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  • Aidan OGain
    I wrote this not long ago. I posted it on my blog and a place or two, but figured you guys might like it, so here you go:

    Yesterday at work I overheard someone’s loud conversation.

    Man: Do you watch Big Bang Theory?
    Woman: Oh, no. I’m not into all that dorky sci-fi stuff.

    A conversation like this wouldn’t normally irk me, but it did yesterday. Maybe it was the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy, maybe it was the lady looking up at the TV showing Star Trek IV in Nimoy’s honor and saying “Oh, no. What are they making us watch now?”

    Actually I was already irritated before she insulted the memory of the recently departed. But why? I’ve heard people tell me things like this throughout my life. For example, here’s a recent conversation I had at work.

    Person: Really? My Little Pony? You like My Little Pony?
    Me: Sure.
    Person: Well, I don’t like that show.
    Me: Okay.

    That’s my typical response after 20+ years of this conversation. When I was a teenager, someone saying this would have been utterly crushing. Now, I’ve got a pretty thick skin about it. But thinking back, is this actually some form of bigotry?

    Person A: Really? A Yarmulke? You’re wearing a Yarmulke?
    Person B: Sure.
    Person A: Well, I don’t like Jews.

    Hold it! Back up. It’s not that bad. A person who is Jewish is born that way. Liking Star Trek is just a choice. It’s a matter of personal taste like what food you like. So it can’t be considered bigotry in the same way. Ignoring the “what exactly constitutes a choice” question, here’s the conversation again.

    Person A: Really? A salad? You’re eating a salad?
    Person B: Sure.
    Person A: Well, I don’t like salads.

    At the very least this kind of behavior is rude. Who would say this at a dinner table? Yet we feel we can mouth off like this about people’s taste in music, or entertainment?

    I don’t read a lot of romance or thriller novels, but I’m not walking by the romance isles going “Ew, romance! People who read romance are disgusting! I’m not into that gross stuff!” So why do people think it’s okay to do that walking by the Science Fiction and Fantasy isles?

    I’m giving this a name: Second Degree Bigotry. It’s not the same as First Degree Bigotry - being a misogynist or racist, but it’s still not nice and it makes people feel bad about themselves. No one has the right to judge the taste of the world. I can like whatever I like and I don’t have to listen to anyone telling me its dorky or weird or disgusting. Lets work together to be polite, end Second Degree Bigotry, and allow people to be free to like what they like without harassment, abuse, or rude unnecessary and unwelcome comments.
  • Typhon
    Well, first time for everything, yes?

    First, to state that this place is rather comfortable. At first I was at that awkward mental state where I was not too certain if I wanted to approach, feeling I just wouldn't fit - I'll explain in more detail below. But thankfully, that unease is fading, and as such I think I will stick around much more.

    First, some basic information about myself - I'm a child of the 80s, a wargamer, painter, gamer and general all around nerd. Also, a very avid roleplayer by my own nature. As such the potential for roleplay here is one of the big draws that pulled me in.

    But I also have been having ongoing issues for a number of years with depression. The end result is there are times where I am crabby, snappy and seemingly downright hostile. There will be times where I will say things and truth be told, I would appreciate people not taking them too much to heart. I've already lost far too much with my temperment and wit and would rather not lose any more friends. So if I come across snappy, moody, hostile or act a general not take it personal. I am getting counselling. I am getting help. Just I need to find my places to escape where I can live life and not hate it.

    Anyhow, where was I?

    Oh yes, roleplaying. Figure I may as well put myself up for others if you wish - Typhon is eccentric, old and ultimately the sort of character whose nature is abhorrent (a living hive of plague and pestilence) yet has a personality that charms and has its own quirks. I can easily roleplay with the protagonists or antagonists...the character isn't so much 'evil' as the truest form of neutral. See the decay more as a natural process rather than a muahahahaha, now I bring the pox and you are on the right mind.

    I also appreciate chunter. Banter, general diaolgue. Oddly enough, I also paint miniatures and the like. Would be more than willing to show to some on request. Not a problem.

    Anyhow, enough introductory banter. Just me saying I love you to hunt the RP I seek.
  • Flightless
    I like to style my brush-able ponies hair, please rate and comment if you would like to see more :twi:

  • Flightless
  • MorphinBrony
    And I... HOLY SH%$! ...will always love you-- I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'D DO THIS TO ME, G#@DAMNIT, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?

