon my old files. And I found this video :

    Do you remember? I don't know if we expected to watch more fan animations in the future like Sonic Rainboom or Children of the Night. (or Lullaby for a Princess recently)
    Well, nostalgia time. See ya later and keep brony on! :omg:
  • Flutter_shy_steph
    You know it would be nice to see who views our blogs, whether its actual members or guests. I would love to know who took time out of their lives to read my blog. I know one of the staff members will be able to add that sometime soon, hopefully. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know besides knowing when someone comments on their blog. Okay well I'm done! XOXO
  • toxicmint
    Ya everypony! Mind control magic! Here in Equestria our unicorn friends might be trained in a couple mind altering spells. A prime example of this is cadence's love spell, Yes I'm scratching at that this is mind altering magic. It's understandable that we see this as a good thing cause normally love is seen as a way to lead to companion bonds. What is a bond with companions called? friendship. In several episodes it is shown that friendship itself holds a strong magic in it. But, back to Cadence's love magic. That magic would involve alternating a mare or stallion's mind because emotions are a mental entity. Not so good now is it? Let's emphasize on a unicorn's emotions it seems that a unicorn's magic can be effected by there emotions. If said emotions can cloud there judgement enough could love magic turn into hate magic? Well that's it for this week. Catch the next one next week. Stay safe my unicorns.
  • Tyro D. Fox
    So...I figured I'd do a smaller review idea thing for fun and because I thought that the gap between the last review and Kill La Kill was too big. So...How about a smaller thing?

    On Card Games? Because I've become hard wired that way over the last year. Plus, you guys do know that I will review pretty much anything under the sun if you ask me, right? I even did Five Nights at Nightmare Fuel for this site on request!

    Still, without a further ado, the Doctor is in.

    Deck Doctor - #1 - Frighten Decks

    So, because the My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game has it's claws in me pretty bad, we'll be reviewing a few decks I could find from the communities I frequent for this sort of thing.

    Yeah, none from here because no one else has submitted a deck yet. Sorry...If you play, I'd be more than happy to take a look.

    Case #1 - Jonquil - Submitted to UK of Equestia

    Ah! A most difficult and awkward of decks to construct within the game: the frighten deck!

    For those looking over without much of an idea of what's going on, let me explain: if you imagine that the game is like two opposing armies attempting to take control of at least one of two control points for as long as they can, then 'Frightening' an opponent's cards is essentially incapacitation.

    A frightened card can't do very much at all. They're turned face down and then simply languish in place. They can't be moved unless some cards allow it, they can't use abilities, can't lend their power for anything and ordinarily require 2 Action Tokens to return them to normal.

    Again, in normal circumstances. Orange decks tend to be the best at resisting frightening, especially cards like 'Megaphone' which will un-frighten everything you control if you flip a chaotic card. Not too bad but a little tricky to pull off.

    Finally! A deck for me!

    Anyway, this deck shows an interesting approach to a Frighten Deck: movement speed. The Rainbow Dash Mane is able to be flipped rather easily by being at a problem with two pegasi cards (even opponent's cards count). Once flipped, the keyword 'Swift' is added to the card, making it a breeze to get moving around. It's also teamed with 'Scootaloo, Fan Club Founder', a card that will follow the Mane Character at the cost of being exhausted when they get there.

    It's not called 'Stalkerloo' for nothin'.

    This means the card is unable to lend power that turn but it's still a cheap way of getting power across the field. In addition, there's 'Two of A Kind' which allows the movement of two characters for the price of one and the cost of laying a Troublemaker. Certainly not bad.

    Why do I mention this? Well, Frighten as a tactic is powerful and intimidating. You are rendering a character inert, exacting an Action Token penalty on your opponent on top of picking off parts of their strategy as it stands at that point. If you can get down at least one 'Rainbow Dash, Goosebump Giver' you are in business as you can chain that frighten action like a little plague!

    However, it's often very expensive. In the deck in question, to get a frighten ready, you'd need to get at least 3 Blue on the field, likely flipping Rainbow Dash. Then, you'd have to use at least two action tokens, which in early game, might not be so viable as you're often using that to move around. In a Dismissal Deck, at least the card you're getting rid of is out of the game and into the Discard Pile. Unless your against White or certain Orange cards, you're not seeing it again.

