Luna Game Legacy Challenge (Luna Game 10th Anniversary 2011-2020)

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Hello guys, my name is Juan Carlos Pérez, AKA RetroGalicia/GaliBrony. You know, I love the retro games, especially indie games, remake games and fanmade games. The reason of all this, it's simple, I challenge you, developers (Individual, Dual or Group) from around the world, to create your owns creppy fanmade games, and make better, than one of the most MLP creppypasta fanmade games greatest of the My Little Pony Fandom, since 2011, Luna Game. Someone it's going to said: Why I have to do that? Well, if you going to click to this link, you will now right now (with the history of infame MLP Creppypasta fanmade game: Luna Game Series, and of course, the terms you have to know, for the developers who want to participate in this challenge)(In English & Spanish):



Juan Carlos Pérez Reboeiras
AKA RetroGalicia/GaliBrony
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