Need some help here (Writer, Voice Actors, and more needed)

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So, I have had an idea for a Doctor Whooves radioplay, possibly to be played on EP Radio. Now, I am in the process of writing a short 5 minute promo, and need some help. I need somepony who can help me write out the episodes and come up with ideas, voice actors for the characters, and also some kind ponies who are good at editing and making background sounds, as well as some regular artists.

So, if you're interested, you probably want to get some details. If not, you've probably left this blog already, or just want to read it to completion.

The two(Currently, may be more) main characters are: The Doctor, and Roseluck.

I do have a starting point written out, but it needs details.

If you wish to help out, you'll need a google account (Because google docs are so good for multiperson editing)

There will, unfortunately, be no pay. Unless if we get popular enough to have a donation stream, or something like that. But, that's being optimistic.

The artists will be needed to draw some art if we release the series on YouTube, or a livestream. If not, we could use fanart(If any, and with permission)

The average episode will range from 20-30 minutes, aired (Hopefully) every saturday that we can fit it in... These things are a lot of work.

So, yes... I expect you to be committed to this, I understand school and other activities take a lot of time, I'm in college... So, yeah.

We also, cannot have Voice actors leave in the middle of an episode/series. If you wish to stop, we'll need to find a good place to let your character go, and possibly find a new companion/regeneration.

Yes, we will need background voices. I will need all the crew to possibly provide some.

If nopony wants to be the Doctor, I will assume the role. That is, of course... The last result. If somepony wants to be the Doctor after a few episodes have aired, and sounds good enough, we will have the Doctor regenerate soon, and bring the new Voice Actor on as the Doctor.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
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