Goodbye frie-... oh I mean software

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Have you ever been friends with someone for so long, only to have your friend stab you in the back? Well that just happened to me. Except its not a "person". Instead its a "reliable" DJ software that I used since the very beginning.

Basically, It stopped letting me access any tracks due to "copy right". I cant even mix my own tracks even though they are currently not protected. This already makes the software useless. And other users ACTUALLY LIKE THIS IDEA!

Damn. :DFH:

I'm not buying another software, I'll just stick to using my launchpad for now.
mlp pause.gif
Rip Software

Oh and that server stream I mentioned last time? It didn't happen.
That sure was a stressful week.

Maybe this week might be better :sad:

That's all for now!

Stay frosty :3
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