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  • Poisonous Nightmare
    Due to an unforeseen issue with my roommate's laptop, my dad has taken it home with him to fix the issues and install new drivers. As of today, till the laptop is back in my roommate's possession, he will be sharing mine with me. I'll still get on but, I'll be less active for a while. I figured to give you guys the heads up now before I pass off the my laptop to my roommate.
  • 312 R3MIX
    Have you ever been friends with someone for so long, only to have your friend stab you in the back? Well that just happened to me. Except its not a "person". Instead its a "reliable" DJ software that I used since the very beginning.

    Basically, It stopped letting me access any tracks due to "copy right". I cant even mix my own tracks even though they are currently not protected. This already makes the software useless. And other users ACTUALLY LIKE THIS IDEA!

    Damn. :DFH:

    I'm not buying another software, I'll just stick to using my launchpad for now.
    mlp pause.gif
    Rip Software

    Oh and that server stream I mentioned last time? It didn't happen.
    That sure was a stressful week.

    Maybe this week might be better :sad:

    That's all for now!

    Stay frosty :3
  • Disappeared
    Have you ever wanted to hear an Austistic Irish Kid rumble about stuff?,
    why showing you his everyday life?

    Well than what are you doing still reading this?, I don't know either, you do you I guess.

    But yes, either today or tomorrow I will start a Blog just like that, So be hyped, get ready, and Let's have a CRINGE!
    a Rumble of a time.
  • Lex Rudera
    14-12-2015 - 20-12-2015

    Surprisingly enough I woke up, well rested, 7 o'clock. Read in my Lua book for about half an hour and got out of the door and on the bike well before uni start.
    Uni until 13. Project done and handed in, so I'm calling weekend. It was due to wednesday, so I think I can take the liberty. Sure there is something happening on thursday, but eh, I've got packing to do and a new flat to move into.

    Got up somewhere after 8. Went christmas shopping shortly after 10, and went out to get my keys to my new flat afterwards. Family came around and we spent the day moving my stuff. No programming or anything significant computer stuff was done.

    Busy moving furniture and whatnots. I didn't got to my computer before midnight, so now it's officially thursday and I did nothing programmingwise.

    I'm visiting the old folks for the holidays. I didn't manage to do anything productive and essentially spent my day pottering around and getting distracted by this and that.

    Got up somewhere after 10 and had to get on the road for a thetre show in the capital, so i got nought done.

    Woke up at 11. Tested out the performance of Arma 3 on my laptop, with surprisingly good results.
    I'm not even sure about the rest of the day. I did something productive during dinner, that's all.

    I don't even know. I suppose I've been busy around the house?

    Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.
  • Tommyspud
    I know, I'm late to the party since the season has finished, BUT LET'S GET THE REVIEW ON ANYWAYS.


    #2 Icewave vs #15 Chomp

    Chomp's got a flamethrower. It's too bad Icewave cuts through it's metal shell like butter. Eventually it chops off a wheel and continues to decimate the competition. Didn't really last all that long. I feel bad for Chomp, but this is the power of spinner bots. Chomp can't move, and gets counted out.

    Winner by KO: Icewave!

    #5 Stinger vs #12 Warhead

    Stinger instantly runs at Warhead, colliding with his spinner, but he flips Warhead over on his back! Warhead moves around a bit because of it's spinner, but Stinger rams it, slamming it against the wall, putting it on it's side now! Warhead is able to right itself from it's side, though, and Stinger instantly pushes him into the wall again! Warhead gets flipped onto the screws, and gets bounced around by them. A piece of Warhead comes off as Stinger keeps ramming Warhead back onto the screws. Warhead somehow drags itself off the screws using it's spinning disc, and Stinger hits him over to the pulverizer area. Stinger runs over and gets hit, BACK WHEEL IS DAMAGED ON STINGER! Warhead, upside down, somehow flips Stinger, but Stinger rights itself! Stinger goes after him again, colliding with him, while Warhead is still trying to right himself. Stinger slams Warhead into the Plexiglass, and he bounces off, landing RIGHT WAYS UP! Warhead strikes at Stinger a few times, before a hit sends him on his back again! Stinger charges and slams him against the wall again, Warhead's back up! Stinger gets pinned against the wall, and Pulverizer STRIKES! ONE, TWO, THREE! Warhead hits the killsaw, but is able to go the remainder of the Distance!

    Winner, by unanimous Judges Decision: STINGER

    #7 Warrior Clan vs #10 Ghost Raptor

    Warrior Clan goes after Ghost Raptor. Ghost Raptor has nothing but it's wedge after looking it's weapon vs Complete Control. Ghost Raptor instantly hits a Minibot, jarring it for a bit. Luckily, it's the one with a flamethrower. Warrior Clan tries to get under Ghost Raptor to flip it, but misses and gets hit by the pulverizers, stopping it's spinner. Warrior Clan gets under, but can't lift him. Without it's main weapon it's going to be hard for Warrior Clan to come back. After attempting to push Ghost Raptor, Warrior Clan starts smoking a bit as it stops moving. In response, Ghost Raptor picks a minibot up and rams it against the wall. Ghost Raptor picks up Warrior Clan and slams him into the wall one final time before the KO.

