Part 22: Balouve Mines; Welcome to Altissia

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Balouve Mines was cake at first. Until the boss at the end.

WORST FIGHT IN THE GAME YET. Despite being in the 60's I still struggled in it. :angry:

I had to waste a crapton of items just to survive and win. But I guess it doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you pull off the victory. Still though... :mad:

My reward? Another Royal Arm of course. Eh. Worth it honestly. :smile2:

After doing a few more hunts I finally moved on with the main story.

We get a visit from BEST DOG again with another message from Luna which we respond back to.

Time to set sail.

Before that though Cor apologizes for being unable to protect the king. It's really not his fault. As Cid stated. It couldn't have been helped. :(

We set sail for Altissia. The group engages in some interesting conversations. The most interesting one being about Ravus. Apparently... he lost his arm in the Crown City incident and it was replaced with a supernatural one, which explains his strength. SOMEONE'S CHEATING. :pff:

He's also apparently walking around with Noctis' dad's sword but doesn't use it. HE'S A THIEF TOO. :eek:

Either way we eventually arrive in Altissia and Cid has us covered with what is basically a passport. Good thing. When we arrive we have to make it through immigration. AT LEAST THERE ISN'T A WALL. (I hate Trump seriously) :mad:

With help from Ignis we get in for free. This city... is FREAKING HUGE. As expected. I got lost rather quickly too. Also as expected. :derp:

Cid suggests meeting up with an old friend of his so off we go. As I roam, and get lost, I come across Gentiana and BEST DOG again. Now we have a new ability that basically lets us time travel if we choose to do so. But considering I'm over-leveled there's practically no point.

After wasting my 100k gil on weapons AGAIN the group makes their way to Cid's friend. We gather some information from him and then get confronted by someone who's basically a secretary. Who informs us that the empire wants them to hand Luna over and has come to 'discuss terms with the King of Lucis' and to come to her chambers to speak further. CAN'T YOU JUST USE COMMON SENSE?! *sighs* No choice again... :sigh:

Did I mention Altissia is huge? I did? Okay just making sure. I'm going to try to do a few sidequests in Altissia before moving on. Because once I get to the secretary it's another 'point of no return' again.

Though I'm unsure how well I'll do considering the HUGENESS of the city. But I'll do my best and try not to waste too much time but there are no guarantees. ::S:

Next time:

Meandering around in Altissia. The secretary wants to discuss terms so we'll see how good Noctis' negotiation skills are. What is this Persona 5?! o_O
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