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  • CRBWildcat thanks to the Internet, and especially to those out there (you know who you are) that helped make life entertaining via RP this past decade.

    ...Okay, this isn't targeted at too many people, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway. >^_^< Not much else to say, so enjoy another lackluster attempt at art!
  • oceanblue
    since pony town is still underway I feel it right to start getting people to help, since most of the servers are nothing but snow I thought using the snow to our advantage we can make homes, places, roads and other buildings to suit our everyday needs in the game.
  • Summer Solstice
    Hi everypony! I'm new to and my name is Summer Solstice, an alicorn (yes I KNOW alicorn OCs are lame) that suddenly appeared after Celestia and Luna disappeared... make a guess IMG_0445.PNG
  • AppleDJChris
    *trots to sugarcube corner and sits on my stool which I usually sit and orders a cupcake w/ apple frosting (if they make that kind of frosting cool ^w^) and sprinkles* Yum *drooling at the sight I raised my hoof for something to drink which is a soda pop pinkie gives me the pop. I get ready to eat* Bottoms up *starts eating*
  • Matthew DePointe
    Hello. My name is Matthew DePointe. And today, I'm going to show you a side of me that can only be described as ... zaniness. My chicken hat and I will do all the explaining in the following video.

    A billion bits to you,
    Matthew DePointe
  • insanepony
    I am a new pony in town also I have a death note but i am not mean enless u are (jk only on rp) I do whant to be freands and conrades so lets have fun he he

  • KillStreak
    So I have been inactive, and I apologize for this. Recently though I have been very busy with a project that I finished (for the most part), another forum of its own. Now, I do not know if we can advertise other forums here or not, I doubt we can. The site is called The Realms of Vengeance, its an RPG Site that I spent nights of staying up on to perfect in almost every way I could think of. I am still looking for some staff to help out with some of the site, and I do not know if this Blog Entry will be removed or not. If you want more information of the forum I can give you information of it, anyone is free to join.
    Like I said, I do not know if this Blog Entry will stay up for long, hopefully it can.

  • Typhon
    With every high comes a low. And unfortunately the low is hitting me hard and fast. Bleh. I seriously hate how messed up my mind is feeling. I'm hating how I'm just...possibly...imagining I don't belong, I don't fit in and slipping into a silent state of non-interaction because...well...that's what I do.

    I come along. Find a place I like. Foolishly feel I don't belong. Slip into silence and leave, feeling I never belonged in the first place. I'm terrible at being proactive...last time I was properly pro-active with something...well, yeah. It went wrong. It resulted in part of the problem in my head. Eight years later.

    Part of it is lack of RP. Roleplayer by nature, I tend to treat the idea of RP as an escape, as an avenue to just...exist without stress and worry. But when there is none...well...I feel odd.

    Sorry guys.

    My head and heart are in strange places at the moment.
  • Typhon
    Well, first time for everything, yes?

    First, to state that this place is rather comfortable. At first I was at that awkward mental state where I was not too certain if I wanted to approach, feeling I just wouldn't fit - I'll explain in more detail below. But thankfully, that unease is fading, and as such I think I will stick around much more.

    First, some basic information about myself - I'm a child of the 80s, a wargamer, painter, gamer and general all around nerd. Also, a very avid roleplayer by my own nature. As such the potential for roleplay here is one of the big draws that pulled me in.

    But I also have been having ongoing issues for a number of years with depression. The end result is there are times where I am crabby, snappy and seemingly downright hostile. There will be times where I will say things and truth be told, I would appreciate people not taking them too much to heart. I've already lost far too much with my temperment and wit and would rather not lose any more friends. So if I come across snappy, moody, hostile or act a general not take it personal. I am getting counselling. I am getting help. Just I need to find my places to escape where I can live life and not hate it.

    Anyhow, where was I?

    Oh yes, roleplaying. Figure I may as well put myself up for others if you wish - Typhon is eccentric, old and ultimately the sort of character whose nature is abhorrent (a living hive of plague and pestilence) yet has a personality that charms and has its own quirks. I can easily roleplay with the protagonists or antagonists...the character isn't so much 'evil' as the truest form of neutral. See the decay more as a natural process rather than a muahahahaha, now I bring the pox and you are on the right mind.

