Trouble at the job.

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So yesterday, I had to stay late for a extra task. About an hour after I left the store it got robbed.

Police arrest 3 minors in connection to overnight robberies

I know my store they stole chips, money from one of the cash registers, stole keys and jewelery from customers, and beat on one of the clerks. She's okay.

Tonight after I left a gentleman who's been 86ed (He's not allowed in the store) for stealing beer, decided since we wouldn't let him in the store, he was going to punch the window. There is now a nice fist sized hole in the window and it's pretty broken. I had been next door at Jack in the Box eating when I saw the cop car pull up and I was worried. My co-workers are fine and they caught the guy.

Bad things then to happen in three's I'm not looking forward to what's next....
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