    Seeing as the action is so costly, factoring in movement speed is a good idea as, you can stun a key character in your opponent's strategy then attempt to move other cards around with the remaining Action Tokens. If you have a decent amount of cards with Swift or any other movement abilities, you might just be able to make something very viable.

    No all of us get to swim in Action Tokens like this guy up here in his money pool.
    Got to work within your means.​

    Lastly, I commend the troublemaker choices. While there are better ones available (a villain perhaps?), Parasprite Swarm is a natural choice for this type of deck. Sure, it's frighten ability if you sit there long enough is appealing but I always liked the ol' trick of adding a 'Fiery Temper' when it's counter reaches 7. That bypasses the check which only triggers at 8 and will carry on growing more powerful forever.

    Silly, but true.

    The Yellow Parasprite is a very reliable early game troublemaker. If you can hit your opponent with at least one, you can begin munching on their hand almost immediately. The Windigo, on the other hand, is a much more late game card. While weak comparatively, it prevents a certain number of characters to challenge the card. It's an effect that lessens over time but it means it does work best when revealed at a problem your opponent believed they had secure.

    The Prescription

    I'd consider finding bits and pieces from the 'Nightmare Moon' starter deck. Mainly, the Changeling Drone which gains power from all friends that have been frightened. Failing that, consider figuring out something else for your Purple cards to be doing than just offering off-colour.

    You can try the Nightmare Moon mane but I think it might hurt rather than help your deck.

    Aww...Don't worry Moonie! We'll get to a deck with you in soon.

    There are a few things that come to mind. One being a Token Generator like 'Twilight Sparkle, All-Team Organiser' or 'Truffle' to help pay for both movement and frightening. While they would likely only be there to be put at home then constantly exhausted, they are lending some much needed support.

    Another possibility could be 'Twinkleshine, Outside the Box'. With your Troublemakers comes the need to gain some advantage to ensure they stay for as long as you need them. Some do this with draw chance but it's possible to do so with the 'Inspired' keyword. Being able to see the top cards of a deck and alter them could give you just enough of an edge to ensure the opponent never get's what they need.

    Next, how about resources? At the more common end of the scale, we have 'Study Session' which is played to home. Now, if you frighten an opponent's friends and they try to just replace them with new friends, they will enter play exhausted, delaying them even further.

    Next, there's 'Monstrous Manual'. Yes, that sounds weird but it's not for Troublemaker's attacking you, it's for your own Troublemakers. You see, when a problem is resolved and then changed, this resets everything around it, including the removal of active troublemakers. Inactive ones are spared this, so, 'Monstrous Manual' can help you keep, say, a tenacious 'Parasprite Swarm' you happen to have out on the field, saving it from dismissal.

    Going up the scale of scarcity, we have 'I Can't Decide'; a Report Resource that will cheaply allow you to repel at least one opponent friend from a problem. There's always the dreaded 'Utterly Drained' that will remove a Mane Character's abilities but lastly, and likely most interestingly:

    'Golden Oak Library' is likely the best Purple Resource you will ever need for this deck. Once it's down, it will allow you to dig through your deck a little and pick out Event cards. Considering that you're likely to be anticipating your 'Thunderclaps' one of these could help the wait feel less like a needle in a haystack.

    I hope that helps.

    Case #2 - Metaphor - Submitted to UK of Equestia

    So, Metaphor...What did your opponent do? Did someone hurt you? Why are you lashing out like this? What did they do, Metaphor? What did they do?

    This is a Chill Pill. I want you to take it and then call me back in the morning. Trust me, I'm a Doctor.

    In this Article at least...

    For those not in the know, the deck contains the basic necessities for a decent Frighten deck ('Goosebump Giver', 'Celestia, Fair but Firm', 'Changeling Drone', 'Crystal Guard', Nightmare Moon Mane). All of these give plenty of oppotunities to frighten a character. While heavy frightening is certainly powerful, the concern with the deck is it's off-colour.

    Those black cards are 'Colourless' characters. While they can still be used to solve problems, these usually come with some harsh penalties that affect the entire game for both opponents. Usually, you might see one or two of these guys in a deck.

    Metaphor has put in three. Each with a crippling ability.

    Worst/Best case scenario is that both opponents can't score more than two points per turn, can't cause face-off's and can't draw any more than two cards. So, for both opponents, they will have to crawl to 15 points one point at a time.