    Okay, let's get this out of the way... This episode is THE SPAWN OF SATAN HIMSELF! Why? Because it takes Rainbow Dash's character, and destroys it. All of the usual flaws of a bad episode are present, but that's not the problem. The problem begins with the Mane Six.

    Rainbow Dash is egotistical beyond belief, and the others are just... a&#holes. I mean, if you think about it, if your friend upstaged you and showed off just to teach you about humility, you wouldn't take that sitting down. In fact, you'd be even less likely to be humble afterwards.


    In fact, this whole episode is just very mean-spirited. One minute, Ponyville is cheering for Dash, and the next minute, they shun her while saying Mare-Do-Well's praises.

    Speaking of which...

    You were my sister, Scootaloo! I loved you!

    This episode has the GUTS to have Scootaloo abandon Rainbow Dash for Mare-Do-Well. That's where I draw the line. This episode feels like a bad fanfiction, and this is where it is most obvious.

    But it's not a fanfic. This is a real episode. With a real, paid writer.

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.

    Pictured above is Merriwether Williams, the writer responsible for this warping of Dash's character. She also worked on "Putting Your Hoof Down" and post-movie Spongebob, which isn't a good sign.

    It's easy to see why this episode is hated so much. By taking the then-most popular character in the show and making a mockery of her, many bronies, pegasisters and little girls alike were left with a bad taste in their mouths. Some bronies even went as far as disowning Rainbow Dash as their favorite character because of this episode.


    The bowels of Mount Doom, which will then be nuked from orbit (it's the only way to be sure)

  • LunarShield
    alright i want to get on YouTube as a music/animation/annalist but i don't have the money to get the equipment i will need. nor do i have anybody to help so if you are interested please send me an email or yahoo message at I won't be able give you anything other than love and appreciation but i really need help with this

    Voice acting, animation skills, artist and Money are all appreciated.

    Please Help Me! Thank You!
  • Hero Mode
    I bought Dragon Ball Xenoverse today, I created a female Saiyan and named her Rarity, LOL.
  • Lucky Hoofover
    I'll spare you the majority of the background, so I'll try to keep it brief.

    Born in Ponyville in a blizzard to Pegasus parents in a 13-generation-long purebred pegasus family, but fraternal twin is born a unicorn. Family is... not welcoming to the unicorn, named Honeydew.

    Fast forward ~8 years (human age, don't know of a proper conversion to MLP years), family lives on Ponyville outskirts within spitting distance of the Everfree.

    8 years of family hazing has made Honeydew highly resentful of her family; mysterious leader of an unknown sect capitalizes on this and manages to convince her to abandon her family to train under him. She follows him into the Everfree.

    Shamrock is by this point an aspiring Wonderbolt (seemed reasonable, considering the long pegasus-only line, and how he has been raised to pride his flight abilities as his family has been), and is practicing flying abouve the home. Parents are away visiting family in Cloudsdale for the week.

    Shamrock does an 'air-bullet' and rockets straight up, catches sight of the stranger leading his sister away. He is concerned, diverts course aiming for the stranger. He didn't know what he was going to do, he just flew at him without thinking.

    Stranger already knows he's coming, checks watch. Blam, Sonic Rainboom event happens. Shamrock is thrown off course and propelled deep into the Everfree; dislocates wing, sprains leg, gets concussion from the impact. Wakes up several hours later in the black of night.

    Terrified that the stories of the Everfree being dangerous might be true, he loses the feeling of invincibility that had been himself for most of his life.

    Begins limping through the forest, but is soon after be chased being an unknown creature - he didn't look, he felt it breathing down his back and powered through the pain to run as fast as he could, thus making his injuries worse. Was the creature real or was it his mind? He never found out.

    Trips, falls off a small embankment and falls into what could closestly be described as acid, purple in colour. Goes under, comes back up in excruciating pain (similar to being set on fire), and only makes it worse by flailing around, thus getting it down his throat and in his eyes, etc.

    Has the realization of all the wrong things he's done, accepts his fate and decides he deserves it.

    Is about to drown, but is saved by a then as-yet unknown cloaked stranger (he can't see, acid in eyes). Manages to mouth out a silent thank you before blacking out.

    Wakes up nearly a day later in a strange hut filled with strange objects. Surprise-surprise, Zecora saved him, having only lived in the forest for several weeks herself.

    Spends nearly a week wrapped in full-body bandages that have been treated with a healing remedy. When unwrapped, sees that his coat, mane, and eyes have all had their pigment hyper-dyed from an adverse reaction to the acid.

