So Long: A Final Farewell, No Holding Back

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So I've decided to leave and after dragging it out for a week of questions and nonsense, I've finally decided to give a summary of my time here. My time here has been quite long and as such so will this be.

DISCLAIMER: I'm writing this with an "I don't give an applebucking hoot what people think" kind of attitude. I'll be posting it to my tumblr if it gets deleted, though I'd prefer the mods edit it with a link to the tumblr post if that action is necessary.

I'm not doing this to make friends. I'm not doing this to actively get on anyones back (except in one exception). I'm writing this because my job and afterwards social image held me back in being able to what I had to say. No more.

First of all, speaking from a staff perspective, I'm going to say what the staff wish they could ram down the throats of some of the members:


The amount of complaining that some of the members do here can just be obscene at times. If you've made one mistake in the past then some will just not let that go and no matter what you do after that they will pick everything wrong they can think about it. People make mistakes! People screw up! Being a moderator is going to force someone to do something someone doesn't like and you're not allowed to show any weakness or bias in anything ever or it's immediately branded as unfair in some way.

One thing the members sometimes forget is that we are all human. We are all unique. As much as you think we shouldn't have favourites, bias or think ill of people, it will happen. Anytime you catch wind of someone saying something like 'oh this guy said you suck' in the derp room or something you leap on it like vultures, but think about it. Have you caused any problems, especially specific to them? Are you known to act a certain way they don't like, or believe something they've expressed issue with?

And for the love of Celestia, WHAT'S WITH ALL THE DAMN DRAMA? It's a pony forum for crying out loud, a forum for fans of a show preaching pastel coloured friendship. Why do you have to go out of your way to cause problems? Why does everyone have to stop the presses because of some minor issue?

That being said, sometimes it's justified. Sometimes it's the staff's issue. In general they've been good about owning up to it, but sometimes you screw up royally and have no one to blame but yourself. Sometimes you can be tactless and offend people without realizing. Sometimes you just act a dick. Think about what you done, and accept you dun goofed, seriously. Everything isn't the users fault. Don't let yourself be goaded into things and cause problems.

I've worked with many people on this site, from its humble beginnings to where it is now. There are some that have stuck in my mind.

Grey Knightmare. The legend himself. They day we lost you was a very sad day for the site. I used to think you were being too serious when you kept pushing for the site to keep improving and being better, but if I could go back then I'd jump right on that wagon with you. What's happened to the site now could have been avoided if we kept pushing, but we got lazy and distracted. Whether it's too late is up to the staff.

Derpy... I've already said about Derpy in another post. I'll just say that I wish I didn't drive you away. This site needed you most back then and I was a selfish dick that drove you away. I'm sorry.

Merri and Poetic - Awesome pair of guys. I wish I could have done more for you guys, but it wasn't anything in my direct control. Looking forward to seeing you at MCM guys.

Berry, Zephyr, Mike - You guys were awesome admins and I'm so damn happy to have worked with you guys.

Of course, there are some that have actively caused issues on the site, not to name names but they either have or or will be removed eventually. Until then, I just giv one word of advice to the staff: Buck up and don't worry about the short term consequences if the long term effect is NEEDED.

As for me, that's all for now and forever. Now to fade into a distant memory.

(For Mods if get deleted) Find the post here and follow my tumblr if you want to keep asking questions.

Check me out at where you can find me in future.
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