    To make things worse (or better), Metaphor plans to not only be frightening opponent cards to render them useless but utilising various events and resources to make those frightens count as hard as possible. 'Unending Nightmare' wastes precious Action Tokens the opponent needs to un-frighten cards by automatically reversing the effect. 'Faint of Heart' can dismiss frightened friends, making it the only dismissal I know of that needs Blue. 'Train Tracks' forces a friend to become frightened for the entirety of an opponent's turn unless they exhaust two characters. Then, to cap it off, a further tax on recovering from a frighten by way of 'The Scariest Cave in Equestria'. Good grief! When a frighten lands, it's going to count.

    And yet, I can see pretty glaring flaws in this deck. A few of them are quite simple.

    Off-colour is necessary to satisfy the secondary requirement on problem cards. While a colourless character can do this just fine, Metaphor doesn't have very much of it in this deck. Yes, the deck hovers at a lean 45 cards but this doesn't change the fact that we're looking at about a 1/5 chance of getting a vital, incredibly necessary card because he only has two of the three Colourless character. Add onto that the fact that each card is 'Unique', meaning that only one of each card may be in-play at any time. If finding the colours you need is becoming a problem during a game, you may have to throw down as many frightens as possible.

    Which, as we've discussed, is expensive. Investing in all the Events and Resources to boost frighten capabilities can only do so much if your opponent is comfortably romping home with their star characters.

    And that's where I feel this deck fails. It desperately needs to lock down the game as hard and as quickly as it needs the breathing room in order to pick off cards while drawing in each point, one at a time. Forgetting the 1/5 chance of drawing one of these vital cards, dismissal decks could pick this apart easily as it would simply pick off each Colourless character then plough on as if nothing ever happened.

    A decent Troublemaker deck could cause some serious havoc with the plan to slooooowly rack up points just by appearing. Even more so if it's a villain, which would stomp through everything then frighten all involved. Which would waste Action Tokens for yourself as you un-frighten everything.

    Heck! Even a half-decent Aggro deck could punch through it with the right cards or the right Mane. Various Orange cards would laugh at the implication of being struck with such a thing and continue onwards, one powerful card being a particular version of Maud Pie. Plus, both Rainbow Dash Manes can move friends around very easily. Un-frighten one thing then rush up to whatever's dealing points.

    The Prescription

    I would consider having a bag of lollipops on hand to give to any opponents that have to fight this thing because, when working optimally, this is brutal. I struggle to think of a Tempo Deck better equipped to make people cry.

    There are somethings that offering tender gestures of love cannot fix. At the moment, this deck is neck and neck with Nonose McSuperEvil up here. And we know his hugs are crap!

    But as I said, watch out for decent players that will likely be able to throw their own strengths in the way of your progress. Plus, remember that your off-colour has a 1/5 chance of appearing, making getting them down for the basic task of solving your own problems (let alone imposing the game wide rule changes) that much harder. You can just spam your opponent's problem for points if you're in a pinch but you leave yourself wide open for dismissal, troublemakers, soft-dismissal, 'A Simple Mixup' plays, 'Pony Charms' and agro decks forcing face-offs and stealing points from you due to a not hugely exciting flip average.

    But, frightening is a mighty thing in this deck and that does deserve recognition. If you can bring a deck to a standstill, you're sitting pretty. Even so, I would recommend finding room for some more off colour to help the deck compete when it's not being very forthcoming with the cards you need.

    Of course, if this is a gimmick deck, feel free to ignore everything I said and have fun.

    Anyway, remember: I do take requests because I am but one dithering shut-in and can only find so much new stuff to talk about. If you want to see it on here, let me know! Or offer to write it yourself.

    Again, a thing that you've always been able to do.
  • Tyro D. Fox
    My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game
    Absolute Discord
    First Impressions

    (I warn you, this is gonna get very technical, despite my best efforts to explain what I mean for new players so, bare with me. I know probably waaaaay to much about this game. If you have any questions, please pop them in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer them. Otherwise, a quick Google search might help.)

    Because I am a hugely selfless and thorough reviewer, I went ahead and signed up to spend an entire day getting to know the new card releases of probably my favourite card game. I spent the whole day playing a draft tournament, getting excited with all the rare and ultra rare pulls my group experienced over the course of the day and got to know all about the new mechanics and cards on display.

