Part 27: Daemon Laboratory & the Truth About Prompto

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Some major revelations coming up.

But first... as I continued... a poisonous gas filled the area. WONDERFUL. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. THANKS ARDYN. :pff:

But Noctis is able to trudge through it and get rid of the poison.

However... he gets annoyed... by a Daemon called Foras. Who freaking talks. YEP. I'M SURE THAT'S TOTALLY NORMAL. :confused:

With no weapons the only choice was to avoid attacks until the elevator came.

On the next level... the power goes out. ARDYN. I'M SICK OF YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMN 'GAMES.' :angry:

When power is restored... the freaking Foras shows up again along with some more of the Magitek Axeman. Once again fleeing is the only option.

On the next level... Ardyn 'shares' with us the fact that the area we are at now is where Daemons were pretty much made. From beasts and men alike. Oh... great... so that means... :eek:


He keeps teasing something about Prompto as well. Foreshadowing I guess. o_O

When we make our way to another area... we're trap by two electrified walls that close in on us. OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. :sigh:

It looked like the end of Noctis was only moments away. Until... GLADIO AND IGNIS TO THE RESCUE. They're able to stop the walls and the group is somewhat back together. Except one obviously.

That one being Prompto. Who we eventually find in a prison cell and immediately rescue him. He asks if we were worried about him. YES. WE WERE. ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS. YOUR BEST PROMPTO. :twi:

Now all that's left... is to get our weapons back. We come across a locked door... that Prompto is somehow able to open... with his wrist. :eek:

So... it turns out... Prompto was born in the Daemon lab and was a MT. But you know what? The group reaction here was pretty much my reaction. WHO CARES. YOUR PROMPTO AND YOUR BEST. YOUR PART OF THE GROUP AND YOUR STUCK WITH THEM. NO ONE CARES WHERE OR HOW YOU WERE BORN. BECAUSE YOUR FREAKING PROMPTO. :smile:

With that said, the device is turned off and weapons are returned. Just in the nick of time as the giant enemy from before returns. But with our weapons back, it pretty much falls quickly and easily. Enemies roam the area now but with the group reunited and powers re-obtained with new OP powers, they really pose little problems.

Eventually the Foras makes it's reappearance and... apparently... one of the group (can't remember which one) reveals it to be the Emperor. Well... that's... nice I guess? For me that's fine. More reason to KILL IT'S ASS. Plus... karma working it's magic yet again. ::S:

So I do just that. I kill it's ass.

A major boss is coming up and I'm not sure if it'll let me do this at any future point.

So... back to Lucis we go. To do the final sidequests. First up... Crestholm Channels. I'm still not sure I'm ready for Costlemark Tower but I may try it anyway because I just legitimately don't know if I'll be able to go back to the past to do quests past Chapter 13. So there's pretty much little choice here.

Still though. For now it's just Crestholm Channels.

Next time:

Crestholm Channels. Will I survive? What about Costlemark Tower? Will I survive that? Is it really the hardest dungeon in the game. Provided that's how the Official Strategy guide describes it I certainly shouldn't doubt it. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Oh goodie. :confused:
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