    Winner by KO: Ghost Raptor

    #4 Bronco vs #13 Plan X

    Bronco and Plan X circle each other, then Bronco instantly flips Plan X upside down onto the screws, where it gets stuck and loses the fight, after a love tap from Bronco. Bronco is flippy man 5000, and Plan X is going goodbye. I think Plan X also lost it's brain too.

    Winner by KO: Bronco

    Two fights were really short, the other fights were kinda long, there were a lot of great moments, Stinger and Warhead gave us a great fight for this season. Ghost Raptor pulled a massive upset, and Bronco/Icewave pretty much dominated their fights like they should. This episode was pretty good, but not like Episode 2.

    Episode Rating: 8/10

  • Tommyspud
    Instead of reviewing what I believe to be the weakest parts of the show(The filler information), I'm just going to make this a review of the robotic fights.

    We got four full qualifying fights(as well as highlights of four others), so let's get to it!

    So, let's start with the first one.

    "Death Incarnate" Tombstone vs "WEEE ORANGE BLADES" Counter Revolution.

    Tombstone has a lawnmower blade, while Counter Revolution has two spinning orange blades in front and back.

    .... Glorious Glorious murder. Counter Revolution comes out, and just gets tore up by Tombstone in record time. I can't state how amazing that was. THAT BOT'S GOT A FAMILY. Just... just watch the video.

    Winner: Tombstone by KO.

    "The Flipper" Bronco vs "Two Headed Magical Beast" Witch Doctor(and Shaman)

    Broncos a flipping machine from the minds of the team that made TORO, while Witch Doctor, has a dual minibot called Shaman that has a flamethrower.

    Bronco instantly comes out, and the minibot rams into him, but Bronco just gets Witch Doctor and throws him into the air! Bronco chases, hitting WD into the wall, but gets himself stuck. Shaman flames Bronco while WD hits him, jarring Bronco free. Shaman gets itself under Bronco's flipper, and lights him, while Bronco uses the flipper to shove himself away! Bronco flips WD again, and chases, flipping him over and on top of the screws, WD CAN'T GET BACK DOWN! Shaman is trying to light Bronco on fire, but the refs are counting down, as WD is the main bot, so it's getting counted out. WD can't get off the rail, so Bronco wins!

    Winner: Bronco by KO.

    "MIT DREAM" Overhaul vs "Aren't you just Diesector minus Hammers" Lockjaw

    Both robots begin ramming into each other, trying to shove each other into the screws and/or the walls of the arena. Overhaul's doing well for being the rookie team, and they actually lift Lockjaw onto his back. Lockjaw self-rights! Overhaul just rams Lockjaw into the walls multiple times! Lockjaw responds by grabbing Overhaul's right side! Overhaul gets out, but Lockjaw shoves him into the wall anyways! Lockjaw attempting to flip Overhaul, but cannot! Both bots continue to push each other around, Lockjaw almost gets flipped again. Enough Time for one more big shot, and Lockjaw rams Overhaul into the screws, flipping him over! Time expires, and Lockjaw hits him after the bell, to send a message. OVERHAUL'S TEAM IS ANGRY! It's Split Decision... and our winner is.

    Winner: LOCKJAW - Split decision!

    "Got a Present" Complete Control vs "I Got Spin Weapon" Ghost Raptor

    Yes, Complete Control has a present. Bot fight starts, and Complete Control's present hits Ghost Raptor, OUT POPS A NET. WHAT KINDA THING IS THIS. COMPLETE CONTROL'S TEAM IS TROLLING AGAIN. Ghost Raptor can't do anything, everyone complains, match is called. Complete Control says it's not in the rules, the rulebook gets checked, and even though it doesn't list the specific entanglement, the ruling is given in favor of Ghost Raptor. So there's gonna be a refight!

    REFIGHT! Complete Control goes against the box, hitting an inconsistency on the floor, getting hit upwards a bit. Ghost Raptor spins around Complete Control, but it's spinner hits a wall of the battlebox. The jar of Complete Control has made it hard for the bot to move, he's barely moving around. Ghost Raptor goes in for the strike, and loses part of it's spinner! Ghost Raptor lifts Complete Control, but can't do anything with that. Repeated lifting attempts, and Ghost Raptor gets hit with the Pulverizer by getting too close. Complete Control is facing the right direction and attempts to light Ghost Raptor on fire. Complete Control picks up Ghost Raptor and is shaking him, still bathing him in flames! Ghost Raptor's being held upside down now! Ghost Raptor gets free and re-rights himself! Ghost Raptor pushes Complete Control around for a bit longer, Complete Control eats a Pulverizer shot and the match draws to a time limit. So Judges decision.

    Winner: Unanimous Decision for GHOST RAPTOR.