    Convinced he's some sort of atrocious monster, and that he's dead and living in his own private demon-land - because he valued his vanity very highly - he begs to die.

    Were it so simple; Zecora abruptly nicks his arm, and he watches as it heals over in seconds.

    Goes back home, sister was never found and they had given him up for lost too days ago. Parents are not pleased with how he looks, but are glad he's not dead at the least.

    Over time he comes to realize that his vision is degrading due to the effects of the acid, get progressively more powerful glasses. At the time of the 1000th anniversary of Nightmare Moon's banishment ~12 years later, he has approximately 10 years of sight left before he goes blind, tops.

    Regen factor is also limited by his blood sugar, and his body does full regenerations about every week, requiring him to ingest normally-fatal amounts of sugary foods to sustain his body, which would degrade otherwise. Being wounded only amplifies how much he has to consume as it accelerates the process and eats away at his stores faster.

    Also can not regenerate blood, but in fact makes blood creation slower as most of his body is using energy to sustain itself. If severely wounded and heavy blood loss occurs, a transfusion will be required.

    The regeneration has also shattered his psyche into several personas; they analyze, think, and exist as separate entities in his mind, making him faster at thinking due to the multi-channeled thought process, but the thoughts are often conflicting with each other in arguments over petty thoughts and details. True clarity is seldom had for more than a few seconds.

    The analytical nature of the personas have given him an affection for gambling; "The house can always try to win, but the luck is in my favour"

    The phrase he's most fond of is, "You're not going to want to be around when my luck runs out!"
  • Hero Mode
    Twilight To The Rescue?

    Mere moments after getting Sunsarity's message Princess Twilight responded to it "Sunsarity I've gotten your message I'm not sure what I can do to separate you or if I even can but you can rest assured that I will try my hardest to do so, me and Spike will be coming through the portal in a few minutes, be sure to tell me where Rarity lives so that I can come to your house,

    Signed your friend Princess Twilight."

    Anyway Sunsarity sent Princess Twilight another message telling her where Rarity's house was located and she arrived there after stepping through the portal in a very short period of time.

    When Twilight arrived at Rarity's house she was greeted by Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents who led her upstairs to Rarity's room.

    Twilight said upon seeing Sunsarity in person "Wow so that's what you look like now."

    Spike told both of them at the same time "I don't know I kind of like her this way."

    Sunsarity told him "Well I don't, I would like to be separated again."

    Twilight then realized as she thought to herself outloud "Wait a minute if those ear rings you're wearing are what combined the two of you into one person then maybe you'll separate if you take them off."

    Sunsarity then said "Of course why didn't I think of that?"

    Anyway Sunsarity took off her ear rings only for nothing to happen.

    Spike then said "Well that didn't work."

    Twilight then thought to herself for several minutes before saying "Hmm I know maybe I could try studying these ear rings maybe I can figure out what makes them work and why taking them off didn't separate you."

    Sunsarity then asked "How are you going to do that?"

    Twilight then told her "I know I'll tell your parents that I'm temporarily going back to Equestria to research this fake illness that Sweetie Belle came up with, I'll even write down notes to make the whole researching your illness thing seem believable, but in reality I'll be figuring out how these ear rings work."

    Sunsarity told her "Ok I'll be right here waiting for you to come back."

    Twilight then told her "Don't worry I'll be back and so will Spike."
  • Invicta
    I guess that shoeing ep my personal sketches when I finish them wouldn't hurt.. Or my drawing in general. Related to mlp or not.
    Hopefully you guys may like this...

  • Wii Pony
    Does anyone know when the Legends of Equestria servers be available again? :cry:
  • Hero Mode
    The Birth of Sunsarity

    One day a pair of Potara earrings appeared in the human world, one of them appeared in Sunset Shimmer's room at her house and the other appeared in Rarity's room at her house.

    Rarity put one of the ear rings on her left ear while Sunset Shimmer put the other ear ring on her right ear.

    Mere moments after doing this they were pulled together out of their houses towards each other, when the bodies of Rarity and Sunset Shimmer collided with each other they wound up fusing with each other, now the two people or in this case one person and a former pony turned into a person became one person.