    I also appreciate chunter. Banter, general diaolgue. Oddly enough, I also paint miniatures and the like. Would be more than willing to show to some on request. Not a problem.

    Anyhow, enough introductory banter. Just me saying I love you to hunt the RP I seek.
  • Lucky Hoofover
    I'll spare you the majority of the background, so I'll try to keep it brief.

    Born in Ponyville in a blizzard to Pegasus parents in a 13-generation-long purebred pegasus family, but fraternal twin is born a unicorn. Family is... not welcoming to the unicorn, named Honeydew.

    Fast forward ~8 years (human age, don't know of a proper conversion to MLP years), family lives on Ponyville outskirts within spitting distance of the Everfree.

    8 years of family hazing has made Honeydew highly resentful of her family; mysterious leader of an unknown sect capitalizes on this and manages to convince her to abandon her family to train under him. She follows him into the Everfree.

    Shamrock is by this point an aspiring Wonderbolt (seemed reasonable, considering the long pegasus-only line, and how he has been raised to pride his flight abilities as his family has been), and is practicing flying abouve the home. Parents are away visiting family in Cloudsdale for the week.

    Shamrock does an 'air-bullet' and rockets straight up, catches sight of the stranger leading his sister away. He is concerned, diverts course aiming for the stranger. He didn't know what he was going to do, he just flew at him without thinking.

    Stranger already knows he's coming, checks watch. Blam, Sonic Rainboom event happens. Shamrock is thrown off course and propelled deep into the Everfree; dislocates wing, sprains leg, gets concussion from the impact. Wakes up several hours later in the black of night.

    Terrified that the stories of the Everfree being dangerous might be true, he loses the feeling of invincibility that had been himself for most of his life.

    Begins limping through the forest, but is soon after be chased being an unknown creature - he didn't look, he felt it breathing down his back and powered through the pain to run as fast as he could, thus making his injuries worse. Was the creature real or was it his mind? He never found out.

    Trips, falls off a small embankment and falls into what could closestly be described as acid, purple in colour. Goes under, comes back up in excruciating pain (similar to being set on fire), and only makes it worse by flailing around, thus getting it down his throat and in his eyes, etc.

    Has the realization of all the wrong things he's done, accepts his fate and decides he deserves it.

    Is about to drown, but is saved by a then as-yet unknown cloaked stranger (he can't see, acid in eyes). Manages to mouth out a silent thank you before blacking out.

    Wakes up nearly a day later in a strange hut filled with strange objects. Surprise-surprise, Zecora saved him, having only lived in the forest for several weeks herself.

    Spends nearly a week wrapped in full-body bandages that have been treated with a healing remedy. When unwrapped, sees that his coat, mane, and eyes have all had their pigment hyper-dyed from an adverse reaction to the acid.

    Convinced he's some sort of atrocious monster, and that he's dead and living in his own private demon-land - because he valued his vanity very highly - he begs to die.

    Were it so simple; Zecora abruptly nicks his arm, and he watches as it heals over in seconds.

    Goes back home, sister was never found and they had given him up for lost too days ago. Parents are not pleased with how he looks, but are glad he's not dead at the least.

    Over time he comes to realize that his vision is degrading due to the effects of the acid, get progressively more powerful glasses. At the time of the 1000th anniversary of Nightmare Moon's banishment ~12 years later, he has approximately 10 years of sight left before he goes blind, tops.

    Regen factor is also limited by his blood sugar, and his body does full regenerations about every week, requiring him to ingest normally-fatal amounts of sugary foods to sustain his body, which would degrade otherwise. Being wounded only amplifies how much he has to consume as it accelerates the process and eats away at his stores faster.

    Also can not regenerate blood, but in fact makes blood creation slower as most of his body is using energy to sustain itself. If severely wounded and heavy blood loss occurs, a transfusion will be required.

    The regeneration has also shattered his psyche into several personas; they analyze, think, and exist as separate entities in his mind, making him faster at thinking due to the multi-channeled thought process, but the thoughts are often conflicting with each other in arguments over petty thoughts and details. True clarity is seldom had for more than a few seconds.