    Remaining Qualifier highlights:

    Hypershock(W) vs. Mohawk,
    Radioactive(W) vs. Sweet Revenge,
    Chomp vs. Overdrive(W),
    Captain Shrederator vs. Stinger(W).

    And the four wildcards that make it to the round of 16 are the following!
    Witch Doctor

    Four awesome fights, and one trololololol moment. Overall, a very good show, better than the first week.


    See you next review where we show the bracket of 16, and begin the actual tournament.
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    The Zombie Apocalypse is already here. I can hear you saying 'what?'. Trust me, the zombies are here. Just not in the undead, flesh eating form. It's in the form of brainwashed people who have a electronic device, that isn't a laptop, glued to their face. Seriously. Anyone that has fallen for this corporate propaganda, has their face shoved in some electronic device watching Netflix, texting, vine video making, or doing the latest update on their life. None of it for practical reasons at all.

    I get it. The devices are convenient, but that isn't an excuse to be a brainwashed zombie. Seriously, People cannot take at least one minute to look away and be socially active with other people. They spend every waking hour staring at a blue lit screen. What is so enticing that you have to constantly stare and cause eye damage to yourself? Some may not get hardly any bed rest at all either, just laying in bed staring at that screen of their choice. Anything involving Apple Phones, Ipods, Ipads, Kindles, the latest Smartphones; just to keep up is plain asinine. I'd like to read a actual book thank you very much. I'd like to sip a coffee and enjoy conversation with a actual person at a coffee shop of my choosing. Not having my face in a screen the whole time.

    Is society so boring that we need something to shove in our faces? If so, it's the most pathetic thing ever. You don't need to talk to anyone to have fun either! Take a walk around town, walk through a forest. Hell, do anything that isn't shoving a electronic in your face. Being out and about is about getting away from home comforts, not shoving them into every facet of your life, unlike what that one Adult Swim ad says.

    I know this rant will most likely go unheeded but whatever, I'm just stating my opinion on this matter. In anycase, if you do have your opinion, I'd like to hear it. Got a counter argument to what I said? I'd like to hear it. Well, as long as it isn't: 'You're being a jerk and electronics are the best thing ever! You don't get it.' I honestly don't want to 'get it'. I want to get away from it.

    Your lovely Changeling Queen, Chrysalis~
  • Diamond
    So, yeah.I got a little bit bored today, and I felt the need for something new.So, I took all the risks and did this.I'm so glad that it didn't turned out to be a BSOD :3

    There.I am NOT lying.That is my Windows XP, in my Windows 10 skin.I even got a charmbar! :D

    I mean, look at all of those sexy transparet windows and those widgets...Don't they just look so awesome?Even with a computer from 2002?XD
    And 502MB of RAM?Single-core CPU?XDDDDDD
    A pirated Windows XP?*dies of laughing too hard*
    Those fancy-looking stuff took me hours to do it...Or at least find a way to do it :p

    And yes, I could switch to Metro UI with all of those colorful titles, but I haven't tested them out yet.Maybe in some beautiful day....

    Some more screenies:

    If anyone wanna this too, PM me.This works for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and even Windows 8 and 8.1 also.We'll be in touch.

    Well, that's all for today :3
    See ya.

  • WG101
    Gamers Defined

    We are the outcasts
    We are the tech-heads
    We are the ones who see the world in our way … the dangerous way
    Not part of the pack
    We have seen horrors that would normally give people nightmares
    But we just shrug it off
    We have died and died … but we still get back up, our blood spilling for eternity
    Level by level we gain experience
    Our real world selves are just a fraction of what we are actually capable of

    We are the drivers who their wreck cars in minutes
    We are the warriors who fight relentlessly until their HP drops to 0
    Weapon by weapon we use to keep ourselves alive for that extra few seconds
    We are the ones who can go it solo and still make it out alive, unlike the team players
    We are the ones who find their way around the barriers that were impassable years beforehand
    Our creative and unique styles have been our gateways to the final boss fight

    The worlds that are generated are our kingdoms
    The arenas that were made for us are in continuous use everyday, our loadouts ready for ranged combat.
    We modify our worlds to make them ready for a new type of combat … our combat … in our worlds.
    Some of us became famous doing the things we loved
    And we salute them since we are all headed there

    Some say that we are addicted to the screen and that we have mental issues
    But we are not like that
    We play since it is our sport … our passion
    Like football or soccer, the blood of the world
    We can be competitive like the players of them sports
    But they say it is not a sport
    So then we stay in for hours breaking world records while they can’t get their heads around the controls

    We are Rivals
    We are Enemies
    We are Friends
    We are a new kind of person
    We are Gamers

    By WG101
  • Tommyspud
    Battlebots, the US equivalent of Robot Wars, just finished up their second day of TV Taping, so in tribute, let's go to the list of awesome bot vs bot combat that happened in Battlebots. It only lasted 5 seasons, but they had numerous legendary moments in robot combat.