    When this new being looked into a mirror she noticed that she had Rarity's blue eyes, half of her hair was Rarity's indigo hair while the other half was Sunset's red hair with yellow highlights in it, she had half of Rarity's gray shirt while the other half was Sunset's magenta shirt with a picture of her pony version's cutie mark on it, she also had half of Rarity's purple mini skirt with three blue diamonds on it that looks very much like her pony version's cutie mark back in Equestria even though this isn't the same Rarity from Equestria however the other half of her mini skirt was Sunset Shimmer's orange mini skirt with white, pink and purple streaks on the side however she also had Rarity's purple boots as well.

    Upon seeing this the brand new being screamed in horror not because two people have become one person but because both her shirt as well as her mini skirt was completely mismatched in terms of matching colors.

    This new person called Sweetie Belle in the room "Sweetie Belle darling could you please come in the room please", however after she got done speaking she realized that it sounded like Rarity and Sunset were talking at the same time."

    As she was coming upstairs Sweetie Belle asked "Why does it sound like you and Sunset are talking at the same time?", but stood there completely silent at this brand new person who was standing right before her.

    After several minutes of silence Sweetie Belle asked "What's going on here, who are you anyway are you my sister Rarity or Sunset Shimmer, I can't tell?"

    The new person who hasn't decided on a name for herself yet told Sweetie Belle "That's just it I can't tell either, I was going to write Princess Twilight about this to ask her what might have happened but not even I know, oh Sweetie Belle please tell me what to do and also what to call myself."

    Sweetie Belle thought about it for several minutes and said "Hmm well half of you is dressed like Rarity and even has Rarity's hair but the other half of you has Rarity's hair and is dressed like Sunset, so how about until we figured out what happened let's call you Sunsarity."

    Sunsarity told Sweetie Belle "Sunsarity huh, that does have a nice little ring to it doesn't it, ok Sunsarity it is, but just one more thing."

    Sweetie Belle asked Sunsarity "What is it Sunsarity?"

    Sunsarity asked her sister "I'm still going to ask Princess Twilight for help and everything but how am I going to explain this to our parents and even more importantly how can I possibly go to school like this?"

    Sweetie Belle then told Sunsarity "I guess I'll just tell mom and dad that you're sick today and then they'll call the school and tell them the same thing."

    Sunsarity then asked Sweetie Belle "Ok but what if they come and check on me, I mean I don't know how I'm going to explain this to them?"

    Sweetie Belle thought about it and told Sunsarity "Oh I know, I'll tell them that you caught a illness from Equestria and only Princess Twilight can come here to heal you."

    Sunsarity said as she went over to hug Sweetie Belle "Why Sweetie Belle darling that's brilliant, It's too bad that I can't tell if we're still related while I'm like this."

    Sweetie Belle told Sunsarity "I'm sure we still are I mean after all you're half Rarity right so I guess this makes you my half sister."

    Sunsarity then told Sweetie Belle "I just hope that Princess Twilight can find a way to separate us, so that I don't have to stay this way."

    Sweetie Belle told Sunsarity "I'm sure she will, bye Sunsarity, I'm off to school now."

    Sunsarity was about to write in Sunset Shimmer's magic book in order to write to Princess Twilight back in Equestria but then she realized "Oh no Sunset's book, I mean my book is back at Sunset's house, I guess I'll just have to sneak out of here to get it, It's a good thing Sweetie Belle is covering for me, I just hope that noone else see's me while I'm doing this."

    Sunsarity managed to do this without getting caught or noticed and snuck back into her room back at Rarity's house.

    Sunsarity then wrote to Princess Twilight as she talked outloud what she wrote "Dear Princess Twilight I know this will sound strange but this isn't really Sunset Shimmer writing to you nor it is really Rarity, you see somehow two ear rings appeared in our houses and when we put them on somehow we both became one person, Sweetie Belle is covering for me, I told her to cover for me by telling our parents that I'm sick and that I've caught a illness from Equestria that only you can cure, of course this is not the case but I really don't want anyone to see me like this, but anyway can you please come over here to find a way to separate back into two separate people,

    Please come and help signed Sunsarity.
  • Hero Mode
    The Long Awaited Reunion

    After partying for a long time it was night time and Sunset Shimmer needed somewhere to stay while she was on her vacation and Princess Twilight as well as Spike were both happy to invite their friend to stay at Princess Twilight's castle.

    The next day Princess Twilight told Sunset Shimmer "Hey Sunset, it's time to wake up."

    Sunset Shimmer yawned and then asked her friend "Good morning Princess Twilight."

    Princess Twilight told her friend "Sunset Shimmer you don't have to call me that, we're friends you can just call me Twilight."

    Sunset asked her in a surprised manner "Really are you sure that's ok, I mean yeah we're friends and everything but you're still royalty?"

