Battlfield 3: Good times

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Okay I'm making this Blog due to the fact that I have had some pretty funny things happen to me in Battlefield 3 on both Saturday and Sunday. I will now start to tell those of you who wish to know what has happened and why it's somewhat funny.

The first thing that happened was on Saturday when I got on and played with a friend online that I hadn't played with in a while. We were playing CQ on Operation Firestorm, I was mainly driving a tank while my friend supported me as my secondary gunner and repair man. Well as we were coming out of the American base the other teams jet decided to try and take us out with rocket pods. Let's jut say that this gamer slowed down way to much and came to close to the ground, I still in the tank traversed my gun upwards and blew him out of the sky while my friend got out and repaired the tank. The second thing that happened was during the same game when a transport helicopter flying towards the middle of the map was spotted by me and my friend, note we were equipped with stinger missile launchers so we could shoot down those pesky helicopters , we both saw it and fired at the same time, my friend got the vehicle disabled while I got the vehicle destroyed. . . along with a multi kill as the helicopter had a full payload. To add insult to injury I downed an enemy attack helicopter with a tank and destroyed a landed transport helicopter along with three crew. Needless to say the enemy team was probably pretty mad at me. Note: I was not using guided shells on the tank to shoot down the jets or helicopters.

The second game was pretty good as well, in that I jumped in a tank on the American spawn at Kharg Island and automatically shot down an enemy attack helicopter, not a bad way to start a game. That tally rose to two tanks and about a dozen infantry as I had the coaxial machine gun on my tank. That's it for now though I'll keep you all posted.
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