    And then, because I'm just that selfless, I did it all again the next day. Only with chocolate milkshakes topped with candy floss. If there's anyone here who's well equipped to talk about this stuff, it would be me.

    OK, Vulpine Script (a.k.a Foxytail) was there too but you don't see her with a review blog about pretty much anything relevant so, it's down to me.

    And Dilly Star is currently on Magic so, it's still me!

    Look, pull up a chocolate rain and I'll let you all know about how I found this new release.


    MLP:CCG, for those not in the know or simply enjoy having this stuff explained to you like a cult mantra (like me), is a card game rather unlike other card games of it's type, something a lot of Pony Inspired games seem to share. Instead of the intent of the game to defeat your opponent in combat (like Magic: The Gathering, The Pokemon Trading Card Game, WieB Schwarz, Yu-Gi-Oh and Vanguard (as far as I can figure out of that game, anyway)) in systems that simulate different forms of battle, the Pony games I've played have been very different.

    The MLP: CCG is a race to be the first to score 15 points. You start off with your Mane Character which is able to be 'Boosted', often to become more powerful or gain an ability, and a problem deck with one card flipped to face up. In order to score points, players must use their Main Character and friends to confront problems or defeat troublemakers or win faceoffs. The first to 15 Points wins, the other guy get's to mutter death threats under his breath.

    The game becomes more complicated when you consider not only how to get those 15 points but also, how to prevent or slow down your opponent's characters attempts to score as well. Up till now, there's generally been a few accepted characteristics unique to each colour to indicate how they play.

    Purple Characters are excellent at control, being able to move opponent characters around or apply special effects to Problem cards.

    Yellow has generally been seen as having plenty of cards that are easy to play to the field as well as gel well together. Yellow is also able to dismiss opponent resources.

    White cards are able to impose taxations to character movement, edit the opponent's deck using the ability Inspired or utilise resources to either grant more abilities to a character or score extra points unexpectedly.

    Blue cards are usually able to move around the field cheaply with the ability Swift as well as be able to 'frighten' characters which incapacitates them until a penalty is paid.

    Orange cards are able to generate great amounts of power to be used to complete problems. Orange resources can both power up cards as well as heavily de-power an opponent's characters.

    Lastly, Pink cards specialise in disruption, usually through being able to dismiss opponents cards to the discard pile but they are also excellent at recovering from a bad flip in a face off with the ability Random.

    Yes, I know! It does sound kinda familiar.

    Notice any patterns there? Well, guess what? One of the key aspects of any successful deck is not just the consideration of how to score points but also, how to screw over your opponent's characters as hard, and as efficiently, and as powerfully as possible. There are honestly entire decks I have seen, and built, designed entirely around the idea of smacking your opponent's chances of winning down with as much force as possible.

    For a game based on a show about friendship, there's plenty of pure deception and cruelty encouraged in this game. And it just makes me love it more.

    For example, Foxytail once built a deck that I like to think of as 'The Friend Machine Gun'. Foxy's usual play style is dismissal and she decided to take advantage of the ability of one of the Pinkie Pie Mane Characters. The Canterlot Night's Pinkie, when boosted by fulfilling the requirements on the start side, allow her to dismiss a friend at the cost of one of her own friends at a problem if she is able to confront said problem. So, Foxy filled the deck with as many cheap, easy to play friends as possible with the sole purpose of sniping the opponent's forces one by one every time she scored a point.

    I've managed to build a deck I like to call 'The Miner Beat' deck because of it's unique ability to gain power from both drawing cards to my hand and dismissing them to the Discard pile. It's Mane Character is DJ Pon-3 because of her useful ability to draw an extra card at the cost of exhausting her (which means she cannot move or solve problems while in this state) as well as cards that allows me to six cards at the cost of shuffling my current hand into my deck. The secret here is Twist, who gains +1 power for every time you draw a card. Using various cards to continuously draw cards from my deck into my hand, it is then possible to inflate little, geeky-looking Twist to somewhere around 20 or 30 power on her own for the duration of that turn.

    Truly hilarious.

    So,Who looked at this character and said to themselves "Yes! Almighty Powerful in the right hands! Perfect!"?

