It's been a very long time.

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It was back in September of last year that I had to leave. My laptop had long since died, and my Mom's laptop was doing okay but truly wasn't cutting it. On top of it all, internet at work wouldn't load EPR for reasons I still am not aware of. But I return once again, and with a pleasant shock that honestly makes me remember over and over again why I always return to this place, no matter how much it changes.

Life pulled me away again, but I finally have a solidified horse & work schedule on top of decent internet at work that finally loads everything without issue. I came back expecting to see some friends again, but the response I got was not only from the older members who know me but from those that have no clue who I am. To you new people, you have no idea how much that means to someone like me. I've been around since July 2011. I've made a lot of amazing friends, sometimes I forget just how special EP is to me because I get lost in life and adulthood. But when I get to sit and think about it, I realize EP brings me amazing friends every single time. No matter how many times I have to leave, I will ALWAYS come back. It's just hard to think I'd never come back. Sometimes I swear life is so busy that I think it'll be impossible but a recent change and adjustment has me thinking positively once again.

So to you new people, you keep the spirit of everypony alive. A place where, no matter who you are, you're somepony even to those that don't know you.

Then there is returning to the radio, and I learn that people have attempted to carry on the "Harley Welcome" as it has been dubbed. Even better, two of these people don't even KNOW me and only just met me within the past couple days. People that didn't know me tried to carry on my sense of love and friendliness towards everypony. I had always intended for the Harley Welcome to be for EVERYONE, no matter who they are or what they do. And it has become just that, it would seem. I still can't tell you how much it means to me that this welcome was named after me. Though I started it just because it's how I felt, it became something bigger than that in the end. I'm glad people I never even met got the message and continued to spread it.

That being said, I plan on being here for quite a long time. If this schedule holds firm, which it has for two weeks thus far, then I'm here to stay. Thank you for welcoming me back, to those new and old. I sincerely love you all and don't know what I would do without the mass amount of friends I've created over the course of time. You are all special to me, yes, even you people that don't know me but still welcomed me back, even those that lurk. You are ALL special to me. And one day I hope I can pay you all back for it. <333

You make a girl want to have liquid pride, EP community.

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