Lets Open the Floodgates

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I did a this:

I'm clearly a colossal idiot but I'm also kinda curious if anyone will take me up on this. I thought about Patreon and felt horribly silly. But, my situation where I'm getting more worried that my current situation of 'Sitting on Far Less Money Than I'd Like For A Student In My Same Situation' is getting more awkward and precarious so, I figured I'd cast a net and see what happens with this.

Because I don't deserve a Patreon. I don't do enough. Fiverr seems more my speed. Patreon is for people that churn out work on a regular basis rather than the spod I am which only does things when a bolt of inspiration hits.

I'm also cautiously interested to see if someone'll buy my gig with the intention of exposing me to some utter abomination of media. I know of plenty that would make excellent fodder. I've dictated what I cover and I don't get many metrics on whether people care about what I write about so...

I am just rambling now but...I've been working on the Everypony Robot Pony Game mainly to post anything else review related at the moment.
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