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  1. I have my computer back now. They replaced the motherboard, just as I thought. Woop!
  2. Every time I get a new partner, my grandmother feels the need to tell me whether or not she deems them attractive. Thanks, grandma. Who need a Sassy Gay Friend™ when they’ve got you?
  3. My computer is currently being shipped off for reparations. I don't even know what's wrong with it, but I think it might be the motherboard. I couldn't even turn the darned thing on. Luckily I still have the warranty, so at least it will cost me nothing.

    I don't think it warrants a farewell thread, since I still have my phone, but it does mean that I will be significantly less on skype, for those of you who have added me there.

    I'm going to eat away my sorrows with delicious chili lassagna now.
  4. There are spoilers. Everywhere. And heated discussions. And I can't be a part of it because I'm still on season two. Can't watch any further because I always watch it with my mum when I visit her, and having watched further than her would ruin the fun.
    Why, internet? Why must you torment me so?
  5. I went to the sakura blossom festival (but since this is Denmark, the trees weren't really in bloom), it was sunny as sh*t and I caught myself a boyfriend. Champagne for everyone!