    Let's start with an obvious one, and one of my personal favorites.

    For the Heavyweight Golden Nut Trophy in Season 2, the final round.
    "The Lowest Skirts and Season 0.1(Long Beach 99)" Biohazard takes on "Season 0.2(Las Vegas 1999) and Season 1 Champion, The Immortal" Vlad the Impaler.
    Two lifting bots. The eternal battle.

    Arguably the Most Memorable fight in Battlebot history, the fight was all about who could get lower. Not even 20 seconds in, Biohazard flips Vlad, but Vlad rights himself with his new bar, the first time he's had to do that in Season 2. Vlad tries to charge and lift Biohazard for a push, but he can't get correctly under him. Biohazard attempts to charge and flip, and lifts Vlad up, but no flip. Vlad gets under, but before he can get a push, Biohazard gets off his lifter arm. Killsaws do some damage to Biohazard and Vlad lifts and slams him into the spike strip. They pace around, and Vlad drives over Biohazard. Another flip after by Biohazard, and Vlad rights himself once more! Vlad backs up near the giant hammer pulverizer in the corner to attempt to get room for a speedy strike, but Biohazard rushes! He lifts him up into the pulverizer. Several strikes by the Pulverizer, and... IT BREAKS in mid-strike! Vlad is able to get free and keeps charging Biohazard, but he keeps running over Biohazard instead of getting under him, and the time limit runs to zero, we go to the judges!

    Decision: Judges vote 27-18 in favor of BIOHAZARD, new champ!

    Post-notes: Gage says he's going to build a Superheavyweight, guess we'll see how good that turns out later in the blog. In fact, it's the next match, but a bit in the future.

    Season 4 - Superheavyweight Division Quarter Finals
    "The Robot Flipping Champion" Toro vs "Season 3 Champion, and Vlad the Impaler's brother" Vladiator
    Would Toro flip Vladiator enough?

    Vladiator comes out with his spike, but he hits a bump in the floor, jarring the spike. Toro comes in and rams it, and BAM, the spike is gone. Vladiator has no other weapon besides his pushing power now. Vladiator and Toro engage in a pushing battle. It's abandoned when Vladiator gets under Toro's flipper, but he runs off and avoids getting flipped. Though, against a bot like Toro, it's like fighting against time. Eventually Toro gets under him and flips him massively in the air, twice, spinning him. Luckily, Vladiator can work upside down and right side up. Toro continues to pursue and flip him, as Vladiator attempts to stay away. Vladiator tries to push Toro into the spike strips, but slides off. Vladiator continues to go at him like a raging bull, but Toro continues to either dodge or flip him. Vladiator's still got a chance if he can put him into the pulverizer, but no, Toro flips him into the wall, and he's stuck at an angle! Time expires, but we have what seems like an obvious judge's decision.

    Decision: Toro wins 32-13.

    Post Notes: This is the year that Toro would win the Superheavyweight Division, flipping the entire competition.

    Season 5 - Middleweight Semifinals
    "17-0 Undefeated 3-Time Middleweight champion" Hazard(Hazard didn't compete in Season 2) vs "New Flipping Arm" T-Minus.

    Let's talk about Hazard knocking out 2 bots in under a minute and winning a 43-2 decision over his quarterfinal opponent to talk about the domination he had. T-Minus got a new flipping arm to try to combat Hazard. Will it work? Both bots approach each other. Hazard's blades make a strike. T-Minus gets under, and lifts a skirt up into Hazard's spinning blades of death. One of the front skirts is stuck on the blade, so the blade is stuck! T-Minus is in disbelief, then approaches Hazard and flips him, ending the 17-match win streak! Everyone flips out!

    Decision: T-Minus wins by KO!

    Post Notes: T-Minus, he wins the division this year, yep.

    Season 3 - Round of 16 Heavyweight:
    "Vertical Death Spin" Nightmare vs "Horizontal Death Spin" Son of Whyachi

    The hit heard around the world. Both bots closed in on each other, the hellraisers shaking Nightmare but not hitting SoW. SoW gets his one hit and literally just tears Nightmare apart with one shot, knocking off a wheel and sending it flying. Some people consider the Hellraisers to be the reason why Nightmare lost, because he got knocked off his angle of attack, while SoW wasn't affected. You be the judge.

    Decision: Son of Whyachi wins by KO.

    Post: Son of Whyachi would win the Heavyweight division, defeating Biohazard in controversial Judge Decision fashion. However, the weight max bonus which was given to walker-bots, like SoW, would be limited in the next competition, making SoW a Superheavyweight.

