Part 25: Awkwardness, Blind Ignis & Imperial Assault & Downfall?

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Suddenly... I have quite a lot to talk about. So, let's get started.

After doing a few more sidequests I felt like I still wasn't ready for Crestholm Channels or Costlemark Tower so I moved back to the main quest.

The group not getting along is a little disheartening. :(

Either way we head on down into a dungeon where supposedly another Royal Arm awaits. With a blind Ignis in tow.

The problem here is that if you walk to far ahead of the group, particularly Ignis, you get complained to by a random party member. So, the dungeon takes longer than it should in order to keep the group together. Plus, still not getting along. :sad:

As we head further into the dungeon an obstruction blocks our path so we use old machinery to move it, which requires obtaining a key to activate the generators. Once the generators are active again the obstruction is removed and we progress further.

To be honest... I felt quite sad here. Not only because the group wasn't getting along, but, because I STILL WANT TO FREAKING KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO IGNIS. o_O

Clearly that's not going to happen though. We're just supposed to guess it seems. Also, a new battle theme played during night when you fight Daemons. Here it is.

Either way before we can obtain the Royal Arm Noctis is confronted by (jerk) Gladio who is trying to make sure he's ready for this. To which I have Noctis respond with frustration because what he states next is right. He's not asking for everyone to sacrifice themselves for him. Gladio, being the new jerk he seems to be, once again thought he was ready to accept his duty but clearly isn't. Or... you know... YOU CAN QUIT BEING A JERK. LOTS OF IDIOTIC THINGS ARE HAPPENING YOU KNOW. :sigh:

Either way, not surprisingly, the Royal Arm can't be obtained with a battle first. With... a Marlboro. OH GOODIE. Though this ended up... being quite easy. Mostly likely due to my over-leveled status. But it kept reviving. Eventually though, despite being blind, Ignis makes it swallow Fire magic and that puts it down for good. IT'S OFFICIAL. IGNIS IS NOW A BLIND BADASS. :cool:

Afterwards the Royal Arm is obtained and Ignis confronts the group on their 'pointless bickering' YEAH YOU TELL THEM OFF IGNIS. :pff:

The only bad thing here is that it's pretty much confirmed that Ignis is blind for good now. But the group is somewhat back on good terms now after Ignis confronts them.

Afterwards, Noctis wants to go to Tenebrae so we're back on the train. As Tenebrae is reached a strange sight is seen. A big grouping of clouds. Just there. Not moving. O... kay... o_O

Things just get worse after this. It turns into a train ride of hell. Time somehow stops and Ardyn reappears. FINALLY. NOW REVENGE SHALL BE MINE. :mad:

Noctis had the same idea. He kept chasing after him and trying to assault him while the *squee!* acts like he did nothing wrong. When he's finally cornered, he states he just wants to talk but Noctis is having nothing of it. YOU WANT TO TALK? OKAY. BUT FIRST I'M GOING TO SHOVE A SWORD DOWN YOUR THROAT. THEN WE CAN TALK. :angry:

After this though an explosion seems to return time to normal. The train seems to be under attack by, you guessed it, the empire. Which Prompto seems to think is Ardyn's doing when Noctis informs Prompto that he saw him.

So, the train has to be protected from Imperial onslaught. Too much damage to the train causes a game over. I did okay until a damn tank showed up. Your supposed to warp point to it but I SWEAR IT WASN'T LETTING ME. So, I got a Game Over and had to try it again. I don't think this was my fault honestly. :sigh:

Luckily the checkpoint was right when the tank appeared and I could point warp to it this time and we rode on top of the train as it progressed. Awesome honestly.

Imperial airships appeared afterwards and the objective here was to warp to them and take them out. I REALLY liked this part of the game. This game is seriously THE BEST now. :cool:

Anyway, after taking out enough airships we warp back to the train where we think we see Ardyn holding Prompto at gunpoint. But apparently, it was an illusion or something because Ardyn disappears and Prompto falls off the train. NO. ANYONE BUT PROMPTO. I SWEAR TO GOD ARDYN. YOU. WILL. GET. YOURS. :mad:

We get knocked out and then come to. I got through 2 chapters doing all this. :eek:

Anyway, we come to on top of the train again and get assaulted by Daemons constantly. So Noctis fights his way through the Daemons as he waits for the train to make it through the tunnel. This was slightly annoying but it wasn't like I ever hit 'Danger' status so to me that means I did good enough.

Eventually, there are just too many Daemons. Then... FREAKING LEVIATHAN APPEARS TO SAVE THE DAY. Honestly... I didn't expect that. :confused:

We arrive at the station with Prompto still missing. Things appear to get worse when we are reunited... with... Aranea. :sigh:

Until we learn that Aranea has apparently quit the empire and is in the 'search and rescue' business now. BETTER REDEMPTION THAN STARLIGHT GLIMMER. :trollestia:

Anyway, we also learn that the Empire has gone to crap now too as some kind of accident occurred at a Daemon laboratory and they're crawling all over now. Plus, the rumblings of longer nights have caused issues. Less and less light and more night means more time for Daemons to roam and cause problems. That's... not good. Obviously. Either way, karma has made the empire pay for their actions. THANK YOU, KARMA. ::S:

Either way we'll be heading off to try to track down Prompto but something tells me that we'll have to face off with more Daemons to do so. We are informed that someone from the Fleuret family (Luna's family) is nearby so we're instructed to speak with them.

I finally stopped here after all that. I'm to Chapter 12. Approaching the so-called 'dreaded Chapter 13.' We'll see if it's so 'dreaded' or not soon enough.

Next time:

We try to track down Prompto and likely must deal with more Daemons as well. Am I screwed now? It seems like I can't do sidequests anymore now and I wanted to at least attempt Crestholm Channels and Costlemark Tower. Well... we'll see. I certainly hope not.

Also... 'dreaded Chapter 13' is coming. Is it as 'dreaded' as I've heard? I still don't see how it is considering my over-leveled status but we'll find out soon enough.
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