damn it!

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I can not for the life of me find a better job! I mean you would think I would find something since I am in a city and all. What the bloody hell! Apparently applying and calling to see if they got it is not one of the things I'm suppose to do. I call and actually get a hold of a manager. The manager acts like she/he does not care. "Oh, let me get your name and phone number and we shall call you back." UGH! Good for nothing people. I've been waiting for like two weeks for these stupid places to call back and have not heard anything! Not to mention, when I called every one of the managers were too busy typing and talking to people. WTF?!? For one that is very rude and two you just lost my business.

Anyways, besides that going on, my turtles needs to go get de-wormed. The snapper needs it badly due to seeing a maggot in his water. Been cleaning his tank every other week and this is the first time I see this. See now this would be okay to do if I had the money! My boyfriend actually has to pay for it since the snapper is mostly his. The other turtle, which is my baby, already had her de-worming last year but probably needs another one. Don't need her to get sick and be stuck at the vet till she is better. Sigh...

Thanks for reading my rant! It isn't much but its something stuck in my head!
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