    Season 1 - Round of 16 Lightweights
    "Lightweight Killer" Ziggo(Season 0.1's Kilobot/Lightweight champion) vs "The Phonebook" Missing Link

    This was the first fight of the Battlebots TV show on Comedy Central. Missing Link put on it's 'phonebook' at the end of it's weapon to absorb the blows from Ziggo. Missing Link charges in to Ziggo, using the Wooden Phonebook to poke at the Lightweight Killer. Not a good idea, but it seems to be working, but not as well as hoped. Ziggo is able to hit the edge of the pole, sending Missing Link spinning around, and gets it's wheel, knocking it off. Missing Link only has one wheel! Missing Link spins around in circles, and turns his back to Ziggo. Big Mistake, as Ziggo attacks, taking off it's other Wheel! Missing Link has no wheel, and after a bit of Killsaw abuse, it's all over.

    Decision: Ziggo wins by KO

    Post: Ziggo would then lose it's Quarterfinal match against Das Bot, as Ziggo would brutalize Das Bot, but ricochet during one of those attacks... straight into the spike strip where it got stuck to lose.

    Season 2 - Round of 16 Middleweights
    "Watch me Spin" Turbo vs "Seriously, don't do it." Buddy Lee Don't Play In The Street.

    Buddy Lee also had a lifter arm, but it was taken off for this battle because Turbo could damage it. Buddy Lee waits for Turbo to approach him at full speed, then goes at him. Buddy Lee keeps getting hit rough by Turbo, but stays alive, and keeps going after him. Full aggression by Buddy Lee. Repeated shots from Turbo cut up one of Buddy's front tires, but THE BOT JUST KEEPS COMING. More damage to Buddy Lee, as the tire comes off the axle, and Buddy keeps coming. Super aggressive Buddy Lee actually slowing down Turbo's blades with the strike, and pushes him around a bit. Buddy Lee keeps striking as the time expires. Judge's Decision.

    Decision: 28 to 17... Buddy Lee Don't Play In The Street wins! Upset here, Turbo technically was ahead on weapons shots and hits in general, but Buddy Lee wins due to his aggression.

    Season 3 - Heavyweight Finals:
    "Legendary Metal Skirts" Biohazard vs "Soon to be moved to Superheavyweight" Son of Whyachi

    SoW had a weight advantage going in, because of the max weight increase for all walkers. At the start, Biohazard charges Son of Whyachi, who takes off one of his front skirts. But that doesn't phase Biohazard, as he charges again, breaking one of the connecting bracing arms, and charges him into the pulverizer. Pulverizer just begins killing SoW, but SoW gets free. Biohazard tries to flip SoW, but almost does. SoW looks dead but revives himeself Biohazard looks like he can't move, and SoW somehow gets his spinner to spin again, taking off a side skirt off Biohazard. They start counting out Biohazard, but Biohazard REVIVES! Both bots reviving. Both bots having issues moving at the end, the refs begin counting. The ref counts out Biohazard, but they count him out early, as he moves right before! Big boos, big discussion, and they decide to call the Judge's Finish, even with 10 seconds on the clock.

    Decision: 29-16 for Son of Whyachi.

    Post: This is what I don't agree with, because I feel like Biohazard was the much better driver, and did something that hadn't been done before, slowing down SoW. Either way, it should've been much closer than it was, IMHO. SoW was bumped up to the Superheavy division and wouldn't be able to recapture it's Season 3 run.

    Season 3: Round of 32 Middleweights
    "Even shelless, I run" Turbo vs "REALLY?" Double Agent

    Turbo and Double Agent take shots at each other. Turbo knocks off shards of armor from Double Agent upon contact. Double Agent keeps rushing in, not allowing Turbo to spin up to full speed. One slight knock by Double Agent into the killsaws, sends the shell right off Turbo, sending it flying 5 feet into the air, and Turbo goes flying 2 feet up. BUT... BUT TURBO RUNS! Turbo is able to put Double Agent into the killsaws, and Double Agent goes flying too, but he still has his shell. Double Agent gets mad and pushes Turbo into the Pulverizer, and the Pulverizer begins murdering Turbo, to where Turbo cannot move, and Double Agent is called the victor!

    Decision: Double Agent by KO.

    Post: Double Agent would go into the round of 16 vs SABotage, and SABotage would come out victorious, making the Quarterfinals. This loss sent Turbo out of seeding position, and after an issue during Season 4's prelims where it couldn't move, it made a slight appearance on TV for Season 5, losing to Wrath Jr.

    Season 5: Round of 32 Superheavyweights
    "Liverpool, New York's" Final Destiny vs "Plow Mode" Diesector

    Final Destiny has a spinner on the top of it's long skirts. Diesector, normally seen with two killer hammers, currently has a plow and a lifting arm+New Attachement. Oh no. Diesector can get under Final Destiny. He lifts the skirts into Destiny's blades, and it rips off one of the skirts itself! He keeps doing it, and another skirt gets ripped off because of it! Diesector puts him on the killsaws too. He does it a third time, and Final Destiny's self-hurting technique gets it flipped on it's back! Final Destiny goes down and gets counted out!

    Decision: Diesector wins by KO

    Post: Diesector was actually Season 1's Heavyweight Champion. Final Destiny got ripped apart. Diesector would go to season 5's final where it would face... well... That match is actually next.

