Why I prefer online dating

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I think the reason why I don't feel comfortable trying to get dates IRL it's because I don't want to wind up with ,lack of a better word, a normie. Internet is my life; I want to be with someone who gets it.
I mean I do have a life outside of it. I understand the differences and the fundamentals of a IRL interaction, it's just that I'm afraid of what they think of the interest I have that extend online.
You know like brony stuff, internet memes that I consume, and a few political stuff.

I'm just imagining how someone would react if they found out I was a brony and had no idea what it was. Or see the people I talk to. Or see the content I make.
Then I would have to explain and go through maybe a little ridicule. And even after all that she still would not get it because they haven't been seeing Bronies or don't get the ironic humor on the internet because she doesn't use it like that.

I guess that goes for a lot of things really.
someone who makes their living playing video games.
Someone who talked about political views.
Someone who makes their living talking about cartoons.
All of those may get some kind of judging eye from someone who don't get the internet and that can really hurt if the person that's judging you is someone you want to spend your romantic life with.

I'm not saying that I only want a online relationship. I'm just saying that I want someone who understands the internet as much as I do. And the best place to find people who know the internet ...is on the internet.

I don't know, am I just being a whiny basement-dwelling internet weeb?
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