    And that's only two possible examples I could give without going on forever about this stuff. There's Princess Decks, Crystal Decks, Fashion Decks that can get hideous amounts of power just by attaching resources to them, Villain Farming Decks that spend the entire game trying to defeat monsters to gain the points attached to them, Inspired Heavy Decks that sit around picking out all the cards in the opponent's deck they don't like, Hyper Aggressive Decks that can confront two problems without breaking a sweat, Frighten Decks that can chain the action of frightening to potentially render entire groups of character's useless, Troublemaker Decks dedicated to using Troublemaker cards that function as roadblocks against the opponent that prevent them from solving a problem until they're gone, Teamwork Decks that spread abilities across characters that share traits in order to make that ability even more powerful, and so on and so on and on and on and on and on and ruddy, bloody on.

    Wow...I swear there's a 'The Elements Song' parody in there somewhere just waiting to be made...

    "There may be many others but they haven't been discovered,
    But you better pray to Celestia that my Villain stays uncovered!
    Dun-da-da-dun-dun! Da-daaah!

    The 'Meta', which is to say the deck themes and potential strategies that are valued as popular, powerful or simply 'viable' by the collective of players with play a particular game, is pretty wide and varied. You can try and speed straight for points, maximising every action or you can smack your opponent down with as big a strategic hammer as possible, laying out every, conceivable trap or required hurdle in your opponents way to get the match down to your pace.

    Some decks are built entirely around cutting the opponent almost entirely out of the equation, looking for other ways of scoring points. Villain farming and the infamous 'Rarity, Truly Outrageous' (colloquially known as an 'RTO') is able to continually score extra points every time a problem is confronted, speeding towards victory. It's a much sort after card as a result.

    Why am I telling you this? Well, I wanted to give you a flavour of how the face of the game looked like before Absolute Discord because afterwards, in comes the Master of Chaos. And he turns up, looks at all those strategies you held so dear then slaps them to the ground!

    He stomps on them, pulls you in by the scruff of the neck and says: "You're playing by my rules now!" because as far as I can see, the Meta has taken a pretty hefty blow as Enterplay came in and decided to mix things up even more than any pack that came before it.

    So, let's examine a few of these new bits and pieces, shall we?

    The first and most prominent characteristic I found while playing with these cards is that many of the abilities allow a player to mess with the board in a variety of ways. Some did it even when the opponent had managed to lockdown the board, thoroughly preventing me from scoring any points at all. New Event cards can now end Faceoffs before anything happens, cancelling any chance of winning points from them. New resources can change characters into Critters or remove the ability of a Mane Character, effectively destroying many deck strategies. And new friends can do anything from acting as a trap within a deck when flipped to stealing opponent's characters to use for themselves.

    First, let's discuss one of the bigger additions: Colourless Characters.

    A Colourless character is usually on a black card and seems to be mainly for playable bad guy characters. The advantage of a colourless character is that they generally seem quite powerful. They will still lend power towards a problem, although, they only count towards either a 'Not Power' total or a 'Wild Power' total.

    This is a Problem Card. This is where you score points. The thing at the top with the upside-down 5 is a wild power, meaning that 5 of any power is needed to confront the problem. Along the bottom, is a symbol meaning 2 Pink and 2 'Not Pink' are needed to confront the problem and gain points. Makes sense? Good.

    These Colourless Characters have one issue: they don't count towards any colour requirements. Some cards need a certain amount of power from characters of a particular colour on the field in order to be played. Colourless doesn't help you out there but does still allow the player some options. Plus, some of the abilities of these things are quite brutal.

    Holey Moley! Dive! Run! Fleeeee! They're not only invading, but they've teamed up! Save the Children! Help the Aged! Water Aid it all up in there!

    Ol' Cheese Legs and Flamey-Eyes are now playable characters! And they're damn powerful too! They also happen to be very cost efficient, as your getting at least three power for your three action tokens spent! Sombra over there even has the possibility to become hideously powerful, permanently. That is horrifying to contemplate playing against, the only comfort being that these are just two of the ultra rares released.

    Although, there was another few ultra rares that shows that Enterplay are starting to have a bit more fun with what they're putting in decks now. Behold!

    Proof that Enterplay is beginning to take the mickey a little bit.