    Season 5: Superheavyweight Final
    "Hammertime Mode" Diesector vs "Ramp Mode" Vladiator

    Diesector charges Vladiator at the beginning, swinging it's hammers wildly, giving him multiple shots as he slams him into the wall. Vladiator gets off, but Diesector continues to push and hammer him into the wall. Vladiator slams into Diesector, catching it and flipping it. But Diesector can run inverted, but keeps making strikes at Vlad, as Vlad attempts to escape the bezerking Diesector, and picks him up, ramming him right into the wall! Both bots keep ramming into each other, and suddenly... they call it. With 1:36 left on the clock. Why? Apparently Vlad's ramming into the wall caused a panel of the battlebox to actually come loose. Judges Decision again.

    Decision: 26-19 in favor of Diesector!

    Post: I can understand the early shutdown, even though I hated the fact that it was shutdown SO EARLY, and they went to the judges instead of a restart. But, safety #1. They probably should've stopped after this, because a certain event involving Nightmare would stop the show during it's 'after-final' rumbles. As a tooth of Nightmare would fly through the air, breaking through the Lexan ceiliing, and actually land into the crowd. No one got hurt though, whew. Also, earlier to that in the rumble, a shot from Nightmare sent a lid from a combatant up into the air and brought down some lights. But our journey's not done.

    These are just some of the matches that I love about Battlebots. I have some more for you, though I'm not going to give you the recaps here.

    Season 2 - Lightweight Final: Toe-Crusher vs Backlash

    Season 1 - Middleweight Final: Deadblow vs Hazard

    Season 3 - Heavyweight Round of 32: Mechavore vs Vlad the Impaler

    Season 2 - Middleweight Quarterfinals: Blade Runner vs The Master

    Season 4 - Heavyweight Semifinals: Tazbot vs Biohazard

    Season 0.2(Las Vegas 99) - Superheavyweight Semifinals: Minion vs World Peace

    Season 4 - Superheavyweight Final: Toro vs New Cruelty

    Season 3 - Round of 32 Lightweight: Dr. Inferno Jr vs Toe-Crusher

    And... just to have a rumble.
    Season 2 - Superheavyweight Rumble
  • Lunar_Skies
    (this is posted in the forums, so it is less likely to get lost) okay, so i had an idea, since S5 has started up, I was thinking of start a podcast, about mlp, the show, future predictions, the fandom, etc. etc.. so, to the point, i have all the things to record it, and upload it, but for me to actually do this, and not make it another analyzing of the show by myself, though i would suggest having a good mic, semi-decent internet (enough to run a skype call somewhat smoothly) if you would enjoy to join, PM me.
  • SirSPT
    That's probably a bad English to Latin translation but sue me. But yeah, Long Live the Queen.


    So, this game is a bit old and I uh... I don't know what exactly what to consider this game. It's technically a visual novel but it's pretty neat since it's kinda a more like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel with RPG elements. Though, RPG elements tend to override the CYOA part. But it could also be considered a simulator with all the stats involved and heavy theme of the time and problem management.

    Anyways, you play as Elodie; a 14 year old princess to the Kingdom of Nova. Your mom just met an untimely demise and now the kingdom holds it breath as they wait for you turn 15 and claim the throne as Queen. Good news, it's a 40 week wait. Bad news, you get to shoulder some of responsibility of being a Queen already, along with all the assassination attempts and civil wars. You think you're going to start off with the know-how on being a monarch? HA, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN THAT TOO IN THE NEXT 40 WEEKS. HAVE FUN JUGGLING THOSE AND YOUR EMOTIONS AT THE SAME TIME! LONG LIVE THE TEENAGE QUEEN!

    The new curriculum looks tough this year...

    So, you have 40 weeks to live and learn before becoming the Queen, and I mean live and learn. Each week, you'll assign yourself 2 classes to learn in before being presented with an event, then to a weekend activity.

    Classes range are put under four trees: Social, Physical, Intellectual, and Mystical. Inside those trees are a wide gambit of classes that will teach Elodie all the skills she may need to rule the kingdom or live for another week. This allows for you shape Elodie out to being the Queen you want. Sadly, there way too many classes for you to have a well rounded Elodie and not suffer an unfortunate accident or "accident" later on. Long Live the Specialized Queen!


    You may be becoming a Queen, but you still have time to deal with girl problems.

    Next, after Elodie's done with her classes for the week, we get a taste of story. Family comes over, talk about Elodie's dead mom, have party, and so on. It helps giving a heads up on how you're doing and what's coming up next. You'll sometimes be presented with a choice like going to a friend's party that's a long walk through bandit infested territory or writing Elodie's regrets that she won't be able to make it. Sometimes, you'll have to pass judgement on peasants who broke the law. These choices could affect your kingdom's neighbors and peasant's view on Elodie. Most of the time, you'll go through a skill check. Pray to God you pass, failure could have ramifications for Elodie in the future or kill her now. Either or, the it's amazing how will the story holds with all the choices you make.

