Part 31 (Extra): Chapter 13, Verse 2

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Remember how I said you can't do both 'parts' to Chapter 13?

Apparently I was wrong.

On the main menu of the game there's an option that says 'SPECIAL.'

I selected that and there it was. Chapter 13 Verse 2.

Since it would feel 'incomplete' without doing it... what do you think I did?

Of course I played it. :D

We start off with Gladio and Ignis getting a 'present' from Ardyn. Their weapons back. With the situation dire and Noctis' location unknown, they accept all the help they can get. YEAH I DON'T CARE. THIS GUY IS STILL AN *squee!*. :angry:

The play of this is slightly different than the regular game. It's hard to explain without playing it yourself. But it wasn't overly difficult honestly.

Gladio and Ignis fight their way through Zegnautus until they come across a control room with a tape showing the emperor and Ravus fighting. :eek:

Ravus is forced away by Daemons. Where he seems to come across Noctis. He tries to give him his father's glaive... but NOCTIS CUTS HIS MECHANICAL ARM OFF. o_O

No of course it's not really Noctis. IT WAS THAT *squee!* ARDYN AGAIN POSING AS HIM. I SERIOUSLY HATE THIS GUY. :mad:

Gladio and Ignis continue trying to find Noctis... until they come across another big room. A monitor room with the Crystal on it. Gladio messes with the control panel to unlock the room.

But then...

A FREAKING TALKING DAEMON APPEARS. It's Foras again. Which is clearly the emperor in this scene. SO LET'S KICK ITS ASS. :mad:

Not overly difficult honestly. It's mostly a 'hit and run' fight. Attack it, run away, run in, attack again, continue until you win.

Afterwards Gladio and Ignis continue their search. Until Ignis claims to hear Noctis' voice and Gladio follows Ignis.

That was pretty much it. Not long but still interesting I suppose. Apparently the gameplay is the same as Episode Gladiolus. Which I may or may not do if a walkthrough is ever done for it. But I think it may be some time. I want to get through some other games first after spending 100 hours plus on this game.

This time for sure. I'm completely finished with Final Fantasy XV.

My mind hasn't really changed on it honestly. I wish the ending was better but I liked the game too much to let the ending make me hate it.

Next time:

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