    The analytical nature of the personas have given him an affection for gambling; "The house can always try to win, but the luck is in my favour"

    The phrase he's most fond of is, "You're not going to want to be around when my luck runs out!"
  • Wii Pony
    Does anyone know when the Legends of Equestria servers be available again? :cry:
  • Newmoon Winter
    View attachment 8101

    Hello. My name is Newmoon Winter, but most ponies call me Newmoon, Moon, or even Moony. I'm a 26 year old Unicorn, and the fifth seat Lord of the Noble Court in my hometown of Canterlot. I'm also a member of the Secret Protectors of the Canterlot Royalty (SPOCR), a group that fights the more malevolent forces that want to destroy Equestria.

    I bear the Amethyst Emblem of Friendship around my neck, in which I never take off. It lets me communicate to the other bearers, and allows me to quickly hone into their location, should they ever need help. My emblem has been transformed into a golden circlet, with an amethyst crescent moon in the center, all thanks to the Tree of Harmony.

    From my final battle against Dark Pandora, it seems like Pandora's chest took my Alicorn form... I guess I was destined to remain a Unicorn... Tho for some reasons I haven't lost all the powers I once had as an Alicorn.

    I guess you could say I'm sort of the leader of my group, book smart and a little bit nerdy, but still someone that you'd want to hang out with. I wont hesitate to give it my all when it comes to protecting those whom I care for, even to the point of sacrificing my own life.

    I was mostly home schooled. My 2000 year old grandfather before he passed away taught me how to read, write, mathematics, science, stitching up wounds, work a forge, magic, enchantments, herbology, and hoof-to-hoof combat. Though, I was enrolled into Princess Celestia's school for gifted unicorns, but I didn't pass the entrance exam. She mentored to me for a while until gramps died, then I hoofed my way to white tail woods and continued training on my own.

    As you can see from my picture I have a very earthy palette, brown coat, green mane and tail... I wear golden armor. It was a family heirloom from during the Ancient Alicorn War. it was also worn when Fort Neighers was being attacked by terror. I finally got what mother promised me in her will, the Golden Blitz. This armor is made of pure gold... Yeah I know what you are going to say,"Oh it's not that strong.." Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's a lot stronger than it looks, it had to be during the ancient Alicorn War. This armor has several enchantments to protect it's wearer from basic attack spells, melee attacks, and will never break. It's adorned with three sapphires; two on the wing plates, and one on the head piece... Oh, and on the chest piece has an onyx crescent moon over top an emerald star. It kind of surprises me that the armor fits me perfectly, as if it was destined for me... A-anyways, I got this armor from a relative of mine, by the name of Lady Moonfire... Recently I received the pair of my father's diamond and amethyst bracelets, the one's he wore on the day they died. There's a familiar air around them, that's comforting for some reason...

    My cutie mark is a black crescent moon over a tower colored stars. I used to get teased a lot for the fact my cutie mark looked similar to Luna's, like being called Lunabutt...

    I mainly wear space enhancement enchanted cloaks, which I use instead of a saddle bag. I have different colors and fabrics of cloaks, tho I really have to get Rarity to make me new ones for the fact I've out grown them.

    My Choice of weapon would by the "Armonie", a silver blade with a golden winged hilt. This sword can only be wielded by the Alicorn of its choosing. It was created by Conflux's family. I also wield my mother's old claymore, the "Flame Haze".

    I recently acquired one of the ancient gem weapons, "Violet Friendship", a heavyblade with an amethyst hilt and guard, and a violet colored blade. I can split this blade down the middle to form a giant boomerang, which works well as a long ranged weapon.

    Yet another gift from the Tree of Harmony is, well what I call the keystone weapon of harmony, The Crystalline of Friendship.

    In our last efforts to defeat Dark Pandora once and for all, my Flame Haze claymore, Crystalline of Friendship bustersword, and Violet Friendship heavyblade fused together into a rainbow crystalline heavyblade, which I gave the name of the "Harmony Blade".

    Whitefang "Jot", my most trusted assistant who helps me with my paperwork, sending my letters and reports to the Princesses, and a bunch of other stuff. He's a black ice dragon with white spines and emerald green eyes.


    What? Where do I live?