    Now this wouldn't be so bothersome if it didn't mean you handicap yourself in a class to learn a class one time and pass a check. You might have to save scum a run through to stop learning how to sword fight so you can practice accounting and not go into debt while at the same time having the threat of a neighboring lord or lady readying to challenge Elodie to a duel. It's going to be impossible to pass every skill check, so be prepared to accept failure a lot. Long Live the Threatened Queen!



    If you managed to have Elodie survive for the week, you'll get a chance to choose a weekend activity. You can meander around the castle, play with your toys, watch your Dad be King, and even pay visits to The Dungeon. More activities come available as she becomes more skilled in certain classes. These won't kill Elodie luckily, but they will affect Elodie's mood.

    Elodie can be VERY moody. Her mood is determined in 4 sorts of "tug of war" between Angry and Afraid, Cheerful and Depressed, Willful and Yielding, and Pressured and Lonely. Which ever mood is holding the pull from the center her mood for the week. So if the tug between Angry and Afraid is the most of centered and is leaning towards afraid, Elodie will be afraid for the week. Her mood mostly effects how much she'll learn in certain classes for the week, which can either boost or waste a week of education.

    As mentioned previously, weekend activities affect her mood both positively and negatively, making it hard to have a balanced mood. To add into the mix, certain events after class may affect her mood. All of these combined can have Elodie drop from cheerful to depressed quite quickly. Long Live the Bi-Polar Queen!

    Don't be surprised if you find Elodie in this situation quite a bit.

    You're going to die a lot in this game. It will be cruel and it will be merciless. It could easily be described as a trail and error at most times. But luckily, to help ease your struggle, there are multiple endings, deaths, and even costumes that add bonuses to Elodie's skills! Gotta find them all!

    So, would I recommend this menagerie of a game? Yeah, pretty much. Despite it's lack of action, it's a pretty difficult game to master. It's like a game meant for a spreadsheet analyst to play yet can still be appealing to a larger audience. Not to mention it's cute, quirky, and quite aware of the jokes about Japanese... er, culture? Yeah, culture, let's call it culture. Long Live the Recommend Queen!
  • NekoOni
    So, I have had an idea for a Doctor Whooves radioplay, possibly to be played on EP Radio. Now, I am in the process of writing a short 5 minute promo, and need some help. I need somepony who can help me write out the episodes and come up with ideas, voice actors for the characters, and also some kind ponies who are good at editing and making background sounds, as well as some regular artists.

    So, if you're interested, you probably want to get some details. If not, you've probably left this blog already, or just want to read it to completion.

    The two(Currently, may be more) main characters are: The Doctor, and Roseluck.

    I do have a starting point written out, but it needs details.

    If you wish to help out, you'll need a google account (Because google docs are so good for multiperson editing)

    There will, unfortunately, be no pay. Unless if we get popular enough to have a donation stream, or something like that. But, that's being optimistic.

    The artists will be needed to draw some art if we release the series on YouTube, or a livestream. If not, we could use fanart(If any, and with permission)

    The average episode will range from 20-30 minutes, aired (Hopefully) every saturday that we can fit it in... These things are a lot of work.

    So, yes... I expect you to be committed to this, I understand school and other activities take a lot of time, I'm in college... So, yeah.

    We also, cannot have Voice actors leave in the middle of an episode/series. If you wish to stop, we'll need to find a good place to let your character go, and possibly find a new companion/regeneration.

    Yes, we will need background voices. I will need all the crew to possibly provide some.

    If nopony wants to be the Doctor, I will assume the role. That is, of course... The last result. If somepony wants to be the Doctor after a few episodes have aired, and sounds good enough, we will have the Doctor regenerate soon, and bring the new Voice Actor on as the Doctor.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
  • SirSPT
    For years, the Civilization series has allowed players to play as various leaders guiding their civilizations from the dawn of man to just through ages. Players had to manage construction, culture, diplomacy, economics, military, and technology. Most of the games allowed players to progress technologically to just a little beyond modern day. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is the newest entry into the series and is centered towards the era most Civilization games missed: The Future.

    Starting off, the game gives an intro of a mass exodus of Earth because of an event called "The Great Mistake". It's never really told what exactly it was but it seems bad enough that many nations have banded together to launch colonies of people off to different worlds. Your job is the same as most of the other Civilization games: Manage your empire and become the best one on the planet.

    Now, since this is the future, it would be hard to place some of the ancient civilizations that were so prevalent in the past installments. Players are presented instead with somewhat customizable civilization, most referred to as a Colony. Players choose their sponsor (Which decidedly chooses the leader and city names), the type of people they bring along, their ship, and their cargo. These help establish starting bonuses that may make or break your fledgling colony.

    Each Sponsor comes with with a special bonus, so pick wisely.

    Selecting a new world to play is different too. Instead of being given some general options like Terra, Pangaea, Continents, etc, you're offered Terran, Protean, Altantean. There's a random option if you're feeling risky and specialized planets that specialized in making the game harder with scarcity or terrain.