    While nowhere near as bad as some of the bizarre Magic: The Gathering Joke cards, here's a couple of rare cards that show that there's something of a sense of humour driving some of the decisions in this game. First, we have Gummy, getting it all real'd up (?). It's certainly a powerful card. While it's relatively expensive and probably designed to be played very late in most games, this Gummy is able to negate a card that's clearly more powerful than anything else there. That just makes it hilarious as some strategies rely on overpowering some cards till they can just steamroll problems.

    Need I mention my 'Miner Beat' deck? This would cause it problems.

    The other one there is, oh yes! It's Slendermane, taken right from what I imagine to be an easter egg within the show somewhere.

    And yes! The card can cause you to loose your game right there and then! It's a wonderfully cheep card that grants three power for one action token but I've heard of no one that wants to use this card because it can pretty much end you automatically.

    How? Welcome to the new Keyword Mechanic being introduced: Chaos.

    Chaos only enters play when a card is flipped for a faceoff. If a card that has been flipped for a faceoff bares the Chaos Keyword, then the instructions following the keyword are followed. This can mean granting extra power to a character to exhausting, dismissing or even frightening a character involved in the faceoff automatically. Now, on one hand, they're pretty interesting. The ability to load your deck with traps that could be set of, devastating the face of the game with a lucky break could become a highly valuable strategy. With cards with abilities that allow a player to meddle with their own decks, they could plan ahead then gain the advantage when that flip comes about. It could be an ace up the sleeve.

    What else, what else? Well, we got new Mane Characters to play with. While I'm not totally versed in all of them yet, I did get to see at least two in action.

    "Look! Look at all the ****s I give, right here in my hand! Ho-hoo!"

    Guess who got to be a Mane Character? Yes, the Discord Mane is surprisingly powerful, even thought it doesn't look like it. However, it's able to start the game with 3 power, pretty much solving all requirement problems any player would have in Pink right off the bat. Very good, very nice. The issue is that Discord will flip over at the end of a turn if the opponent played two or more cards to the field. This makes Discord a little...awkward to use. When flipped, Discord's power is reduced to 1 and can't flip back over until the player controlling him plays two more cards. While it's not entirely a deal breaker, it does require attention as a low powered Discord could effect scoring points or winning a faceoff, simply by being weaker.

    But, the flippant nature of this card is given some reward for using him. Discord has the ability to look at the top, unrevealed card of any problem deck. Because of Discord's design, he appears suited perfectly for Aggression Decks, as he can allow some very powerful Pink cards onto the field almost immediately. But, Aggro is useful if you know what problem is going to flip next.

    Firstly, you'll know where the biggest amount of points lay. Problem Cards have a number of Bonus Points that's awarded to the first person to confront it. Planning accordingly so that Discord's forces can get there first in order to snatch up those points when that problem is revealed can be crucial.

    However, Problem Cards also have abilities of their own. Some do simple things like boost certain cards, allow players to draw from the bottom of their decks or gain action tokens. But some will force players to dismiss characters or require that at least four characters are present before a problem can be solved. A Discord Deck can see that coming and use it to it's advantage. One deck managed to force a problem to dismiss my cards when I wasn't expecting it then move in to solve the new problem that had just been revealed.

    Sneaky...Very Sneaky.

    Despite what the show might tell you, every MLP:CCG player can tell you that Fluttershy is a menace in this game. Every single Fluttershy Mane is potentially devastating.

    Now, I am a guy that loves specialising in Troublemakers when I play this game. For many reasons. One is because being able to plonk powerful roadblocks in front of my opponent, stopping them scoring is a wonderful idea. My best deck is not only chock full of troublemakers to play but also, cards that can make them all the more powerful. On top of that, it has a very strong draw chance that while not perfect, does allow my troublemakers to become very powerful little monsters.

    This Fluttershy Mane has been causing a bit of a stir. For starters, it's a Fluttershy Mane that focuses on Troublemakers, not Critters like the others tend to do. This one, as you can clearly read, nullifies Troublemaker Abilities when boosted.

    "Neat! Something to fight against Troublemakers my opponent puts down. Handy." No! Well, yes but there's more to it! For you see, this Fluttershy can now do far more than just disable most Troublemakers. This ability is far more versatile than it looks. For that, we need to show off a few of the new Troublemakers. Because, hoooooo boy! These guy's do not mess around!