    Well, I just finished rebuilding and enchanting my house just off of the main road through White Tail Woods. It's not exactly the look I was going for, but at least I have a working lock, and an outside gate. It has a very spacious dinning room; a kitchen fit for royalty; a large party room, which I use as a great hall; my very own audience hallway which precedes, what I call my throne room; my three-level library on the third floor, along with my regal-style bedroom and master bathroom; I rearranged the guest bedrooms to be on the second floor, in which I now have 26 of, each having their own bathroom; and finally I did some remodeling of my basement cavern... My basement is that much bigger, about 4 or so mile radius. The areas closest to the stairwell is my enlarged spell caster's room. Down a ways from that is my rather large smithy, with a magma furnace and steam-powered bellows. The final area is his training grounds which surround the house part of my basement. It contains a lake area; forest area; mountain area with the volcano to the south end; and desert area. Here are the floor plans of my new home ( ).

    I also inherited my grandfather's estate, which is located close to the royal palace in Canterlot. It's a two floor sprawling manor, complete with it's own extensive library, and hidden forge. It is also where I grew up in.

    I mainly live off of the inheritance of my grandfather and parents, a vault with a space enhancing enchantment full of bits.


    Huh? Really... You want to know what type of magic I know?

    There's too many to actually list, so I'll just name a few that I'm learning the advanced levels of: teleportation, levitation, enchantments, compression, gravity, float, elemental.

    I received an ability from the Tree of Harmony, which allows me to strike harmony into corrupt hearts purifying the corruption.

    I'm always learning new spells from Black Winter's manuscripts as well as reading Starswirl's old coded scrolls.


    I guess my knowledge of magic, potions, and healing herbs would be my more notable skills.

    My Special Talent: Harmony within those whom I hope would do the right thing.
    Yeah I know, kind of cryptic... but it sort of fits with who I am.


    [sigh]... You asked for it... *takes a deep breath*

    let’s start with the time before the Ancient Alicorn War that almost wiped out the Alicorns.

    I’ll start with my mother’s side of the family.

    Queen Solar Winds, you could say this is where the connection to the royal family starts. She was in the same league as King Nebula and Queen Solaria, being a Celestial Alicorn and all… anyways, she married somepony named Thundering Blitz, where my mother’s maiden name comes from. They had twins. Grandblade, who for some reason had the same cutie mark as me, he was a wizard at magic, and could use swords most ponies would only dream of wielding. His sister, Glimmering Hope, could sense when a pony needed to be uplifted or moral support; she also was masterful at magic, first discovering void magic at a young age.

    Then came the Ancient Alicorn War, see what started it all was this invention Grandblade created to make more land for everypony, what he called the Terranova, it shot a beam into a volcanic fisher making under water volcanoes erupt forming new islands… it sort of went haywire and started teleporting around destroying one section after another… his sister was amongst the countless who were lost. It came down to Grandblade’s son, Prince Hurricane Blitz, and his nephew, Lunar Blizzard to stop the awful machine from causing any more damage. While the many factions fought amongst each other, the three of them did all they could to slow down the machine.

    Near the climax of the war, Blizzard’s dear friend, Elementis, tore open a portal, blizzard took it up on himself to push the weapon into the portal as it closed. The Blitz family went into hiding to escape from persecution. On that day they lost their royal title, becoming fifth seat nobility to the royal family. Many Alicorns were lost during that was, making their race almost non-existent except for the few who were in hiding, or being protected by the 'Guardians'.

    Many long years later Lord Hurricane Blitz had a daughter, Crescent, my mother, who showed potential in the use of magic, like Solar Winds, which I guess has been passed down to me…

    Now, onto my father’s side of the family…

    You see my grandfather, Black winter was 2527 years old. and was one of the original elites who protected Celestia and Luna when they were foals alongside his third cousin eight times removed, Starswirl the Bearded. He befriended a young Alicorn colt by the name of Elementis, and taught him many skills… well during that time; I ended up meeting both of them when Porcelain and I used her TARDIS to get one of gramp’s books. Anyways, he was one of the medical unicorns who tended the injured during the tail end of the Great Alicorn War. Witnessed Luna being banished to the moon, and saw her return. He married a rather well off, mare who went by the name of Amethyst Rose. They soon had three colts, Silver, my father, Ember, Comet’s father, and my well off uncle Maximillion.

    Now onto my history...