    Once everything is ready to start, you'll be the first one on your new planet. Other colonies, which you'll be instantly greeted by, will join in slowly after a couple of turns. This where the biggest, glaring issue is: You'll be doing the same thing you've done at the start of every Civ game. You'll explore, you'll research, you'll make polices. It starts out essentially like starting a game in one of previous installments on the last era.


    Normally, it wouldn't be much of an issue but many mechanics feel dragged over from Civ V. Even the UI mostly the same, save for a few changed placements of icons. Most of the things have been just been renamed. Instead of gold, its energy. Instead of happiness, it's health. Units still can't be stacked like previous games but they could also be considered helpful against massive "doomstacks". City States are back but are renamed to Stations and their purpose has been limited to merely trading points for convoys. The most recycled element of the game is diplomacy of the game.

    Some features were even gutted from the game entirely. Great people no longer appear, taking away that random ace-in-the-hole everyone so desperately built and waited for. The World Congress/ UN concept is nonexistent too, eliminating that sense of global cooperation later on.

    Now, while there's quite a few gutted or recycled elements, some returned refined along with new set of concepts. The policy tree from V has returns as virtues. Virtues are divided under four varying elements that start opened up to the player. Espionage comes back as Covert Ops, which now allows for more options to undermine your enemies, protect your secrets, and even provide some bonuses with idle spies. Satellites add an extra level of production and warfare but can be somewhat tiresome having to build a satellite after the the other eventually falls from orbit. The quests from city states are now just regulars quests with little time limit. They vary from simple "take out these aliens" to massive research, excavate, and secure quests to the common narrative quests on an extra bonus for building a building for the first time.

    Due it being the future and there being no certain path of technology, the tech tree has remade into a web. Each technology branches into another. Under each branch some a special leaf. The Tech allows for more freedom in research but is extremely annoying to navigate.


    Barbarians have replaced with aliens native to the planet your on. The main difference between them and their human counter-part is how you approach them. If refrain from murdering them, they'll leave your borders alone most of the time and will probably only attack you if you go near their hives (spawn points). Murder evey alien you see and you'll have some highly experienced soldiers but are going to find yourself knee-deep in aliens.

    The main addition, and probably the part you'd care the most about is concepts affinity. Beyond Earth offers three certain affinities: Harmony, Purity, and Supremacy. Each three of the affinities help determine your foreign polcy with the aliens on the planet, narrative, appearance of your colony, and the victories you can achieve. Harmony is obviously about being peaceful with the aliens adopting some of genes, Purity is about preserving the Human race and it's history, while Supremacy is becoming more cybernetic and evolving with machines. Players progress in an affinity by doing quests and researching affinity specific technologies, earning points to level up through an affinity. It is possible to work on two affinities at a time but in the end, one will still null out the other in bonuses.
    Unit upgrades are mostly dependent on affinity levels. Promotions have been limited to increase attack or heal. Upgrading your unit will require you to obtain a certain affinity rank, unlocking a new unit and a new promotion. Getting high ranks unlocks special units and abilities but will slowly lock out the rest that are not part of your affinity.

    The effects of Harmony, Purity, and Supremacy on leaders, respectively. Changes are more subtle through the game. This is just the end products.

    There 5 types of victories so far, 3 of which are affinity specific. Harmony offers the Transcendence victory which to build a giant mind flower to bring peace by creating a hive mind, Purity gives the Promised Land victory which is to build a giant teleporter on the planet and bring settlers from Earth to the planet, Supremacy is like Purity but instead of bringing people to your planet, you send your troops Earth to take over. Domination is still present and can be switched between taking capitals and taking EVERY CITY. The last victory is available to all called the Contact victory, where players decode a mysterious signal before CONTACTING THE MOTHER SHIP. I'm not joking.

    Would I recommend this game? Yes. While it is lacking for a new entry, it is still pretty solid. Veterans of the Civ series would find themselves in some familiar turf for the game while the new people might be pulled on for the new time era the series has jumped too. Mod support is up though mostly clumsily handled by the Steam Workshop.
  • Yamiookami
    I didn't really ask for anything for my birthday, but I was talking to my mom about not being able to see the chat box when streaming full-screen, and I mentioned I'd need two monitors to be able to see it. While she was at my brother's house, she must have relayed the message to my brother, and lo and behold, a new monitor arrived at my house via UPS! Honestly, at first I felt awkward. I was very grateful. It's a really good monitor, but I was only musing when I mentioned needing two the see the chat box. I had no intention of getting a second monitor, so I felt simultaneously awkward and grateful for the gift.

    I invited my friend over to hang out and we could put our heads together so I could decide if I would use the new monitor, because I would hate for it to go to waste, and it would be in poor form to return a gift. A gift is a gift, and it should be accepted in good faith because the person who gave it to you was thinking of you.

    So! As a result, I have a shiny new monitor, and a dual-monitor setup! Observe!