Part 28: Crestholm Channels & Costlemark Tower

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Yep. I did them both.

Crestholm Channels was almost like a maze. But I somehow survived it and at the end... yet another LARGE enemy was awaiting me.

A Jormungand.

Even though it was a lengthy battle and lots of items had to be used, victory was mine. :cool:

Now... Costlemark Tower.

Was much harder. I finally understood why my Official Strategy Guide called it the 'hardest dungeon in the game'

As I barely was able to do much before an annoying 'Bomb' like enemies (Galvanade) caused a Game Over. I survived it next time however.

Here's a tip from me to you. This dungeon is SO MUCH EASIER if you wait until you get the Ring of Lucii. Even though I didn't discover this until later some of the enemies in this dungeon were susceptible to Death. Most notably of which being said Galvanades. MAKE SURE YOU USE THAT ON THEM SO THEY WON'T DECIMATE YOU AND YOUR PARTY. :confused:

Once again use of items was key here. But I was able to make it to the end somehow and this time the large enemy that awaited me was a Jabberwock.

This went about the same as the Jormungand battle did. It was lengthy and lots of items had to be used but I won thanks to the Summon notification popping up. :D

I got the last Royal Arm as my reward and a Trophy for obtaining all 13 Royal Arms I'm assuming. :smile:

At this point... I think I'm done with sidequests. There's really nothing left worth doing.

So guess what?


From now on it's Main Story until the end. Until I beat this game.

Get ready for this wild ride. Because once it starts it won't be stopping until the credits. ;)

Next time:

What's in store next with Ardyn and his BS 'games'? Not that it matters because with our powers back there's really nothing that's going to stop me from SHOVING. EVERY. SINGLE. WEAPON. DOWN. HIS. GOD. DAMN. THROAT. :angry:
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