    I was born into a noble family, my Alicorn mother, Lady Crescent Blitz; my unicorn father, Silver Winter; my Alicorn brother, Silvertongue Winter – who left after I was born; my 2527 year old unicorn grandfather, Black Winter; and lastly there’s me, Newmoon Winter, the most talented in my family, not self-proclaimed. We lived in a nice estate close to the Canterlot Palace, my grandfather had been part of a secret group of elite wizards, fighters, enchanters and blacksmiths, to battle the most dangerous creatures and keep all of Equestria safe.

    My life, you could say was pretty normal, that is, until I moved to White Tail Wood. It’s been five years since my parents met their end in the Everfree Forest, it was the one and only time in a hundred years that anypony was killed by a Timberwolf. It was also the day when I got my cutie mark, and when I discovered my true potential. From that point on, my grandfather took care of me, teaching me how to read, write, mathematics, science, stitching up wounds, work a forge, magic, enchantments, herbology, and hoof-to-hoof combat. Growing in confidence, Black enrolled me into Celestia’s School for gifted unicorns, but alas I couldn't pass the entrance exam. Even though I didn’t pass the entrance exam, I showed enough talent to be mentored by the princesses. You see, every day I got to go see Princess Luna and Celestia for private magic lessons, which made some of my old classmates jealous. There, I was taught the more shall we say advanced forms of magic. Being a bookworm, Twilight and I were like two peas in a pod, always learning new things, hate being tardy, and have a great group of friends. To top it all off, I was teased because of the fact my cutie mark was strikingly similar to Princess Luna’s.

    With my grandfather dead, and my studies reaching their peak, both princesses sent me to White Tail Wood, to continue my studies on my own. At that point it was the day before the Hearth’s Warming Eve play, all of Ponyville was getting ready for festivities. In Black’s will, half of his possessions went to me and the other half went to my Pegasus cousin, Comet. Periodically my cousin comes and visits me. Then there's Subbass Blitz, my annoying DJ cousin who recently moved to Ponyville. His love of his turntables mostly out way the amount of friends he has...

    Who would’ve thought it was my first encounter with Conflux, as well as my first battle… Here it is, a year and a half later and quite a bit has happened: defeating a chaotic Alicorn and a black chaotic dragon; beating creepy smiling ponies; fought against a faction calling themselves the Dark Army; and my most recent battle against Dark Pandora.

    I may* look youn*g, but I *have more potential a*nd knowledge that su*rpasses my age.

    Anyways, that's pretty much it... Sorry for the long biography.
  • WG101
    well my OC character's name is Vent and if you look at my profile picture vent is there with his twin sister Aile they both hold the ZX sabre and the ZX buster and they wear the ZX armour.
  • Heavymetalbronie
    Hello eveypony!

    I was wondering, even though this is a site for everything my little pony, does anyone want to do a fallout 3/new vegas RP?

    If you're interested or have questions, please comment below c:
  • Bright Heart
    So over the past 2 months I have been working on my own Interplanetary empire. Much like Snow's own creation. So I thought Id share the basics of it by giving you a rundown on the 3 main races of the empire known collectively as the Vanithian Empire or The nine sun Empire. Called these because the ruling and biggest race are the Vanithian's and the Empire stretches across Nine solar systems. They will be listed from the biggest population to smallest:

    Name: Vanithian
    Population: 65 Billion
    Home planet: Vanithia
    most prominent Role/s: Rulers and upper class
    Appearance:usually Tanned Skin with brown hair and dark brown or black eyes. somewhat muscular but not as bulky as the Caligate's. Men usually stand around 6ft2 while women are around 5ft8.

    Name: Caligate
    Population: 53 billion
    Home planet: Legiore
    most prominent Role/s: all parts of the Armed forces
    Appearance:usually Dark skin with Black hair and piericing Green eyes. Extremely muscular so much so they can drag two tanks by the barrel and drag them with ease. Men are around 7ft while women are 6ft8

    Name: Enrudios'
    Population: 31 Billion
    Home planet: Heavilila
    most prominent Role/s: Religious workers
    Appearance:A hard one to describe properly they are a creature made from both crystal and organic tissue. Though the organic tissue can only be found on the hands and feet. They have pure white reptilian eyes.