    Princess Twilight told her "Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity were the same way but I also told them that they don't have to call me that either unless they want to."

    Sunset asked her "Ok but it might take me a while to get used to just calling you Twilight while I'm here in Equestria, so I might have to catch myself several times, so if I call you Princess Twilight you'll know why."

    Princess Twilight told her "Ok sounds fair by the way I have a idea for what we can do today but if you're not up for it I would completely understand."

    Sunset said while making a nervous expression on her face "I think I know what you have in mind but I'll let you tell me first."

    Princess Twilight told her "I think that today we should go down to Canterlot and let Princess Celestia know that you're here on vacation."

    Sunset Shimmer asked her "Couldn't you just have Spike send her a message?"

    Princess Twilight told her "I suppose but I feel like the two of you need to make up with each other, however we don't have to do it today if you don't want to."

    Sunset told her "No Princess Twil- I mean Twilight you're right we should make up with each other however before we go to Canterlot Castle there's somewhere else I want to go in Canterlot."

    Princess Twilight asked her friend "Oh where else would you like to go?"

    Sunset Shimmer told her "I want to go to my parents house, after all I've been gone for a long time, I'm sure that they've been worried about me."

    Princess Twilight told her "Wow you're right I can't believe I didn't think about that, ok just let me know when you're ready to go."

    Sunset told her "Right now, come on let's go."

    So upon arriving in Canterlot Sunset went to her parents house and told her about the human world and her friends there as well as the reason she left Equestria to go there in the first place and while she was sure that they would be angry or upset would her she was happy to know that not only was she ok but she made friends who stood by her no matter what she's done.

    Anyway after that Princess Twilight, Sunset Shimmer and Spike went to Canterlot Castle where Sunset came face to face with her former teacher and mentor.

    Sunset was about to apologize to Princess Celestia for not only abandoning her studies and leaving Equestria several years ago only to return and steal the crown on Princess Twilight and take it with her into the human world but was instead greeted with a warm and loving smile, Princess Celestia said "Sunset Shimmer I'm glad to know that you're back."

    Sunset asked with a shocked expression on her face "Aren't you mad at me, I mean not only did I abandon your studies and turn my back on you, then flee to the human world but then I came back and stole Princess Twilight's crown?"

    Princess Celestia told her "Sunset Shimmer I know that you've messed up and done things that you regretted but Twilight has told me how not only you've made friends with not only her but human counterparts of Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity as well plus she has also told me how you and those same friends helped saved the human world from the Sirens and that's good enough for me."

    Sunset told her "Well I was going to make this big heartfelt speech apologizing for everything that I've ever done but if you've forgiven me then I guess there's no need."

    Sunset told told her "Just so you know I won't be staying here permanently, I'm staying here in Equestria on vacation, even though I've grown up and was born in Equestria I've grown to like the human world and besides I kind of promised the human counterparts of Princess Twili- I mean Twilight's friends that I would come back at the end of the Summer."

    Princess Celestia told her former student "I understand Sunset Shimmer but I hope that sometime soon while you are still here that you'll stop by just for a visit."
  • Cobalt-Willow
    Im looking for an artists for a Ask A Pony blog. I would prefer to just have it text only but no one is gonna want to read a text only blog. The fact that no one has responded to my "Ask The (Stare) Master" blog yet attests to that. Or maybe its just a dumb idea, idk.
  • Moneybags
    Today having finished my CCG Princess Tournament deck focused around the lenticular Celestia card and a whole lot of alicorns. I started to wonder what (other than dragon express) is the best set-up for a player, having only been in the game for a couple of months and considering that even my princess deck is copied partially from one of my friends from UKoE. I have heard some really strong deck ideas, Foxy finished his new crystal pony deck today and that is a pretty strong deck that is incredibly hard to beat if he gets a good hand. While I am inundated with a good number of UR's I can still not work out a deck that is as strong as some other decks in other popular card games (IE Magic and Yugioh.)

    Thinking upon this and with advice from one of my friends I decided that an alicorn focused deck is an insanely easy to use deck that is very powerful if you build the deck correctly. For example a hand I got today included the Princess Twilight UR and the Ursa Vanquisher that are both fairly easy to get on the field and have huge benefits. And also thinking upon impulse destiny drain would not work on Princess Twilight (Unless specifically directed at her) because its card name is different from the normal Twilight Sparkle cards. Well does anyone have any ideas about a stronger deck?