    It looks like she's one step away from picking up the Limp Bizkit CD.

    Da-naaaahhh! The Discorded Mane Six are now Troublemakers. Twilight here being a pretty strong one to play in the right circumstances. Perhaps against a Crystal Deck that gains power from how many colours are present across the field. Still, the best part of this is how guilt free this card is. One Bonus Point for a 6 Power Troublemaker? Sure, it might be all the opponent needs but effectively sticking a single, measly point on a Troublemaker that powerful is a little needless. Still, it could be because of just how situational her ability is.

    But if you want no worries, all out horror Troublemakers, then how about this:

    I kinda want to see a cop show with these two now. 'The Hoarder and the Grump', on at 7, only on HBO.

    Yeeeap! The one on the left is a Troublemaker without a Bonus on it. Meaning that you can throw it out regardless of anything and, you shall be fine. You don't risk any points, you get to draw a card. Thanks to this Rarity, this could be an entire turn, at least, where your opponent is stymied. All for a single action token.

    Oh! And that Pinkie on the left? One of the most powerful Troublemakers in the game now. I am dead serious. There were players using that card which had managed to get that Pinkie to around 10 power in three turns. Some ended up with power 30 troublemakers and it just kept getting more and more powerful. Some decks are even built around the idea of card draw, so powering up little little madam just became that much easier. Shocking.

    But, I bring things back to Fluttershy. Remember her new, shiny ability concerning Troublemakers? Well, please look at these two cards.

    The best part of playing Troublemakers, seeing the opponent wet themselves a little. In their soul.

    Both of these cards, in normal play, likely wouldn't be around for long. Applejack there even seems kinda useless as she would just depart immediately but, it can be very useful for messing with the opponent, making a move that much more impressive when you put down two Troublemakers, looking to royally screw over that opponent's day. However, Applejack, The Liar is actually quite a strong card. Same goes for Spike over there which, in normal circumstances, would be able to extort two Action Tokens from an opponent, or it sits in their way. Most likely, the cost would be paid.

    Enter Fluttershy. If it's there when the Troublemaker is revealed, it looses those two abilities. This means that both cards, as long as Fluttershy was there, would remain in place. Applejack wouldn't depart and give you back the Action Token, Spike would not give the opponent an ultimatum. Both would just turn up and stay there.

    Even better, both have no Point Bonus to win! So fighting them is fruitless other than to gain progress. That is pretty sweet. Just being able to go 'Aaaand, I'll just leave this here!" is priceless. Completely priceless.

    But, there's another string to her bow. It concerns Villains.


    Lord Tirek is one of the new villains we have. It's quite powerful. It can gobble up cards, growing stronger and stronger. The Villain Keyword, means that it frightens all characters at it's problem when it flips over.

    The new Fluttershy is the only card that negates that. It even negates the whole 'Eating Ponies to Become Stronger' thing. It's hideous otherwise but kindly Fluttershy can totally disarm it. This counts for all villains. Fluttershy simply does not get fazed when fighting these things, making her an excellent Villain farmer. Because no cards are being frightened whenever she tries an attack because she negates that Villain's ability, she's then able to defeat them far easier.

    Ordinarily, Maud Pie would be used as she can be boosted up to a mighty 7 power by discarding cards. For each card type in the discard pile, she'd grow stronger. This brute strength is now somewhat rivaled by the technical prowess of Fluttershy. It's quite interesting.

    Still, I'm continuing to learn what exactly is possible with the new release of cards. There's meant to be other new Manes, like the Nightmare Moon Mane that can frighten opponents, joined by cards which gain power for each frightened player on the field. Very interesting, very powerful.

    I might be back when I've tinkered around more. But for now, I think I need to write that parody song.

    "I hope you've been taking notes. The essays on 'Why RTO Decks can go to Hell' is due in 15 minutes."
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    My mom bought me a Rarity plushie today.
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    (this is posted in the forums, so it is less likely to get lost) okay, so i had an idea, since S5 has started up, I was thinking of start a podcast, about mlp, the show, future predictions, the fandom, etc. etc.. so, to the point, i have all the things to record it, and upload it, but for me to actually do this, and not make it another analyzing of the show by myself, though i would suggest having a good mic, semi-decent internet (enough to run a skype call somewhat smoothly) if you would enjoy to join, PM me.